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Edward Elric, Revoltech 119

Neko_OniNeko_Oni5 years agoReview
This blog post is not suitable for people under 18.
I'm over 18
Greetings everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this, not only my very first figure review but also my first blog on MFC! I do hope that I can make this as entertaining as possible. As such, there are a few very mildly NSFW moments here, hence it is labeled as such. No nudity though!(Please go easy on me folks...^_^')

So which figure has found itself worthy of this bevy of firsts? Time to announce our lucky figure!

Edward Elric

Who happens to be Revoltech 119 and the protagonist of my favorite anime/manga, Fullmetal Alchemist. Square-Enix is known to be fairly tight fisted with its franchises and therefore not as many articulated figures of him as one would like. I have even gone on record many times on Square Enix Members scolding them for their figure stinginess. A shame, verily, so needless to say I was happy to hear that Revoltech was taking up the challenge of making one of our favorite vertically challenged Alchemist. (The only vertically challenged alchemist? Hm.....)

Having had a few weeks to give him the once over, here are my observations!


Going to start with this one since, well, it should be first.

Behold the below: the Pedestrian Revoltech box. So quaint, reminding me of my very first Revoltech, Masamune-sama, who came in a very similar box. Not much to talk about here...


Yeeah. Not much to talk about at all. Gets the job done with the least amount of effort. By comparison, the far flashier Revoltech Sci-Fi series box. Especially this one, where you just KNOW that something most evil lurks inside...

Gets the job done, so no complaints here.
Packaging Rating: 6

Going against the traditional review format some as, at least for me, some of the categories here go hand in hand.


I've had some Revoltech that don't seem to come with much. (I'm looking at YOU, Captain Jack Sparrow!) Ed, by comparison comes with all sorts of goodies, pictured here.

Transmutation effects, the ubiquitous extra hands, an automail arm tha comes with two different armguards: his normal one and transmuted one. Lots of stuff to play with!
He also comes with not two, but four different faces! (Annelotte is the only one that I have who came with four, which is why I was happy..) His faces include his confident smirk, a pissed off looking one that I thought makes him look constipated, a fighting face similar to Masamune's and of course the angry face! Below.

Extra stuff is good so I give him this. Onto the next category.

Accesory Rating: 8


Putting these two together since in this case they both matter.

Ok. These next pics will probably be the deal breaker for anyone who is even thinking about getting this version of Ed. I do hope that this is the one and only time I'll every have any complaints with Revoltech.

As a fan of SE's Play Arts line, I'm sad to say that I'm used to quality control issues but...Shortstop really got screwed over here. I don't mean by a little, but by a lot. The whole thing comes off as being rushed, and not in a good way. I noticed some paint issues on mine and when I read about the problems of others, I shrugged it off initially. But when you get closer, you see stuff like this...


Yup. That would be a gap where his shirt is sticking out. What the hell is this for?!
I have a feeling that intially this was to make it look like his shirt is sticking out but in the end he just looks pregnant. It opens up to reveal a Void of Nothingness!! Does he wish to be Gluttony?!

So, as I was inspecting him, I tried to think of some good reasons for this to be here as well as things to do with it. Some ideas.

Or maybe he was pregnant after all. Call the media!

Could also be a great space to hide your stash from the Popos, as White Rock Shooter has discovered.

At any rate...this should not be. I've heard of this part breaking easily as it's soft, so be careful. This part was the first thing I noticed on him, which did not make me happy. Instead of releasing him right away, I feel that maybe they should have done a better job with him. Aside from this, the other sculpting is passable. Still, this detail is a nasty flaw, even when compared to Play Arts.
Having said that, the paint isn't too bad although there are some rubs. Lucky for me, they aren't in noticable spots. Still..
I hate to do this but...

Sculpting/Painting Rating: 4 and 5


This Ed didn't kill it looks wise so you might be wondering if he can redeem himself. That answer will be yes. I've been working a lot, so haven't had much time to play with him and had the chance to do so now. I can say with pleasure that I had a blast posing him for the upcoming pictures. You'd think that his coat would hamper his playabilty and posing...and you would be wrong. Here's a look at his back.

The mechanism that makes his coat posable are Revojoints, which makes them really posable. Since he comes with the same action stand as Masamune, I posed them together a lot. With glee, I noticed that he can swap out the bottom of his coat with Masamune's blades. Get ya Transmute on! X3

Ed can not only sit down because of this, he can do the splits too. Not as graceful as Annelotte though.
Surprisingly, Ed has no Revojoints in his knees, which Annelotte and all of my other Revoltechs have. Still gets the job done! This shows off his knees.
Using his awesome coat, he decides to go on a flight with Miss Scarlet.
He got too close to her and her bats attack!

Even his ponytail is posable, even if it's not to the extent of TakoAnnelotte.

And let's face it, I don't think anyone is going to buy this because of the figure's beauty. No! You buy him to make stupid poses with the Angry Face!

Score! XD

Flaws aside, he's a lot more fun than some of my other figures and I found myself liking him in spite of these. The standart Revoltech stand couldn't even keep him down. Perhaps I'm an FMA fangirl but will go out of my way and give him this score for both:

Posing/Playability: 10


So before I knew it, I started to like him once I started playing with him. He's a little more fragile than other Revoltech, but knowing this didn't hamper my enjoyment of him. Moral of the story: looks aren't everything. While I'm biased and know that he'll probably never be my favorite Ed as I've been spoiled by the Medicom, he's still very much good for assorted foolishness. Sometimes, this is enough.


More fun than he should be
Sweet posing
Tons of accessories


Horrible QC issues

Thanks for reading! Hope my next review will be better. Enjoy some more pics!
Blade Brothers!

Ed hangs with a rough crowd..

My Ed collection!
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Pokeking709 Semi-Crazed Toy Abuser
Excellent review XD
5 years ago
I actually would buy him, I've bought a lot of figures over the years... figmas and all that sort of stuff and the only ones that I really 'play' with are 'figma Lelouch' and 'revoltech Yukimura' because they actually are sturdy enough to survive. My other figmas are a bit floppy or very fragile... they're nice on display but they're also action figures, action figures need some playing and if I'm too scared of breaking them there'll be no fun in it for me.
Of course the quality is not so great, the weird belly part is also a bit dissapointing but he is an expressive figure, has nice posing and I would buy him just for the sturdy figures revoltech produces and I feel at ease playing with revoltechs because something breaking at the joints doesn't happen too often. (Still careful with Yukimura's ponytail though ^^;)
5 years ago
Really fun review! Good job :D

I have a really awesome looking Yotsuba revoltech I bought some time ago, but I had heard lots of horror stories about other revoltechs... so the fact that Ed sucks quite a bit doesn't really surprise me I guess ^^; I may not take him and Al out of the box when I get them.. or maybe just a bit to see how they are, then back to the box. It's a pity that he's so subpar, though.

Didn't vote in the poll, since I already bought it...
5 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
I also voted "no" on the revoltech poll, simply becuase I got mine and I hate it, (main joint that connects the body snapped clean in half)
5 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
The pictures are fine now but when I insert them I always select "medium" they fit in just fine

I lol'd very hard at the packaging heading when I read: "And you know something very evil lurks inside", I LOL'D.

I also actually laughed when I saw the pregnant Ed JUST LOL

Okay no seriously L.M.F.A.O. at the WRS hiding her stash, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that little rasta teddy bear is killing me.

Great review, you covered everything necessary and then some. I hope to see more from you ^^
5 years ago
falugaloblol you need to resize the pictures a little...^ - ^"
edit: well me clicking on them is a solution too, but still lol

Thanks so much for the tip! (Running on very little sleep and didn't notice it initially..)
Murphy's law: when something seems to be going smoothly, you've obviously made an error somewhere. ^_^'
5 years ago
lol you need to resize the pictures a little...^ - ^"

edit: well me clicking on them is a solution too, but still lol
5 years ago
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