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YAJ & Singapore HaulYAJ & Singapore Haul

rumichuurumichuu3 years agoLoot
Hello~ back from a trip to visit relatives in Asia and since I know Asia is the hub of anime goods I picked up a few things in Singapore! then when I arrived home my fromjapan box was waiting for me uhuhu...


I'll begin with my buys from Singapore!

Short Haikyuu!! comic vol.2 from Kinokuniya, Ichiban Kuji and some Free! blind packs. Even though kuji tickets were obviously more expensive than the ones in Japan I enjoy the thrill of playing them too much to pass on.

First round I got Tsukishima and the flag stickers which wasn't so great but wasn't completely terrible either. Second round was a bit of a gamble since I already ordered kuroo, kenma, bokuto and akaashi straps beforehand and I really only wanted oikawa strap, towels or the last prize and WHAT LUCK! oikawa and akaashi towel!! I also got a kenma keychain I didn't take a photo of from a blind box, was so stoked by my kenma luck (since last time I went to singapore I also kept getting kenma from blind boxes :D)
As for Boruto ichiban kuji, I was super happy to get one of the illustrations since I already had the figures, and Sarada was on my hit list ^^

but with all my luck for certain series I guess there had to be one where I was ALWAYS unlucky. That one is Free! >__> my friends call me the rei magnet. No matter what blind box or kuji I buy for Free! I will inevitably end up with rei on my first try, at times even my second try as well, and I'm not even exaggerating it has happened every single time. Sometimes I feel like I could buy a blind box for Touken Ranbu and still end up with rei. Anyway I eventually got makoto but now I have to find new homes for rei and nitori. Rin acrylic strap was from an mfc user in Singapore :)

Makoto joining the others I got from sunyshore ^^

Oh and these. I always seem to pick up Pokemon goods randomly.

Moving on to YAJ loot. My membership rank recently upgraded to samurai lolol that's a sign I've been spending too much.

Free! goods that don't rely on luck haha. I love the little christmas charm so much :)

Tokyo Tower exclusive acrylic keyholders which aren't in the mfc database yet I don't think. I should add them but I'm not sure what to tag as the manufacturer...anyone know?

Kuroken is also a Tokyo Tower exclusive, the rest are from Ichiban Kuji. Always a sucker for Haikyuu!! straps orz

Again I saved the best for last ^^

Black&White is one of my favourite Pokemon games! and tbh it's not because of the Pokemon (bc we all know how ugly they got after the ruby/sapphire gen and the Black&White anime was one of the worst gens imo) but because of the game plot, character designs and N !!

I'm really glad I have N since I'll forever whine about missing out on Red's nendoroid...N somewhat makes it a little better haha.

Anyway that's all I had to show so thanks for reading, have a lovely day~!

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rumichuu (3 years ago) #5527380I use fromjapan and BiJ forwarding!
Oh thanks a lot!
3 years ago
Mareem (3 years ago) #5524071Just curious, which proxy do you normaly use?
I use fromjapan and BiJ forwarding!
3 years ago
Just curious, which proxy do you normaly use?
3 years ago
really like reshiram :(
3 years ago
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