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SAL vs EMS, always cheaper to split ship for multiple figures?SAL vs EMS, always cheaper to split ship for multiple figures?

fufufufufufu6 years agoMisc
Hi all,

I have a question:

Is it always much cheaper to split an order of 2-3 SALable sized figures for unregistered SAL shipping than to combine them for EMS?

For example, I get charged on average 1500 yen for shipping of a figure. so 2 figures will be 3000 yen shipping via USAL separately. But EMS for combined shipping will be around at least 4-5000 yen for 2 figures right? That's a saving of AT LEAST 1-2000 yen right?

I am asking on a pure money saving basis. So please let me know of your experiences with shipping prices.

FYI, I mostly shop at Amiami.

PS: Please don't make this in to a SAL vs EMS debate, I am only looking at cost of shipping.

PPS: No need to talk about import tax as I won't normally get taxed where I live.
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Is it always considerably cheaper to ship 2-3 figures separately via USAL rather than EMS?

  • 51%Yes, considerably.
  • 16%Yes, but less than 1000 yen difference.
  • 23%No, they cost around the same.
  • 10%No, EMS is always cheaper.
  • 87 votes


Being the cheapskate that I am ..I will split a EMS order into 2USAL...and it's always cheaper by ~1000 yen..if not more..
6 years ago
Thanks for the reply guys, and sorry, there are 2 things I didn't make clear:

1. by figures I meant full scaled figures (ie. Not Nendos or Figmas.)
2. by SAL I mean SAL small packet. (ie. most of the time you can only fit 1 scaled figure in to the box limit.)

I think i will stick with USAL for cheaper shipping. Thanks!
6 years ago
If you're going for smaller figures (Figmas, Nendoroids, S.H. Figuarts, Revoltechs, etc.), the cheapest option out there is to buy them on HLJ and use Fedex. I recently got a Figma and a Revoltech shipped together for 1200Y, at the same speed as EMS. The shipping more than makes up for the slightly higher list prices.
6 years ago
I'm gonna have to say it depends, as at the end of the day there are some cases where you simply can not use SAL for any reason for weight or size reasons. That being said in the case of smaller figures, Nendos, figmas, etc then yes, SAL both registered and unregistered will be cheaper.
6 years ago
lol i love how this is relevant to what i'm learning in econ class right now >.>
anyways, yes, RSAL would be better for just 2-3 figures. i've never bought 2-3 BIG figures before, but i've shipped like 2 nendos or figma-equivalents together before. it was about 1500 RSAL. tho i usually used USAL, which is less, but that's just me
6 years ago
It reeeaaaalllyy depends on it, for example I let prize figures be shipped with SAL at ALL times because those are cheap.
Here in my country taxes are added when a packagehas a worth that is over 22 euros, so SAL shipping (if that is even noted on the box) makes sure it won't do that.
I ship multiple and more expensive figures and merchandise through EMS though, like to track my big chunk of money-loss until it arrives at the doorstep ^^
6 years ago
Asako Om nom nom
I use EMS for just about all of my orders, and rarely pay much over 3000y for a monthly order, unless it's particularly large (eg six figures in March, two of which had large boxes, was 8060y EMS) but usually it's only around 3k.

I do feel EMS costs (from AmiAmi particularly) have risen, though. But I prefer a single combined monthly order at the end of the month, in most circumstances.
6 years ago
I always purchase item via SAL small packet, once or twice I was forced to EMS because the box is too big/heavy. EMS and SAL parcel cost really close, so if you don't get caught by customs, EMS is better option.

SAL small packet shipping fee ratio is lower, so it always cheaper. Splitting it and keep it SAL small packet is always cheaper.

Example: you got an order that's 3kg (multiple items) EMS will cost you 5400yen (NA), SAL parcel will cost 5000yen. Splitting it to SAL small packet(unregistered)(registered + 400yen), don't forget there's extra filling and a 1 more box weight included, lets says each is 1.7kg which is 1780yen x 2 = 3560 yen.
If it's one big box(not multiple items) over 2kg/size then choose EMS.

That's my way....I get like 6~8 box a month. I combine item to as near as 2kg and keeping it SAL small packet.
If I EMS, I always get customs fee. SAL small packet/parcel, I always escape without getting charged.
6 years ago
iMadScientistnot really if the figure is really big, like an alter of senjougahara my friend got, it was only 100 yen cheaper by ems and amiami specifically told him that when he asked for sal

SAL Small packet /= SAL Parcel
Although it wasn't said, unregistered = small packet
6 years ago
As much as possible, I stay away from EMS. The main reason is, EMS is a sure way to get taxed (in our country). Via SAL, I only have to wait for 15 days and pay the $1 postage fee. I tried EMS before and the tax I paid was 70% of the price of the item. (That was only a PS3 game)

If I have multiple figures a month, I usually request the store to split them. However, if those are only small figures (nendoroids or prize figs), I tend to ship them together. Via SAL as well.
6 years ago
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