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Custom Nendoroids for Beginners Part 4 (Final Part)Custom Nendoroids for Beginners Part 4 (Final Part)

Custom Nendoroids for Beginners - Part 3 - Assembly

Previous Parts:
Part 1 - Introduction, Gathering Parts, and Equipment and Materials
Part 2 - Alterations
Part 3 - Painting

Finally crossing the finish line. Everything's been cut, sanded, primed, painted, and covered with a matte finish. All of the little pieces have arrived - the body, the accessories, the stand, the faceplates.

So let's put it all together and see what it looks like!


The best thing you do before you even start to put everything together is to lay everything out so that you know what you've got. You don't want to realise that you're missing an essential hand or faceplate at the last minute.

I also kept a spreadsheet of everything, including the


Here he is, 'straight out of the box' or, rather, in the pose an official SnK nendoroid would be in.

Hmm, how would Jean react to the Mikasa nendoroid?


Yep, seems about right. :P



Although if Mikasa's around, that also means...


Ah, those two.


Now, a lot of people died...


But even after all that, Jean was ready to team up with Armin (and Reiner) to tackle the Female Titan!


Yeah, this is definitely how I'm going to display him. I love the whole fight against the Female Titan.

I can't wait until I finish setting up my entire display, so I can get a shot of them all together. I'm going to need a couple of risers - my SnK shelves are a tad crowded, but I've basically got most of what I want for the series.

My next customs aren't SnK customs, though - they're going to be the mankai version of Karin from YuYuYu and Bobbi Morse AKA Mockingbird from various Marvel comics/Agents of SHIELD.

But, for Jean, here's a rundown of the parts that I used for him:

Body, arms, legs, gear: ITEM #166924
Hair: ITEM #56447
Default, angry, and blushing face: ITEM #287717
Irritated/sad face: ITEM #56447
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Hey cool. I like it!

I ended up with Shiro Emiya's nendo cuz I wanted the body, and at some point I stuck the head on a SnK nendo. I was like "omg instant Jean!" lol. Eventually I will repaint the hair and call it good. I could go the extra mile and sand down the hair but... eh, I probably won't. I have too many half-done customs and it'll look good enough to me, even if I didn't make it as accurate as the art.

Incidentally, I've used laquer thinner on a face before to remove the existing face. Or rather, part of it. I used a Q-tip (cotton swab) dipped in the thinner and just gently rubbed the part I wanted gone. Don't press super hard tho cuz the stick could dig into the face and scratch it. The laquer thinner doesn't remove just paint, it is basically slowly eating the plastic, so a surface covered in it is more pliable and more prone to a noticeable scratch. I do it right next to the sink, so that I can immediately rinse off the face with room temperature water. You don't need soap (and I don't know how it would react with the thinner anyways.) I'd rub off some of the face, rinse and check how its going, and rub off some more. The amount of plastic it removes isn't noticeable as along as you don't dig in a scratch.

Also if you need to pour the laquer thinner into something, use a glass or metal cup. Because like I said it slowly eats thru plastic. i love using it to clean my brushes.
1 year ago
Ahhh the moment I've been waiting for!he's perfect ;3; great job! His face is actually spot on, lucky find. I've still yet to start mine. Finally going today to get all the supplies >w<
2 years ago
Woah, he turned out really good! Btw I love the picture where he is with his hand up he reminds me of the "aliens" meme haha
2 years ago
I've been looking forward to seeing him completed! He looks good. :D
2 years ago

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