My Detolf Journey Pt. 1My Detolf Journey Pt. 1Diary

BlueFireRoseBlueFireRose7 years ago
So after realizing i was going to have two huge orders in November and January from Japan and no space to put these new figures i hunted down an option for showing them off happily.
This is where most of them where before:

and low and behold I discovered the Detolfs on here used by many other collectors.
I went down to Ikea and bought 2 of them (I might have to go and get a 3rd too)and these are the results:
Warning Picture Heavy!
The Detolfs:
The Free! Shrine shelf:
I really wanted to show off my KyoAni art here but it is a bit big for the space.
The Tales of Series Shelf:
And then a shelf just for my two favorite boys from Tales of Vesperia:
I really need to put the Repeade plate in there but i don't know how to stand it up right.
And Chrom is all by himself in a corner on the bottom because he is unstable and his leg broke off when i tried to move him around a bit. He is way too top heavy.
Then we have Ryoma who will soon be joined with my 4 other Prince of Tennis Figures:
and then the Nendroids:
and then it was a free for all for everyone else:
And then my epic plushes got put on top of each:
Free on one side:
And Aoba and Koujaku on the other:
I still have to add in the lighting and make a stand to rase them up a bit but i think for now they look really good.
Still i can't wait to see them finished!
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Maybe its just me or just the photo, but I have a concern/question of the detolf on the left. The metal frame on the left of the left detolf looks like its backwards. The horizontal bars should always be on the inside of the vertical ones. For some reason the photo looks like it's on the outside. It's hard to tell, but I'm just concerned for your collection. I've seen some pretty nasty photos on here of shelves falling from that.
7 years ago
NaiyruChan7 years ago#4628586Your displays look really good so far ^^ pretty nice collection aswell!
(Btw ... why aren't Aoba and Koujaku holding hands?! they should ... just look at them ... )

and they totally should be holding hands. I'll change that when I get back home today.
7 years ago
MugenUmiYume7 years ago#4628527I use the 4 strip sets in mine. Do you mean angling them away so front edges are not shining right at you?
yah and to angle the light down more on the figures.
7 years ago
NaiyruChan ❤ Keyblade Master
Your displays look really good so far ^^ pretty nice collection aswell!
(Btw ... why aren't Aoba and Koujaku holding hands?! they should ... just look at them ... )
7 years ago
MugenUmiYume7 years ago#4628369Good start, I love the cases myself. What lighting are you thinking about using?
Thanks I love the fact that i was able to just move everything over into one area plus i just don't know what i would have done when i get this months loot in if i didn't buy these.
I bought some Dioder lights at Ikea and i was going to do the same thing as another user and use some molding to angle the light down at an angle.
7 years ago
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