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Request Nendoroids PetitionRequest Nendoroids Petition

JoichiJoichi5 years agoNews
With the competing of many votes over new products; as well as with Japanese fans, we need to put more effort! My proposal is that there shouldn't be just 1 person representing the whole community, we need a petition. Collecting everyone's concerns over the severe lack of male characters. According to Danny Choo, he says that female fans doesn't make much prescence in the figure market (maybe he can't see our great cyber community)

*Update: Figmas will also be included!

So before the voting polls are place down, I will pick and design the most voted nendo characters ( can't do it for every single vote sorry!), I will rely on Nendo Lovers votind thread: club/2/discussi... Then we will attach them to our petitions, how is this plan?

Nendo list
Okumura Rin (art: PICTURE #415561)
Heiwajima Shizuo -- in progress
Takashi Natsume -- in progress
Soul Eater | Death the Kid -- in progress

Contact List
Mikatan contact: mikatan-b@goods...
GSC Support: support@goodsmi...

What is the public view on this? Any more artists can pitch in?
5,796 hits • 25 comments

New Characters do you wish to see?

  • 14%Natsume Takashi
  • 19%Drrr! Shizuo Heiwajima
  • 7%Kuroshitsuji | Grell Sutcliff
  • 4%Jigoku Shoujo / Enma Ai
  • 11%Inu x Boku SS / Karuta | Ririchou | Banri Watanuki
  • 12%Soul Eater / Death the Kid
  • 11%No.6 / Shion or Nezumi
  • 14%Persona 4 / Protagonist or Shirogane Naoto
  • 8%Gyakuten Saiban | Phoenix Wright | Miles Edgeworth
  • 121 votes


requesting for ranma saotome (ranma 1/2) and inuyasha
1 month ago
Can we also have a chrom from fire emblem nendoroid? Or a yui nendoroid from sword art online that'll possibly come with extra hand pieces so we can pose her holding hands with asuna and kirito??? Omg
3 years ago
Naoto Shirogane or Yu Narukami (Protagonist) please!!! >_<
4 years ago
oh i would like Izaya-kun too :D
5 years ago
The obsessive male fan market is bigger then the obsessive female market.

If the show didn't sell well it won't get a nendo. If you guys want figs of a show then buy the blu rays.

Also Inuxboku will probably be getting some figs - wait until Wonfes.
5 years ago
WatchJessieGoI want to see some Key/Visual Arts Nendos, like Misuzu Kamio, Ayu Tsukimiya, and Nagisa Furukawa. >.>Seconded! I would definitely want a Nagisa/Ushio/Tomoyo nendoroid ;_;
5 years ago
PriestessYukiko aka, Miss Yasogami
I would love more Ace Attorney figures, so definitely Phoenix and Miles. ^^
5 years ago
Phoenix!!!! He's one of my favorite characters!!! I really love him!!! *___*
I want a Nendoroid from him. XD
5 years ago
Izaya and Shizuo from Durarara as nendoroid's would be awesome ; w ;
5 years ago
Naoto and Yu.
5 years ago
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