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I killed wallet chan (and a ps4)I killed wallet chan (and a ps4)

AshiyaAshiya2 years agoDiary
I dunno why I keep posting this stuff here instead of like my FO livejournal or something! I'm writing kind of in a hurry and feeling sleepy/weird so this might look incoherent. Sorry for my rants, it's just silly personal stuff ._. Idk what Im doing

Errrrrrrrrrrr that money I was saving for the laptop... I blew it on... a ps4... actually 2 ps4s (what)...
No really, I bought one a couple of months ago as a birthday/christmas gift to myself cause everyone's too short on money to give me gifts (even my parents). It's white and japanese, I wanted a white one and a newer model, the only one I could find for nice price was japanese (by now I got used to the X and O button thing). What happened was I DROPPED IT AND IT BROKE L-O-L HA-HA-HA TT_TT I hope at least someone can laugh at this since I cant cause I lost R$2.000,00.
Anyway I did not want to wait to see if I could get it fixed so I bought another. EL-OH-EL but whatever. It's almost fixed by now... it turns on, some things were replaced, it looks bad though and the eject button does not work ¬¬ I'll have a hard time selling it once it's fixed. Thing is it's not recognizing controllers so I have to take it back to... the place where the guy tries to fix it.

The ps4 that works is lovely xD I love the dualshock 4 with all the crazy lights and sounds lol and the trackpad is nice enough. Bought a few games for it, also preordered the storybook edition of Odin Sphere re-release, also that Mercedes figure I've always wanted. And want to preorder No Man's Sky limited edition but Idk if I'll have money for that.

I still want a xbone one day for some exclusives but maybe in something like 5 years if I have money then

In other not-news (cause I'm writing this so late) I cannot even think about wrestling waifu stripper power ranger justin bieber crossfit jesus anymore and with those crutches during slammy awards lol the poor thing I cried ;_; so back to trying to pretend the sob doesn't exist.
This probably sounds like pure insanity and that's correct, I hope someone can laugh at this too, I have to laugh cause well, I laugh, I cry, laugh, cry, etc etc love/hate/insanity etc etc

Anyways despite 2015-2016 so far having been some special kind of hell for me that I do not wish on even the politicians of my stupid country, the good things are that I've been exercising a lot, and recently started to draw again.

Also ZOOTOPIA IS SO CUTE even though I'm not normally a fan of 3D animation and not too into furry stuff, but I suck at drawing them. Also it made me want to buy the Disney Infinity figures even though I have no idea what this game is. Damn you Disney.

Im not even drunk, not too sleep deprived and I havent taken anything so I have no excuse for babbling. Need to sleep, good night/day

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2 years ago
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ComboChrist (2 years ago) #7740246"I haven't taken anything" Sure..
Sometimes I take anxiety meds (clonazepam) but I haven't in a while, I just normally babble and skip the commas (usually on twitter)
2 years ago
ComboChrist S-Rank-Spirit
"I haven't taken anything" Sure..
2 years ago
ney (2 years ago) #7707220Finewhy fine

sebblu (2 years ago) #7734934There was something very poetique about the above rambling. +1
you read all that? congrats o_e
2 years ago
There was something very poetique about the above rambling. +1
2 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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