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ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider6 years ago
March 2016 has been a rather uneventful month for me. My hunt for a part-time job has yielded no results due to the job market in my town being, for lack of a better word, dead. So I am kinda broke at the moment with the stuff I have pre-ordered and can't cancel. But on the positive side, it has given me more incentive to get rid of some stuff I do not need or want. I have procrastinated on that for a while. My parents are planning to have a garage sale soon, so I will see what I can manage to sell there before I try here or on Ebay. But since I still have my student worker job at school, at least I still have my primary source of income. So I am thankful for that.

Job status aside, March has been a great month for my collection. This loot is small, but I managed to obtain some hard to find figures and got some oddly big discounts on several items.

So now without any further delay, let's check out this month's loot!

Variable Action Heroes: Tony Tony Chopper
ITEM #351353

Dammit, Honoka! That is it! Your photobombing has gotten out of hand. You're having a time out in the closet until I am done taking these pictures!

No closet is enough to keep your photo shoots safe from me! Try as you might, but you'll never stop my photobombing! NEVEEERRRRR!!!!!
I am so sorry you all had to see that. Honoka has gotten rather carried away with this photobombing phase of hers. I actually over-heard my other action figures talking about having an intervention with her about this. o-o

Anyway, let's meet Chopper! :D
Chopper: "It's not like having my picture taken makes me happy or anything! Hehehe!" x3

This has become one of my favorite One Piece figures; mainly because I find it to be just as expressive as Chopper is in the show.

Chopper: "Oh my god! It's Kotori Minami!
You're an inspiration to squeaky voice characters everywhere!" :D


Kotori: "Well hello, Chopper! It is so nice to meet you.
Aren't you just the cutest little thing?" :D

Chopper: "You know that saying "never meet your heroes?" Well they can suck it because this is the greatest day of my life!" :D

Chopper is the first Variable Action Hero to come with its own base. But it is rather awkward to use. It uses a thin clip than latches onto the under side of the back of his hat and it does not grip particularly well. Fortunately, I got something else this month that will help with that. But you will see what that is later in this blog.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Special Edition
ITEM #367772 ITEM #367773 ITEM #366214

At last! The moment I have been waiting for is here! The HD remasterization of my favorite game in The Legend of Zelda series is finally here! And it comes with the best Amiibo ever made! Midna riding on Wolf Link!
It almost makes up for not having First4Figures' Midna & Wolf Link. ITEM #55550 ......Almost.

I have had a lot of fun playing this game. It really does the original version of this title justice. plus the Amiibo really does stand out among the others in my collection. Speaking of which........

More Amiibos!
ITEM #320333 ITEM #265059 ITEM #281091
I pre-ordered Ryu on Amazon and got him for about $10. I found Lucario and Charizard in a local GameStop while picking up some groceries. I have had a hard time finding these two; that was a lucky day for me. ^-^

Behold! The smash to end all smashes! >8D

Along with the two Pokemon Amiibos, I was given two free double sided posters. I did not know I would get these, so that unexpected bonus was a nice surprise. :D


Bishoujo Street Fighter: Juri Han
ITEM #178847

I missed getting this when it was released and nearly gave up on finding it. But then I found a store called EKnight Media and they had her in stock for about $59. www.eknightmedi...
Just so you know, this is the web shop of a popular 3rd party seller on Amazon, EKnight Media. When you buy an item from EKnight's store directly, which will always have a lower price than his Amazon listings, your purchase will still be packaged and shipped by Amazon as all of this person's stock is stored in an Amazon warehouse.

So basically, buying here is exactly the same as buying it from him via Amazon. The only differences are it takes a few days longer to ship, but still arrives in two days from the shipping date, it costs a few bucks less and you get discount points from this shop.

But since your purchase is still packaged and shipped by Amazon, I would still count on seeing at least some mild box scuffing as Amazon's packaging does not offer much transit protection for items of this nature. Mine arrives with a couple of small dents on the corners, but not bad enough to bother me. Still worth the price I paid. :3

All of that aside, check out these pics of this feisty fem fatal! O3O
I am super happy I have this to go with my Bishoujo Chun-Li. ITEM #87534
Spidey Fun Fact: I have a strong attraction to women with powerful legs.
While we're on the subject of powerful legs, next is my favorite item in this month's loot.

Spirit of Wonder- Miss China 1/8 scale
ITEM #2406

I have been hunting this figure for about 3 years now, and AmiAmi gave me the perfect opportunity to finally obtain this 2008 holy grail.

Spirit of Wonder was one of the earliest anime OVAs I ever watched in my growth as a fan of anime, so I have a soft spot for this series. When I learned about this figure of the lovely Miss China, I knew I had to have it. I found this in AmiAmi's Pre-owned section A/B. I had enough points to bring the total down to an agreeable price of about $50.

When I got her out of the box, this figure was more beautiful in person than I could have hoped. Everything about this figure is perfect. Well, other than getting her tray with tea set to balance on her hand being mildly difficult. But that is a minor inconvenience.

This alone makes this month an exceptionally satisfying month for my collection. I am surprised that there are so few user images of this beauty on MFC. So I took the liberty of getting various shots of this masterpiece.
The next item in this loot has proven to be an excellent subject for testing out some new effects I have been learning to use.

Robot Spirits: Shining Gundam
ITEM #251459

G Gundam may not be the highest rated series in the Gundam franchise, but I have a soft spot for Shining Gundam because I loved watching it on Toonami when I was younger. Plus I always thought the Shining Finger weapon was pretty cool.

For whatever reason, the price for this on AmiAmi has been super low for while. The default price has been hovering in the 2400 yen range for the past few months. I guess they have had a hard time getting people to buy this from them. But whatever. $25 for this was one of the best bargains I have ever gotten. :D

But the real fun to be had with this is in the potential for special effects. I open up Adobe After Effects, apply the Light Rays generator and voila! Shining Finger!

After doing all of these, I could not resist making this comic.

I also made this banner. :P
Bundled with Shining Gundam, I got some other stuff from Bandai. Items which have been useful beyond expectations.

Tamashii stages
ITEM #53930 ITEM #107375 ITEM #305173

I found two Tamashii ACT 4 stages in AmiAmi's pre-owned section for 980 yen. The clear combination stage's default price on AmiAmi has been super low on AmiAmi just like the Shining Gundam. I figured all of these massive discounts gave me a good opportunity to give these Tamashii stages and Robot Spirits line a try. Plus I have been needing to get some bases for the S.H. Figuarts and the other action figures in my collection that don't have a base. As you will see from the upcoming pics, this has worked out better than I could have hoped. :D

For starters, the grabbers have a firm grip on whatever they are clamped onto. After testing them out on various figures, I can safely say that if you can fit the grabbers around some part of your figure, it will hold on with a strong and dependable grip.

As for the articulated arms, they provide a great center of balance and the joints can be tightened with a screw driver to support aerial or jumping poses with ease.

It even gave me a way to get this small Kyogre figure on display. ITEM #274009
I was just getting ready to get rid of it. But not anymore! :D


I then learned something about these which opened up more display options to me. It turns out that the peg size for the articulated arms are perfectly compatible with Figmas and Nendoroids. The attachment parts from the Figma and Nendoroid line also fit on the peg. The grabbers for the Tamashii stage also fit on Figma stands.
Hooray for product compatibility! :D

Honoka: "Help me, Spidey-kun! G-Stag put this thing in my back and won't let me down!" Dx
Me: "Why are you out of the closet? I don't remember letting you out." :T
*throws her back in the closet*

Knowing that these stages can only have up to three arms on each one, I decided to pick up a couple of the combination stages just to see what I could pull off with them. After didling around with them for a bit, I managed to get 6 jumping posed action figures on a single stage.
Me: "What the!? Where is Motoko Kusanagi!? How do you keep getting out of the closet, Honoka!?"

Honoka: "That's for me to know and you to never find out.
I got mad ninja skills!" >:P

Another use for the combination stages is using it as a larger base for larger figures. Upon trying this, I learned that the peg size is also compatible with my Zoids HMM model kits!


It is starting to seem that these have near universal product compatibility with just about anything I attempt to put on them. One thing is certain. I am absolutely going to be stocking up on these in the future. Good thing that the clear versions are getting another re-release in August.
ITEM #53923

Might as well try the flying mechanical base since it is getting re-released too.
ITEM #53078

Umaru & Maki Training Outfit Nendoroid
ITEM #287774 ITEM #318687
No loot can be complete without at least one Nendoroid, right?
Well I got two! :D

What sold me on the Umaru Nendoroid was the five face plates it comes with. All of which are great to use on just about any other Nendoroid with minimal to no image alteration necessary.
Me: "......I give up. You win, Honoka."
Honoka: "Damn right I do." :P

And those snack props though. O3O

As for the Maki Nendoroid, well, Maki's Tsundere face is best Tsundere face. http://33.media.tumblr.com/avatar_041694196891_30.png

Highschool DxD Rias Gremory towel
ITEM #424474

I also picked up this super sexy towel. This is one of my personal favorite images of Rias. Since I also hang towels on my walls as acoustic reduction equipment for my in-home recording studio, this item is perfect for my dwelling space.

Miniature Sega Genesis prop
And this is the last item in this month's loot. I was browsing around on Tokyo Otaku Mode and I found this miniature Sega Genesis prop. I threw it in for free shipping of some other stuff I was buying.

Too big to be in proper proportion with my Nendoroids and action figures, but it still gets the job done. Although I have not heard any complaints from my figures. :P

Chopper: "I can't believe ChocolateSpider got us all a figure sized console to play on!" :D
Umaru: "I know! I never played on a retro console before! This is gonna be fun!" :D

View spoilerHide spoiler*open this sound effect video on YouTube in a new tab*

View spoilerHide spoilerChopper: "Oh crap! It's one of those Transformers!"
Umaru: "I see purple! It's a Decipticon! Run for your life!" OoO


*Vrrrr bzzzz shhhh*

*Thoom! kling kling klang*

*whir whir whir vshhhh*

*slither slither rattle rattle*


*hmmm hmmm hmmm whreeee*


"I am Megatron!"
"And you all WILL do as I command!"

ITEM #271212 otakumode.com/s...

Shining Gundam: "Not so fast, Megatron!"
Megatron: "You're not getting in my way this time, Optimus!"

Shining Gundam: "Optimus? I'm Shining Gundam."

Megatron: "Oh, sorry. I was expecting someone else to show up. But you're not getting in my way either!"

Megatron: "EAT LASER, SHINY!!!"
Shining Gundam: "SHINING SHIELD!!!!"

Dr. Krieger: "Everything about this is making me so horny right now."

Me: "Quick! Everyone into the closet with Honoka! We'll be safe in there! Run!" Dx

"Oh crap! I gotta go back for for the Durarara goodies that came with Megatron!" Dx

View spoilerHide spoilerThe Whole Loot
Here is a look at the whole loot together. ^o^

And here is what I have done to upgrade my display with the Tamashii stages.
I don't think I will ever have enough of these. There is almost nothing these stages are not useful for. :D

On top of this nice loot, I got to have the house all to myself while my parents vacationed in Las Vegas. During that time, my figures and I secretly indulged in some special sweets I have been saving for such an occasion.
Just gonna share the fact that these exist for my fellow sweet tooths out there. These are super tasty and great small snacks to have after a long day of moving furniture. :3

Thank you for taking the time to read this loot post. My next blog will be one that several of my friends have been asking me to do for a while. I will be showing you all my newly re-designed room.

As for next month's loot, here is a sneak peek. ;3

Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden - Shamsiel Shahal 1/6 figure
ITEM #287536

Panty & Stocking Nendoroids
ITEM #58024 ITEM #58025

Monster Musume mini wall scrolls
ITEM #370628 ITEM #370630

Love Live! Rin Hoshizora Figma
ITEM #287761

That concludes the obligatory monthly loot post. See you all next time! :D
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frostocelot6 years ago#8372799I love when people put this much effort into their blog posts. I love the little stories. Thank you.Making these posts and pictures is what gives me the most fun with these figures. And is that not the purpose of their existence? To make people smile and be happy? :D
6 years ago
I love when people put this much effort into their blog posts. I love the little stories.
6 years ago
Lillinettix6 years ago#8329314OMG I wanna get the Chopper too *o* He's so cute <3 *adds him to wishlist*
Yeah, I agree, Midna is a majestic amiibo. I really love it.
I still love the photobombing pics :'D
And seriously, I can't wait to see your April's loot 'cuz of Panty and Stocking :D

You will not regret getting Chopper. He is so much fun to play with.

And April's loot should be lots of fun. I'll also get some Code Geass Robot Spirits and my Hestia figure by Amakuni should arrive in late April. Plus 99% of all my packages should arrive on the same day since I had everything I got at AmiAmi ship out at the same time. :D
6 years ago
kaanon6 years ago#8331291Ooh i see : O So good luck ;) Thank you. I won't give up! >:3
6 years ago
ChocolateSpider6 years ago#8329369Well I do have a student worker job at my university. I guess I forgot to mention that. I am currently looking for a part time job elsewhere. :|

Ooh i see : O So good luck ;)
6 years ago
Halcione6 years ago#8329642Very nice loot. I thought I saw the chopper + shining gundam picture before (or maybe it was something similar) and i still love it. Very Chopper-like XD
However, shoving Honoka in the closet is a clear violation of figure rights, I'm reporting you to the proper authorities. Expect a harsh reprimand and some severe finger wagging.

I think you may be thinking about this blog I posted. blog/27749&amp;...

6 years ago
Very nice loot. I thought I saw the chopper + shining gundam picture before (or maybe it was something similar) and i still love it. Very Chopper-like XD

However, shoving Honoka in the closet is a clear violation of figure rights, I'm reporting you to the proper authorities. Expect a harsh reprimand and some severe finger wagging.
6 years ago
kaanon6 years ago#8329281For someone who don't have a job,this is a really cool loot,particulary for Juri bishoujo =3 Well I do have a student worker job at my university. I guess I forgot to mention that. I am currently looking for a part time job elsewhere. :|
6 years ago
OMG I wanna get the Chopper too *o* He's so cute <3 *adds him to wishlist*

Yeah, I agree, Midna is a majestic amiibo. I really love it.

I still love the photobombing pics :'D

And seriously, I can't wait to see your April's loot 'cuz of Panty and Stocking :D
6 years ago
I really loved this post, I especially loved the bit about Honoka and her photobombing skills. What makes this post better for me is that my Umaru nendoroid is shipping today, and should be arriving soon! ^^
6 years ago
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