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Yakumo Yukari & Touwa ErioYakumo Yukari & Touwa Erio

tamagochantamagochan5 years agoLoot
And more Figures bought in April this time:

Touwa Erio Nendo and Yakumo Yukari

Bought these off someone on Figure.Fm I am sooooo happy with this BUY!! Here it came all safe and sound:


I been wanting the Erio Nendo for soooo long!!! But yet again sold OUT where ever I went. When I saw this guys post I was SOOOO excited! and WISH/HOPE that he still had it. And to my LUCK he DID!!>v< Apparently he accidentally bought 2. Maybe thats way its sold out everywhere, people be accidentally buying 2. :p But he sold it at a super decent price. I am really glad.

her Box:

I was too lazy to change poses and stuff to take different pictures.-3- But here is the pose I choose to have her in :p I really like the little alien space craft I thought it was adorable!

What I really liked was that they made a version of her wrapped up in her blanket. So its was like getting 2 NENDOs for the price of ONE! She looks soo adorable in her wrapped up blanket!!

And these are the extra faces/accessories it came with:
A pizza arm/ Body wrapped up in a blanket/ A eating face/ Normal face/ couple arms/hands.

I AM soo happy I got her now I dont gotta hunt her down at the CON im going to this month. =)

Here is the Yakumo Yukari Figure!Appereantly there were two color versions, I didnt even know. This is the Kotobukiya verison. (Dont really have much to say about since I got this figure for my bf)

The Box

and her figure

What was interesting about this was that the LOOPY parts on the umbrella they actually used STRING. Which is kinda weird but good in a way. Cuz if they used plastic it might be too thin and with a little extra strength it might break and you would forever regret you touch it. So now that its string its obviously a lot more durable but sometimes its a bit weird.

And that concludes my LOOT of April :p
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Great loot I love the Erio Nendo ;D It´s time that I pick up my April loot XD (which will be REALLY expensive ._.) Oh well :P
5 years ago
That's some nice loot right there. That Yukari is one of my favorite figures. The only difference between the two versions is that one comes with a puzzle.
5 years ago