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Figure Collecting and ParentsFigure Collecting and Parents

darkfroggydarkfroggy6 years agoDiary
How do you justify figure collecting to your parents?

Mine started off small, so my parents tended to ignore it. Now, it's rather kind of large... and my mom hasn't been too pleased with receiving my packages when I'm away.

I think she lost it when Miku DX came in... ><.
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my parents don´t care about my colletion when i began to collect. "it´s your money that you pay for this figures and other stuff buy what you want but don´t ask us for money for this." they said to me. but they also want to make a joy and buy some figures for me in the last years. the most expensive one was the feena fam royal dress version at christmas 2010 and last year to christmas the new version from mistral nereis.
5 years ago
I've heard it all from your waisting your money to why are you collecting naked dolls. Live for you and don't justify it to anyone. Bottom line, this is a hobby. It's no different then collecting comic books, expensive cars, etc.
6 years ago
My parents actually support me in collecting figures. They dont pay for my figures or so but they think its cool that I found a hobby and they kinda review every new figure I get! I guess the only complain is that it takes a lot of space.
6 years ago
Arie veteran puella magi
My mom complains about how I'm wasting money and everything, but I think it is not wasted if you truly like what you bought C:
I don't really justify myself. It's my hobby , my money and I like it that's all there is to say.
Also, as long as it's your money, it shouldn't be a problem to them. They aren't the ones paying for it.
6 years ago
Wyna 「ウィナ」
I think my mom, if she could see my collection (we are somewhat estranged), would have a lot of negative things to say to me or at least some very irritating questions.

I live with my husband in our own home and we're somewhat private so less than 10 people have seen my physical collection. The ones interested in anime seem enthusiastic and impressed. The ladies with lesser experience seem a little confused if not stiff on the subject (since I have some erotic figures and a generally strange assortment).

My husband likes them. Sometimes he moves them around (ESPECIALLY THE NAKED ONES HAHA!) when I am not looking to see my reaction when I notice, which is usually to scold him for messing up the nude zen I've got going. @_@

My sister and her boyfriend try their best to ignore the existence, and insist I am too "weeaboo" for their liking.

My father? He doesn't frown on it, but I think he's surprised at how it's grown and he just doesn't quite understand it. But he's the best, because he doesn't understand a lot of things about me but he accepts them happily and is always open to checking out my latest addition. :D

I'm pretty happy with the reaction so far, but I know it's not something I can really show to strangers without getting a dirty look.

I'll take what I can get. xD
6 years ago
My parents have grown to accept, sort of, my collecting. I don't live at home, I live with my brother now, but, even then, they still don't like that I collect. But, the reason they sort of accept my hobby is, a) it's better than seeing drunk pics of me plastered all over Facebook [which there are a lot of] and b) I work in the toy industry and design toys, not to mention that I've started to do video figure reviews for an anime shop here in So Cali.
I guess, just show them that you can function while collecting. If your being depends on the plastic goodness, then it's harder for them to not accept it.
6 years ago
My mom just had to put up with it, as I've been collecting figures for about 3 years now. With my collection growing ever larger. Though she has taken quite a liking to the more artistic side of figures, like the different colors and poses. The only comments i've been getting from my mom when i get a new figure is "What? another one?" and "Your gonna run out of space sooner or later". I just think when that does happen i can display them around the house not just in my room.

Though i am a bit worried when i get this one: ITEM #78779
i'm not entirely sure what the comments i get are going to be. hopefully good ones XD
6 years ago
i didn't tell them at all...coz i just cant let them know this...
last time when i bought one bootleg POP chopper worth MYR40,my mom look at it and then yelled at me"why the hell did buy you this DOLL???dont waste yr money on SUCH thing again!!!"...and i still buying them, now they are all original figures somemore(ok,more than MYR150...).......><...
she'll chop me into pieces if they see those figures in my room!!!i'm living outside but sometime they'll give a visit so i need to prepare a hiding place for them lol.....><
6 years ago
suwa194I just got into figure collecting and I know that my mom will be against it if she sees the boxes I'm trying to hide. But I guess I will have to argue with her that it is my money and that I should be able to do as I please.

The investment angle is usually a reasonable stance to take, as most popular figures DO appreciate in value.
6 years ago
cb27dedMy mom thinks it is cool overall. She thinks most of the figures I get are "cute and neat," and doesn't mind how I spend my money because it's my money that I earn. It probably helps that my mom actually kinda likes anime as she is interested in asian stuff.

My dad couldn't care one bit. He is also of the idea that my money is my money and how I spend it my business. When he does see some of the figures, he couldn't care one bit. He doesn't have any interest in it at all. The only one he ever showed interest in was this one: ITEM #5443

Your dad has good taste. XD
6 years ago
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