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Goodbye figmas

So I recently had to make the tough decision to sell some of my figures in order to save up some money because I recently put a Dollfie on layaway and there is a trip to Japan coming up in the near future, which I'm very excited about. It was a very difficult decision because I love all of my figures, but I finally decided to sell (most of) my figmas. I'm not sure why, but I'm just not all interested in them anymore. My love for Nendoroids has completely taken over. There are still some I want to hold on to (for now anyways), like the To Aru Majutsu no Index ones (still need Kuroko!), Rei (need Asuka and Mari), and the Persona 3 ones. I also have a few figmas on preorder, but I did cancel a lot in the last couple of months. It makes me sad to sell them because in a way, I still love figmas. When I look at them more closely, they really do have tiny details and flexibility that you won't find with the Nendoroids.

Nendoroids make me smile whenever I look at them. They really do brighten up a room, I think. I know many people prefer figmas to Nendoroids, but this is just my opinion. ^_^
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5 years ago
I understand, my situation isn't as intense as yours though!
I started collecting with figmas, shifted to nendoroids (which I do love and don't want to sell ever), and now I'm starting to REALLY love scaled figures. So much so that I'm parting with a few figmas as well that aren't part of my mini-collections to afford them.

The only figmas I'll still order are finishing my Madoka collection and trying to get all the Saber figmas, but other than that I may part with them for nendoroids and scales as well.
5 years ago
I share the same thought as you :O
Figmas were the starting point of my collection, used to like them because of their flexibility to make many poses but then I switched over to nendoroids gradually because of the ease to customise, mix-and-match etc.
Figmas no longer tempt me now ^_^
5 years ago
I actually prefer nendoroids to figmas. Always have because regardless of the visible joints thing on figmas, nendos seemed more universally appealing. Back when I was one of "those" people who thought figure collecting was a thing mainly creepy people do, I said I'd only ever consider getting nendos. Now I see myself moving onto scales.

But who knows nowadays I'm tempted to buy some figmas as well, but haven't done so yet. When I do make that first step maybe I'll end up being the opposite of you :P
5 years ago
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