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How to sell a figure?How to sell a figure?

ArieArie3 years agoAsk MFC
Hi guys!

I've been meaning to sell a figure, but since it would be my first time shipping something, I'm wondering how it works and if any of you have tips to share! Mainly, I'd like to know where you buy your shipping boxes, where you get your estimation (depending on the country you're shipping to) if and why you choose to/not to get a tracking number, etc. (If this can help, I live in Canada)

Thank you in advance!
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Depending on where you live in Canada, using Kijiji or figure groups on Facebook (ex. Senpai Anime and Figure) is really the best way to go. As others mentioned, shipping is absolutely awful here, and unless your buyer is willing to pay our ridiculous shipping costs you may have difficulties. However, I have sold TONS of things on Kijiji!
3 years ago
it's hard to sell figures if you live in canada. unless you are okay with selling them for way less than you bought them. shipping here(I also live in canada) is brutal. I've sold stuff on ebay before and the shipping would be around 20$ for one figure (in my case figma/nendoroid). I've shipped one amiibo and it costs around 15$ to ship to US.

If you want to sell your figures, try selling it on craigslist first. sell it near your area so you won't have to ship. or if worse comes to worst, and you really need money or space in your room. just sell it at a low price on ebay or here on mfc. ebay has fees for selling stuff, but more people will get to see it.

shipping process is nothing complicated if you aren't running a business. just get a box put your stuff along with old newspapers to secure the package, and then seal it properly. then you can hand write the address of the buyer (and your own address in case of returns) and give it to the post office. they will calculate your shipping and then you just have to pay.
3 years ago
amy616 Let's DANCE
Since you are in Canada I think I can offer some help! First of all, I would recommend you sign up for Small Business program (also called as Venture One), it gives you small discounts on shipping. It is really small, like a few cents to maybe a dollar, but it is still better no discounts. You can sign up online or at a local post office in person. And for Canadian addresses, they upgrade your Regular Parcel to Expedited, which gives you free insurance of $100 on the package. This is only valid for Canada, no overseas shipments unfortunately.

For shipping boxes, I kept most of my boxes so I choose any box that fits the item. I prefer Amiami boxes since they tend to be thicker. I have also kept all of my bubble wraps or papers shipped from Japan so I just use them. If you don't have any, you could use newspapers or purchase bubble wrap at walmart or other locations.

To estimate the price, just search Canada Post shipping rate on the Internet and the first result should be Canada Post's official website. You type your postal code, destination, and the dimensions and weight of the item. Shipping rate depends on where you're sending it, and its largely divided to: Canada, USA, International. You should check the Canada Post's PDF instead, they list the prices nicely instead of you having to type in the zip code every time www.canadapost....

There are few shipping options but you won't be looking at any other than Small Packet because they're insanely expensive. Canada Post's shipping rates suck. You will see it when you actually start typing in numbers, our prices are very high, especially when you try adding tracking. It costs like $60 to send a single nendoroid internationally with tracking, so you are most likely not gonna be using tracking for international.

That leaves you 2 options, Surface Small Packet and Air Small Packet. Surface, though its cheap it goes by SHIP. So it takes average 4-10 weeks!! You must inform your buyer about this and if the package doesn't arrive you may need to refund the buyer. Canada Post will not do anything because you don't have tracking number nor insurance. Air packages arrived within 2 weeks for me every time, so I would recommend using Air, unless the buyer is really patient and confident about not losing the package.

So in summary, Canadian sellers are mostly limited to selling small figures (less than 2kg), or else sell it only within Canada or to USA. Worse yet, you can't add tracking for any international shipments unless you pay $40 extra, so you are out of luck if the buyer wants tracking or if the package ever gets lost.

Luckily, I've shipped about 60 packages to everywhere in the world and none were lost. But after selling a bunch I would really advice Canadian sellers to ship within Canada or USA with tracking number, or even if there is no tracking number parcels arrive within a week so the chance of losing the package is pretty low. For international, we are stuck selling small items through Air, or risk losing and/or damaging the package by shipping it through Surface.

This was really long but I hope my experience helps any Canadian sellers!
3 years ago
This is from my experiences in the USA and any sales that I've ever done online. For shipping boxes, I almost exclusively reuse the boxes I currently have sitting in my house from things that I've ordered in the past. Very rarely have I had to go to the local office supply store and purchase a box. Reusing boxes is about the most economical thing to do. I've also made sure to keep the bubble wrap from any other item that has been shipped to me, and so I rarely have to purchase a roll of bubble wrap too.

The way I get my estimation is that I purchased a very cheap (~USD$15 or so) kitchen/mailing scale to weight my boxes. It is capable up to 25lbs. THESE ARE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD. I can't say HOW many times I overestimated the weight (or underestimated) of a package and paid the cost out of my own pocket for my mistake. If you plan on doing a decent amount of sales, seriously invest in one. They are cheap as heck online at places like Amazon.com, and they will darn near pay for themselves.

As for tracking numbers, always get it. Most services will give it to you for free, but if they don't, it is 100% worth it. I once ran into an issue where I didn't purchase a tracking number for a First Class mailer that I sent halfway across the USA. It was effectively lost since it didn't reach the destination in the designated time, and they couldn't do anything to find it, since it had no tracking. On a good ending note, it did finally manage to make its way to the buyer, but that was almost a week and a half after it was supposed to have been delivered. In that time. I had refunded the buyer, because for all intents and purpose, that package was lost. Thankfully the buyer did repay me when the package arrived, but I could've been out a decent chunk of money. All because I didn't fess up the $1.25 that it costed me to get tracking on my mail. I believe that most postal services will offer tracking for free if you purchase the label online, but check to make sure.

Some tips I've learned when shipping figures is to take some plastic grocery sacks, and put the figure's box inside of them. Then you put them inside your shipping box with all of the padding around it. That will help against rain or whatnot from getting onto your figure's box inside the shipping box. Also, in terms of padding material for the shipping box, bubble wrap, bubble wrap, and bubble wrap. You'll save money by purchasing a $5 roll of bubble wrap, over packaging it with paper/newspaper. Because the paper weighs literally that much more when it comes down to shipping costs.

As for dealing on Paypal, never. NEVER. N E V E R accept payments in Paypal gift payments. Nor ever give out gift payments. Aside from the fact that it can actually get your Paypal account banned, it is just unethical. You are conducting business. And therefore business has overhead (in this case, Paypal fees). That is the cost of doing business, and therefore as the seller, you should pay those fees since Paypal is offering you a service. It really gets on my nerves when sellers try and pass those fees onto the buyer. It is ACTUALLY against the Paypal TOS to do just that.
3 years ago
I reuse boxes if I have. Your post office probably sells packing materials too. I assume POs have their rates online and you can estimate then? As for how much wrapping to use, the PO here suggests 3 layers of bubble wraps so about that then :P just make sure the item you're sending doesn't shift around in the box.

I used to estimate on the higher side and refund the difference if it turns out higher since I find it awkward to go to the PO to ask them to weigh and then not buy the stamps there and then. Since a while back I bought a cheap kitchen scale that weighs up to 5kg so it's much more convenient now :v

To be safe for both sides, Paypal suggests a method with tracking, but after experiences selling/splitting things on mfc, if you trust your buyer is reasonable it's fine to go without it I guess?

Never shipped a scale figure though, most of the stuff I've sent internationally are trading figures and other merch.
3 years ago
You can get boxes at London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart, as those places also have postal outlets; Costco might even have some too. I usually just save my boxes from other orders and reuse those because I don't like paying for boxes.

You can get shipping estimates at Canadapost.ca, but you'll need the dimensions of the package and weight. I sell small, lightweight things quite often so I bought a cheap kitchen scale so I don't have to go to the post office to weigh them.

I only send with tracking because if something goes wrong, paypal will hold you responsible. However, at the buyers request (and risk), I have occasionally sent packages via regular airmail and haven't had anything go wrong yet. It's too expensive to ship overseas, so I only sell within Canada and to the US. The cost of sending to the US is almost the same as shipping within Canada, because of the US tracked packet option (limited size and weight, but offers tracking and insurance up to $100). For example, a prize figure costs about $12 to ship within one side of Canada (east or west), but to the opposite side of Canada or to the US, it's about $17. Of course, for this price I think you can fit another figure in the same box. Expedited and priority shipping is very expensive so I've never used those options.

Forgot to add that if you use Paypal's 'print label' option, you can get a discount on the shipping cost. Again, you'll need the dimensions and weight, and also a clear plastic address protector/sticker envelope to put the label into (ask for them at the post office, they are free). I'm not sure if this discount applies to all labels, or just those created for eBay purchases.

Hope that helps!
3 years ago
I don't have any experience selling figures, but I used to help my father sell books on Amazon. We usually just reused old boxes since we only sold a few things at a time. ALWAYS use a tracking number. It not only gives your buyer peace of mind, but in case the buyer says the item was not received, you have proof as to where it is and if it was actually received or not so no false claims can be filed. I don't have any experience with shipping anywhere outside the US, but your post office probably has some sort of shipping calculator you can use on its website.

Good luck selling!
3 years ago
I think getting boxes from the post office is way more expensive than shipping w/ your own boxes, so it's always good to have boxes on hand.
Paypal has an option to print shipping labels, mine says usps but idk if it's different in canada?
International shipping is way more expensive than domestic (It's like $5 if you ship priority to someone else in america here i think and to ship to canada / others its maybe $5 or $10 more; )
Honestly, getting a tracking number is good for the buyer; if I don't get a tracking number, I won't buy. ( But that's maybe bc i'm paranoid af)
I use the shipping calculator on the post office's website (in my case Usps) to get an estimate.
I only shipped out once tho so
3 years ago
I'm kinda wondering about this myself since I'll be selling some next month ;v; But for boxes, I'm reusing some that I have already. Buying boxes can be expensive, so if you don't have any around, I suggest going to supermarkets or even Walmart, Walgreens, or Target (are they in Canada???) ask for any leftover boxes they have from merchandise. I use my postal office's online shipping calculator- Canada should have one? I try to find the weight of the figure online (usually HLJ has an estimate). I think tracking is automatic. When I sent an item to Canada, first class (cheapest option) had the tracking included already. I don't know how your postal office works though^^; I'm sorry for not being helpful;;
3 years ago
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