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Queen's Gate - Alice - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)Queen's Gate - Alice - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)

XIIIXXIIIX10 years agoReview
I really like this Alice from Queen's Gate, not really because I'm a fan of loli, quite the contrary actually, but because this figure is an awesome piece of work.

Sculpting :
Well from AlphaxOmega this is not much of a surprise : the sculpting is nicely done. It's even more than that, given that the posing is pretty complex and the figure is full of small details, you can really appreciate the work of Akatsuki here.

There is not any problem to talk about, even the castoff joins perfectly (needs a firm press of course, but it stays well when fully closed).

The accessories are the two guns and their holsters. The guns are awesome, so finely engraved I'm not sure I have seen any other accessory this nicely made. The holsters are pretty simple though, and they are a little hard to fix on the body of Alice. I managed to get them how I wanted, but I wasn't so reassured when I had to squeeze them to get them to fit in the small holes on Alice's suit.

Painting :
All in all the painting is impressive. There is a lot of details on this figure so they could have easily messed up some stuff. But they didn't... Even the guns with all the engraving are perfectly done. The waistchain, the tail, the boots, every piece of thing is nicely colored. Looking at the skin, the face is flawless, eyes are kinda beautiful, there is not much shading on the rest though, but it was barely necessary (given this specific posing).

The color of the hair seems a little paler than the one in the original illustrations of Alice. I'm not sure it's a bad thing because this color goes well with the black of the suit.

Posing :
Awesome posing, very creative. A lot of impressive things come from that posing : crossed arms make a nice effect with the hands holding the guns, and of course Alice's bending makes for two nice sigthings ;)

If you thought Franco Il Nero was displaying a lot, here is one of the best panty shot of the year for sure. If you like more detail, you can also enjoy the fact that the underwear is folded on one side. Alot of figures actually display underwears, but not many add this kind of detail ;)

One other thing I didn't actually notice when I pre-ordered Alice, was that you also have a view of her (small) breast underneath the body suit. I'm actually more of an oppai liker, but hey you cannot blame them for adding this little touch of sexyness :)

Base :
This figure simply desserves a better base. I know it's simply the same kind of sucky base for all the Queen's Blade/Gate, but really that blows.

Not that there are any problem attaching the figure to it, but cheap transparent plastic just doesn't cut it. It's a shame. Hopefully the figure will stay well fixed to it over time, but I'm not even sure of that, given the posing you could fear some bending after a long time of exposition.

Packaging :
Duh... Same as base, but probably not as much as a problem. This is the usual package for Queen's Gate/Blade. This means a bland square box with nothing spectacular. Inside you get the figure in a simple yet functionnal plastic packaging. Nothing really done to make it look good when inside the box. That's probably the definition of "average packaging" I would say. And again I would say this figure desserved better.

Enjoyment :
Let's face it, if you read this review up to here, you know that I liked it. The colors, the posing, the quality of sculpting and painting ... Everything (short of the base) is what you would want for your favorite character.

And like I already said I'm not much in the loli thing, but I really like the character design of Alice. Actually I do like most of Nitro+ stuff, so no wonder I appreciate this one too. Add to that the fact that Alter (Akatsuki) is my favorite manufacturer and you should know that figure is a winner for me.

I'm still waiting for the "adult" version of Alice to be released. Since it's Alter again, and same character but adult instead of loli, there may be a chance I would like more the adult version. But because of the awesome posing of this one, she may stay my favorite.
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Well good review but i dont understand your overall score. The packaging is like all other figures aswell, not bad/ neutral. The base isnt the best but its a good looking one, there are MUCH worser bases.
The paint job on mine is really perfekt cant say somewhere its only deserve a "9", 10 is only way for me, but well your opinion.
Overall you cant say you only give her "7.5" points because the base/package isnt in your opinion so good. It must be in proportion. You cant equal things like Sculpting and painting on the same level like "packaging" lol.
When you still will think on your way with scoring, i dont think some other figurine will NEVER get a higher score then 5/10 from you!
9 years ago
Nice! You should add some pictures of the figure, It really deserves it, I think is the most awesome figure I have, I was looking at it for hours searching for some painting mistakes and things like that but could not find anything, the job is rlly well done. I recomend it 100%, the detailing as you say is awesome, but I had a rlly hard time trying to put the guns in her hands without breaking her fingers, I was all nervous xD

9 years ago
Very good review!
10 years ago
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