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Plum 1/7 Saki NagatsukaPlum 1/7 Saki Nagatsuka

How often does a figure prompt you to check out an anime that you otherwise probably would have let pass by the wayside? Well, today we'll be reviewing such a figure, Plum's Saki Nagatsuka from the Ro-Kyu-Bu franchise. If cute girls in bunnysuits are NSFW to you, then I guess this review might be a little bit NSFW at times...

About the character: Saki Nagatsuka is a character from the Ro-Kyu-Bu media franchise. Like most of the characters in that franchise, she is a player on the fledgling girls' basketball team at Keishin Academy. And although she is certainly capable of getting fired up (like when cooking okonomiyaki), she shows some kuudere traits from time to time and because of her disposition she gains the nickname "Ice Age".

Other data:

Height: 148 cm (4'10")
Position: Point Guard
Birthday/Astrological Sign: July 1 (Cancer)
Jersey Number: 6 (also worn by Julius Erving, LeBron James, and Bill Russell)

Now, on to the review.


The box design is pretty simple, with a large front window. The bottom third of the box channels the design of Saki's thighhigh stockings.


One side of the box features a large photo of the figure, although that little window doesn't accomplish a whole lot...


The other side of the box features an illustration of Saki-chan.


The entire back panel is dedicated to that illustration. I like boxes like this that are attractive enough to display even with the figure removed so this feature is IMO a huge plus.


Note the basketball mosaic on the inside "liner" of the box.


Saki in the blister. Not much to say here.


Two pegs of slightly different sizes connect Saki to the base. Saki's arms and neck were wrapped in plastic, presumably to prevent paint from transferring from her hair onto those areas.


When I was unboxing the AmiAmi package containing this figure (loot post: BLOG #25032 ), I was somewhat taken aback by the size of the figure's box. The box measures 31 by 22 by 17 cm and the whole package weighs almost 600 grams, so factor that into your shipping calculations if you buy this figure.


Saki's pose is simple but cute. The way she's got her left hand on her hip reflects her generally cool demeanor and I would guess that she's adjusting her glasses with her other hand. In fact, this pose is quite similar to the way Saki was depicted on one of the character CD's from the show ITEM #82775 .

Let's have a look at her.









Saki looks nice from a number of angles, so there are no real concerns on the posing front.


Prior to acquiring Saki, I owned only one other Plum figure (their Sakura Kinomoto ITEM #270949 reviewed here BLOG #21790) and that figure had some definite concerns with paint and sculpt. As we'll see, Saki has a number of small issues and I'd classify her overall quality as about average.

I like her cute face, although Plum might have gotten a little carried away with the smile. Saki tends to be a little reserved, after all. A smile more along the lines of ITEM #87906 might have been more appropriate. Her glasses might be just a little too tall as well, but that might be getting too picky...


Probably my biggest single beef with the figure is that Saki's head looks a little bit too round from certain angles.


As I noted in the introduction of this article, before I bought this figure I wasn't too familiar with the Ro-Kyu-Bu anime. I knew it existed, and I knew the premise, but that was about it. What really caught my eye was the elaborate design of Saki's hair, with the braids, flowers, and ribbons!


The sculpt of the flowers and the leaves is satisfactory, and the paint work in that area is okay. I could see no evidence of paint from her hair, the flowers, or the leaves making its way onto adjacent areas.


I was able to find a couple of little dark spots in Saki's hair ribbons, though. I guess those are spots where not enough white paint was applied?


The braiding in her hair is a fairly elaborate effect, and generally Plum did a pretty good job in this particular area.


That spot in Saki's hair near her ear is a real mess, though. That area is smooth to the touch, so once again, it looks like not enough paint was applied.


The finish on the headband of the bunny ears is a little rough, and it puzzles me why Plum elected to make Saki's bangs in two pieces, yielding that obvious seam in the bangs. Why not just make her bangs a single piece, and use the the headband to hide the attachment point?


Another spot where her hair didn't get completely painted.


It should be noted that Saki's braids are made from a very rigid material. There's not a lot of give in the material, which alleviates some of my initial fears about her braids eventually deforming under their own weight.


I really like how large her bunny ears are! Sometimes with bunny figures, the ears are small enough that they won't draw attention but that's not the case with Saki.


I don't know what's going on here though. It almost looks like they forgot to shade the bottom part of the ear! It's too bad because the subtle pink shading of the ears looks quite nice in person.


Of course, another key element of the figure is Saki's pink bunny suit. Its pink color is a little more muted than I was expecting. The shiny finish suggests a rubber/latex type material, and the fact that an outline of her navel is clearly visible suggests a snug fit.


I was pleased to see that the lacing on the side of her suit is actually sculpted as opposed to just painted on. However, you can see another instance of sloppy painting where the cute little basketball charm attaches to the bow. The lack of any black stripes on the basketball also bugs me just a little bit...


I like the way she has her hand on her hip, and Plum gives Saki cute pink fingernails.


Maybe I'm imagining things, but the transition from her arm/shoulder to her upper torso just seems a little...I don't know...abrupt?


Plum gives Saki's should blades some detail, which I always like to see.


Saki's thighs are definitely more substantial than I expected. I guess it might be a function of the tight bunny suit and the tops of her stockings compressing her flesh.


When owner photos of this figure started to emerge, I noticed some issues with Saki's stocking-tops. Here, you can see the painted-on red ribbon is pretty sloppy in spots.


On the other hand, the bow (and the knot) are sculpted pretty well.


Some similar issues on her other stocking top. The chipped white paint is probably the worst offender, and Plum really should have done better here.


Here's one of these things you wished you'd never noticed about a figure. Saki's shoes have little accents that mimic her bunny tail, but they are not quite the same color...



Plum has opted to use two different types of bases for this line of figures. Saki and Maho ITEM #270946 have a raised base which simulates the shape of a basketball while teammates Tomoka ITEM #250831 and Airi ITEM #331459 have a more standard (flat) basketball-themed base.

However, the base looks nice, and the texturing replicates the look of a real basketball.


Because of the arc present in the base, and the fact that Saki is wearing heels, Plum wisely opts to use a piece of rigid plastic to secure her to the base.


Scale Comparison

With her raised base, Saki measures about 10.5 inches (26.5 cm) from the bottom of the base to the highest point of her bunny ears. Modulo the base and the ears, she's about 9 inches (23 cm) tall, and factoring out the heels, I estimate that Saki herself would be about 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) tall. Since she is established to be 4'10" (148 cm), that would mean this figure is certainly at the large end of 1/7 scale (more like 1/6.8).

Here is Saki with one of my favorite bunny girls, Kotobukiya's Maryan ITEM #61395 . I'd assume that Maryan and Saki are not too different in stature, and Maryan is 1/8 scale for comparison.


Saki with FREEing's 1/4 scale Ryomou Shimei ITEM #100327 .


Some glasses love :). Miku ITEM #61333 is 1/8 scale, Ichika ITEM #117391 is a largish 1/7, and you can see how Saki compares.


"Epic hair" might describe the three figures in the shot below. Naoe ITEM #96896 is 1/8 scale and Misty Nereis ITEM #153426 is 1/7.


Although the two of them play different sports, I imagine that when she's a little older, Saki will end up looking a lot like Arin ITEM #192 . Arin is listed at 1/8 scale, but she's more like 1/7 in reality.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9.5/10

Arguments for: Saki hits an awful lot of my moe points (bunny, glasses, twintails, braids), epic hair, attractive and functional base, a full panel of artwork on the box, and her largish scale, huge bunny ears, and shiny outfit will really make her stand out on the shelf.

Arguments against: Many, many issues with paintwork, gigantic box, lack of a uniform base design if you're collecting all the figures in this line.

Although she has some flaws, Saki has enough interesting features that she's now the centerpiece of one of my shelves. Further, I like this figure enough that I've decided to collect her other four teammates as well. Highly recommended despite her flaws.

Availability (as of this writing)

Sold out new but shouldn't be hard to find, though.

She seems to be sold out new through most of the major Japanese sellers. However, all of her teammates have been easy enough to procure through the secondhand channels, although I wouldn't expect a huge price drop if you go that route. All the figures in this line have had alternate versions with black bunny suits, and if you go that route the black-suited Saki ITEM #343054 will release in December.


If you liked this review, here are some of my other reviews you might also find interesting:

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I'm now tempted to pick up the rest of the figures in this line, and I've got Airi preordered, but I think I prefer Tomoka ITEM #250831 in the black suit. So, if you were going to collect the entire set, what route would you go?
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Epic Hair

What color preference would you have if you were to collect the set?

  • 57%I'd get all five girls with the pink suits!
  • 19%I'd get all five girls with the black suits!
  • 24%I'd mix it up---some in black, some in pink!
  • 37 votes

Comments14 comments

darkfader (2 years ago) #4901782Very nice figure indeed. Too bad the shade and glossiness are not consistent throughout my RKB-collection. But perhaps I am too picky.

Hmm, that's interesting to know (the variances in the shade of the suits). I just picked up the black-suited Maho ITEM #302643 in part because I've got the pink Airi on order, and I'm planning on picking up the blaclk Minato eventually. Maho exceeded my expectations; she's so cute!
2 years ago
darkfader lolicon
Very nice figure indeed. Too bad the shade and glossiness are not consistent throughout my RKB-collection. But perhaps I am too picky.
2 years ago
Maakie (2 years ago) #4648531That bunny suit is SO SHINY and the braids are very impressive! I also really like the bases they use in this set. Nice review again! :)

The shiny suit is definitely one of her best features :). I also like the basketball bases, as they are a nice nod to the origin of the figures.
2 years ago
That bunny suit is SO SHINY and the braids are very impressive! I also really like the bases they use in this set. Nice review again! :)
2 years ago
She still looks perfectly fine to me. ^^
2 years ago
sailormatlac (2 years ago) #4412932Thanks for the review! At least, the defects don't overshadow the good points and from a normal viewing distance, they are almost invisible. I must admit her braids looks l-o-v-e-l-y!

Happy to oblige :). You're absolutely right in that all those little painting defects are not noticeable from a distance and she looks great on the shelf. The only problem is that you know those little problems are there. Without the defects a great figure would have been fantastic!
2 years ago
Thanks for the review! At least, the defects don't overshadow the good points and from a normal viewing distance, they are almost invisible. I must admit her braids looks l-o-v-e-l-y!
2 years ago
Rokiki (2 years ago) #4402634I recently picked up this manga and I was pleased to see there is this lineup of figures, luckily I am not too picky on small small things like this unless its something huge. I cant decide between the pink and black though, the pink matches the cute vibe of the manga but some look better in black, but then for sure Airi would look too adult like.

I agree that Airi definitely needs the pink suit. Since the running joke is how much different she is from the other cast members in terms of her appearance, the black suit just wouldn't work. Heck, with the black suit, she'd look a lot like another figure I just picked up, Amakuni's Asmodeus ITEM #171477 .

solluxcaptor (2 years ago) #4407625She's so cute *_* I love the shiny look on her bunny suit

Looking at her in the box, I was afraid the color of the suit was going to be flat, but the shininess of the suit is a huge plus.

Stalking (2 years ago) #4407722I'm waiting for my Saki to arrive and for Airi to come out! I'm happy PLUM made all the girls, I was gonna be so mad if we just got Tomoka on her own!
I agree; while the figure line is quite faulty, they are all so charming that I don't regret a cent spent on them ´v`

Now that I know exactly what to look for, it's clear that some of the other figures in the line have some issues comparable to Saki, but I like the idea of this figure line enough to pick up the rest of the girls. The bunny theme is definitely in keeping with the overall tone of the show (after all, in the first episode the team dresses in maid costumes to welcome their new coach). Plus, I like how the whole line can be completed by buying only five figures!
2 years ago
Stalking Loli hunter
I'm waiting for my Saki to arrive and for Airi to come out! I'm happy PLUM made all the girls, I was gonna be so mad if we just got Tomoka on her own!
I agree; while the figure line is quite faulty, they are all so charming that I don't regret a cent spent on them ´v`
2 years ago
She's so cute *_* I love the shiny look on her bunny suit
2 years ago
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