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Best (and the Most Expensive) Christmas!

KuroHaru19KuroHaru192 years agoLoot
Dear MFC,

First of all, I'd like to wish Merry Christmas (and Happy New Year in advance) to everyone!!

(0≧▽≦)0☆Merry X’mas☆0(≧▽≦0)
Secondly, welcome to my second blog entry, which is a small loot post (do 3 items count as a loot?) about two of in-my-opinion best figures out there plus a manga which I just bought on impulse. Furthermore, I also included two figs that I own for a while now but haven't written an article about.

Attention: Long post! There are quite a few pictures too!

So my Christmas was made uber-super-awesome by a hotdog ITEM #163750 and Mr Yellow Socks ITEM #116883 !!!

I was up in the capital city of my country, I live there during university days. However, I come home for the holidays and stay here for the rest of the exam time and some more. Thus, since I need certain surroundings around me to make me happy and stay positive and not to break down from all the nerve wrecking stuff that are the side effects of life, I have my favorite (but not all :P) mangas and figures with me - which I of course had to bring home with me now.
So as I was heading from an exam to my flat up there in the capital city, my mom phoned me 'THAT box has arrived'. I couldn't believe it, I was so happy because the package was dated to arrive later. I kept on grinning and smiling like an idiot and I couldn't hide my excitement even though the metro was full with people.
I've packed my things really fast to reach the earliest train home.
I came home, screamed in joy, then unpacked the box, screamed some more - which I repeated in the next morning as well because I was so happy. Honestly, I paid so so much for these babes, this was probably my most expensive Christmas (just to gave you an idea, all in all I paid more than 400$).
With an amount like that I was really really scared for any possible defects. I'm already paranoid, I have always been, but I tried to attract positive energy and prayed for them to arrive safely and perfectly... WHICH OH MY GOD THEY DID <'33


Please note that the only things that came in the package was Aoba, Ren, and the Merman In My Tub manga! The rest manga and both of the Harus are the goodies I brought home with me since they are always with me <3 And that cute mug with raspberry flavored coffee beans in it is the present from my best friend I might add :3

I chose a place in the house where the most light comes in and took a few pictures. ^_^

My biggest concern was Best Boy Ren, but fortunately he was without any flaws!!
さすが Wonderful Hobby Selection! :DD
The sculpt and every detail is amazing!! Even a friend of mine who's not into this stuff was amazed at the greatness of this figure! Not to mention that insane weight being supported only by his left leg on the crystal, the beast hand doesn't even touch his poncho/cloak O_o

^Look at his delicious back (ノ∀`♥)

^My personal fave shot ó‿ó

His skin is really really nice and smooth to the touch (˘◡˘)

^Yes, I'd like a dance sweet sir

ˇLet me add how strangely good he looks with Haru (imo at least they do (*☉౪ ⊙。))
^Do you feel the size kink? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Moving onto the bluest sky of my life, this cinnamon son Aobub (ʃƪˆ▿ˆ)


^A smile I want to protect ◉◡◉

I love how amazingly sculpted and detailed he is too!! It's not surprising at all that he got a rerelease and still so many people want him! I'm so proud of you Aobun <3 (and Max Factory xD)
I'm so thankful for all the little representations of the others as well!

Clear dear ( ;∀;)♥

Koujaku (´▽`)♥

Mink♥, Noiz♥, ViTri♥ (#sorrynotsorry)

And of course the puppy version of Ren♥ (This pic was taken when I was putting Aoba together. Btw that's my mom's phone xD and in the background you can see the only flaw this figure had which I discuss below)

Poor Usagimodoki/Midori was disconnected from one of the TVs and was stuck on one of the tapes that hold together that transparent container(?) of the fig. Thank God it went back in place smoothly when I tried.
(^And another representation, this time Toue and Usui^^)

It might worth a moment to mention that I heard a lot of people had problems with Ren's pegs. Mine too, the two pegs stayed in the chain and in Aoba's jacket but came out of Ren - so now it's the chain and the jacket "plugged into" Ren and not the other way around. But it seems stable so everything's okay.

Back to a loot pic:

^And this is the Merman In My Tub manga Volume 1 licensed by SevenSeas. It was really funny, finally some monster boys!! ヽ(゚▽゚*)

And let me say a few words about my Haru(s).
I honestly don't know what other fangirls find bad about him, I think he's really really pretty, and his skin feels really good to touch *´∀`* And since he was my first scale figure, he holds a very special place in my heart (not like he didn't way before but anyway xD).
//Haru by the way was so indifferent the whole time, probably because it wasn't Makoto arriving in that box ( ˘ 3 ˘ )//

The only tiny itty-bitty flaw we have is:
two smaller than small blue dots on the white of his jacket.

Aaaand you might have noticed a Charapuka Haru-chan in some of the pictures. Well...
He is cute. But he is a bootleg. He was my very very very first fig that I bought on a Convention and I knew zero about this stuff. I don't say I regret it, because even though what he is, I still love this little one. I love him dearly, but I never ever want to buy a bootleg again, not to mention now that I collect scales. I hope I never get to be given a fake scale, I rather pay three times the price.
I also plan to buy a small Charapuka Mako-chan for him to have company, but this time the real one. I know that Makoto is so nice he's gonna love this Haru even if he's a bootleg. ^‿^

And finally:

Now while I'm at home Home, this is their place with my most favorite mangas. I have more, but they are on other shelves at the other side of my bedroom.


I also got Honyarara's beautiful art!!ヽ(^◇^*)/

And these are the boxes:
It was really funny as my shop seems to reuse boxes (which I'm totally okay with), my boys came in an 'Alter - Black Heart' box xD. At first my heart stopped, but fortunately it wasn't that fig in the box.

Finally finally my long post is ending^^ I honestly think during this Christmas I really spoiled myself which I might or might not deserve but anyway xD We only live once and I knew I had to have these miniature plastic humans in my life. Their prices were already really high with the amount of money I have to pay for shipping to my country. I'm in the middle of Europe^^ You won't stop me damn borders!! o(・_・)9

Thank you for reading this till the end, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm sorry if it was too long (or short?) for your liking, or any other thing, but I'd be really happy if you thought otherwise^^ I am so over the moon, I might have overdone it : )

And one more thing I'd like to ask you: it crossed my mind that with these many pictures about the goodies, does it still count as a loot post? Or should I change it to a review post? Thank you for your understanding, because I've never written anything like it! : )

Again, thank you for reading it if you did! Merry X-mas and Happy New Year again to y'all! ^_________________^
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buntaichou (2 years ago) #5682970If you'd to buy an authentic, albeit used, Haru charapuka just hit me up! I got one in an AmiAmi grab box and I'm not too interested in Free!.

Unfortunately right now I don't plan on buying him:( Though thanks for the info!^^
2 years ago
If you'd to buy an authentic, albeit used, Haru charapuka just hit me up! I got one in an AmiAmi grab box and I'm not too interested in Free!.
2 years ago
solluxcaptor (2 years ago) #5612253Lovely loot and your set-up is so nice!!
Thank you dear!! It makes me happy that you say that! ^_____^
2 years ago
Lovely loot and your set-up is so nice!!
2 years ago
airi-02x (2 years ago) #5612176Thank you for the loot post :3 Beautiful Christmas loot haha. At least your Haru now has other companions~ :)
I thank you for reading it^^ Yes I'm happy that he's not alone now :DD Just a few more months of waiting and he'll finally have Makoto too^^

MC707 (2 years ago) #5612180Congrats on your new guys. It made me smile to think of you grinning in a train full of people, not caring what they think. I also spent more this year than any other before it, and 2016 doesn't look good either lmao! Happy holidays/xmas too

Thank you!^^ It was really hard even to try and hold back so I decided to stop trying to hold back :D I was so happy I couldn't help it : ) Yes with so many more good figs coming out, 2016 sure will be tough! >.< Thank you that too^^
2 years ago
Congrats on your new guys. It made me smile to think of you grinning in a train full of people, not caring what they think. I also spent more this year than any other before it, and 2016 doesn't look good either lmao! Happy holidays/xmas too
2 years ago
Thank you for the loot post :3 Beautiful Christmas loot haha. At least your Haru now has other companions~ :)
2 years ago