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VioMarinerVioMariner4 years ago
~Vio's November Loot Haul AKA Screw Budget, Acquire Plastic Cuties~https://secure.static.tumblr.com/8a494bb32dbb848f2db3e11bc53a4a61/d8sy7r8/OqAnnaxov/tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1czir0972hokk0wo48w0o80gk_640.gif
It was supposed to be a normal November, two Scale figures ordered and a Nendoroid or two. Then a few things occurred and more than a few things acquired...
HAHAHA That's not even a complete photo because whenever I set these things up, fighting the urge not to unbox everything just for this one monthly photo, I always forget something. And this month was poor Harvest Moon Miku.
http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/12/02/1426839.jpegTake two, figures only with Miku included.
Now I'm usually one to stay in budget but last month I gave into impulses and ended up with quite the haul. It was a few odd strings that tugged me to add on every item. Let the story commence~

Firstly came Kantai Collection's 1/8 Yamato by Max Factory. I had kind of wanted her for a while but stopped myself to not fall into the Shipgirl Sea. In October though I received Kantai Collection's 1/8 Musashi by GSC whom I instantly fell in love with. Thus I needed to unite the two Battleships ASAP. Light Arm. Yamato herself was fairly pricey but I'm happy to have my KanColle OTP together❤
Next came the Idols. I finally got to watching The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls and instantly fell in love with Uzuki Shimamura. I already owned some Cinderella Girls figures and was familiar with the cast. Uzuki was cute but she never caught my eye. Until I watched the show that is. She was more than just a simple cutie, rather a hardworking optimist working toward her dreams. As I told my friends when they asked "Why Uzuki?" I answered "You don't choose the waifu, the waifu chooses you!"

I have a sorta love/hate relationship with Idol shows as they're becoming a dime a dozen but due to what looked like the sudden SURGE of Male Idols I decided to go back and check out the "original", my guilty pleasure; Uta no☆Prince-sama♪. I have never cringe-loved a show so much. I'd always been interested in Alter's 1/8 Ren Jinguuji but strayed from his figure since Alter decided to dip-dye his orange locks in purple. But after deciding I NEEDED Uzuki I thought why not order a male idol to go with her and help balance my HORRIBLE girl:guy figure ratio. I've owned Masato since release and plan on getting Ranmaru to complete the trio, so Ren must join. Plus I watched some of the UtaPri Lives and oh lord Junichi Suwabe's voice is ahhhhhhhh. Despite all the crazy sax in Ren's songs it's all worth it for dat Junichi Suwabe singing.
I keep my three favorite Idols on my headboard so they can watch over me while I sleep. I recommend this as I've had more pleasant dreams, some even involving shown characters.

The last odd figure I grabbed was Bandai's 1/10 Sailor Moon Crystal Vers. from the Hobby-Search bargain sale. Another figure I'd been on the fence about since I heard of numerous QC issues. Luckily I received a Moon with very few QC errors but the scale and quality in general were a let-down. I really did want to like her as I adore Crystal's designs since they reflect the manga. Sadly I think this is one figure I'll be gifting away. On a happier note since I picked up the Sailor Moon Crystal Atsumete Prize figures of Moon, Mars, and Mercury from a Crunchyroll sale in October I grabbed Venus and Jupiter on Ami this month. The quality of these little prizes is stunning. I love the pearl and pastel paints used on each.
Here are all the Scale figures and Nendoroids I received this month unpackaged. Not mentioned in my impulse stories are GSC's 1/7 Utaha, Alphamax's 1/7 Saber EXTRA Onepiece Vers., and Nendoroids Harvest Moon Miku and Kogitsunemaru. These four had been ordered months before.
Oh and P.S. on the figures; I took the plunge and ordered Aniplex's Exclusive Ciel Phantomhive figure ITEM #297454. I may not get him for almost a year but it got to punch my wallet now. It's nice to know I've already secured what I hope to be one of the most stunning figures of 2016. And now I've got a good reason to FINALLY read/watch Black Butler.

Now to the Merch/Manga/Misc front! This wasn't too bad but I did end up with a bit more than I usually order. I'm falling a victim to rubber straps and microfiber towels now.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/12/02/1426500.jpegNot pictured here but I also impulse bought my first Amiibo, Animal Crossing's Tom Nook. Love that savvy greedy tanuki. Guess I broke my rule of no Amiibos since I didn't get the craze of them but I love my Animal Crossing.

Besides that I had to get some Microfiber Towels of UtaPri's Masato and Ranmaru since I'm still on an UtaPri kick. I regret not ordering the UtaPri nap cushions and lots of other stuff, UtaPri goods tend to sell out quickly. Kirari Moroboshi pinched strap since she was on sale and I adore her cute way of talking which seems to annoy a lot of others. Best Girl Yui Yuigahama pinched strap as well♥ On to Touken Ranbu I got the hair-stick/pen accessory of my beloved Heshikiri Hasebe and a Kashuu Kiyomitsu acrylic charm from a blind box at Kinokuniya. I finally bought a cork board last month as well to give my straps a proper display.
As for manga I grabbed Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 3, the first two volumes of The Ancient Magus Bride, and the one volume of Blood Blockade Battlefront I was missing. I've yet to read or watch Tokyo Ghoul but I have a strong feeling that I'll fall in love with it(thus diving into the merch/figures). The Ancient Magus Bride had caught my eye for quite some time and I'm really loving the art and story. I hope this gets an anime or OVA adaption one day.

Thank you for sticking through and reading this long loot post of mine! I haven't made one for quite a while but I felt this haul was deserving of a post. I leave you with some fun lil photos of my custom(LAZY CUSTOM) Nendo and my beloved little Toudans.
...Except this is a lie since I can't get that damn Fox sword for the life of me in game. Kogitsunemaru laughs and teases me.
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Woohoo, so any goodies! *.* The sword boy Nendos look so cool..should've got more than just the one ;-; I'm glad you got lucky with the SMC, I was so on the fence with that one since half reviews said she was fine and others it looked like almost bootleg quality. ^^; That said I'm not taking my chances on her, even though she is fairly cheap now. The little SM figures however are absolutely precious! I adore their paint finish. :3 I've been wanting to check out The Ancient Magus Bride as well, since the art caught my eye and I've heard good things about it so far. And I'm loving the strap board, all your cuties look so nice displayed.
4 years ago
Retro8bit Old School Gamer
Nice haul! So manny quality figures there! :)
4 years ago
VioMariner4 years ago#5263134 Honestly I'm a little sad my two favorite boys, Masato and Ren, binned the most out of all original six STARISH.
Certain Alter figures have a finish on their skin that makes it feel really soft and almost human w/o being creepy.

I also love Ren and Masa both, but if I buy them it's gonna be a slippery slope to buying everyone because everyone's just great lol
I'm buying both the Nendo petit sets though! How about you?

That sounds cool! I've nothing from Alter, and Cecil's gonna be my first (I only buy scales of my ultra favourite characters :3 ). I hope I can experience the texture you're describing.
4 years ago
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
SpinkellaSapphir4 years ago#5263113~snip~
Haha thank you x3 I haven't splurged in quite a while so it's nice to have it on occasion.

I'll be the devil on your shoulder hehehe~ Ren is a really great figure and fairly cheap. I got him in perfect condition for 5000JPY. Honestly I'm a little sad my two favorite boys, Masato and Ren, binned the most out of all original six STARISH. Guess it's good for the wallet though! I think I want to do a review on Ren but I'll let you in on one amazing thing about him; he has Alter's trademark "smooth" skin. Certain Alter figures have a finish on their skin that makes it feel really soft and almost human w/o being creepy. Stroking Ren's arms is heavenly @w@ I'm absolutely adding Camus and Ranmaru to the headboard when they come out too.

They recently announced a lot more Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls figures, from Nendos to Scales so I'm sure you'll find one you like!
4 years ago
Lovely loot! I think it's fine to splurge occasionally ;) Congratulations!

I totally agree with the male idol burst, and hello, fellow UtaPri fan! ^_^ I see we can agree that Be-sama has the voice of a devil ahahaha~ (resists urge to buy Ren)

I love most of the stuff you have going on here! I personally would love to buy the Cinderella Girls in stage outfits if they made Nendos of them, especially Rin and Ranko. The Uzuki Nendo we already have is very cute as well!

Anyway, good fortune in getting Kogi in game lol

P.S. I have to try that idol-fig-near-the-bed thing when Cecil and/or Camus come out hahaha XD
4 years ago
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Seiidaishougun4 years ago#5262928~snip~
Thanks! Utaha and Yamato are definitely two shining beauties. What can I say though, I love all my figures♥

But my goodness, looking at your December Figure Santa shall bury you in figures xD Looking at that list is almost overwhelming to me since space is my enemy, but good on getting Detolfs too! I hope you post some photos once it's all put together, I would love to see :3 Godspeed good collector.
4 years ago
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