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Asuka Casual Clothing CollectionAsuka Casual Clothing Collection


Hi again,

I just wanted to get the last part of my Asuka figure collection up on here before the end of 2015, so here it is.

Typical I take the photo, put them all away walk into my bathroom and what do I find? My Asuka soap dish...so it is yet again an incomplete photo by one figure.

If I had to pick a favourite (excluding the Vispo doll) I'd pick the Kotobukiya figure of her sat on the bed which I reviewed 6 years ago! ITEM #145 I'm picking her as she stands out from the abundance of smiling figures which only show the persona she has created to protect herself from the world, I feel this figure captures the side of her she wants to keep hidden. She was also the first figure I bought which wasn't a trading/capsule or prize figure.

Thanks again for reading, it the new year I will try to find all my character goods and key rings to photograph which that may take a while.
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I love your favorite non-plugsuit Asuka! I keep meaning to get that one. I actually don't have any Asuka figures that are smiling.

Great collection!! :D
3 years ago
Amazing!! *__* I love your Asuka collection so much, my goals
3 years ago
So cool!! :-)
Lovely asuka collection.
3 years ago
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