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Old sticky figure?Old sticky figure?

SugarRushSugarRush4 years agoAsk MFC
I'll try to be brief: I recently went to Tokyo and bought a lot of things (nothing special, compared to others) and there was this little Holy Grail I really wanted. I found this Nendoroid in one of the last shops I went in... and, now that I'm at home, I'm unpacking all!

Now, this old Nendoroid (Nao from Mabinogi, 2009) was sealed and "new", but when I opened it, I smelled something... that smell of plastic you can get from something, but more. I touched her (it) and she was sticky... the body was ok, but the face and the hands were all totally sticky...

I read someone talking about how the figures can become sticky if boxed and in a sultry climate but I can't find it.

Is there a way to clean the figure, without damaging it, to remove the stickiness? Or I just need to give up and enjoy the figure as it is?
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I had the same happen when I bought a Ritsu (K-On!) Nendo that was new & sealed....the face & limbs were sticky... Soaked them in warm water w/ a little soap for a few hours & she's good as new!!
4 years ago
I recently had a problem like that with a figure that I bought.
I simply put on mine on display and it aired itself out. It gets sticky because plasticizers used to make the plastic softer vaporize over time and when trapped in packaging, these vaporised gases cling to the figure. When you leave it out of the box the vaporise again and your'e left with a nice clean figure :)
Or at least this was the case for me, hope this helps :)
4 years ago
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Here you go! There are a few blogs about this, you can see what people recommended.
4 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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