April loot (expensive again -.-)April loot (expensive again -.-)Loot

Hikari-chanHikari-chan4 years ago
Even though I decided in March that April wouldn't be as expensive I nearly topped March in spending money ... which was kinda bad because I didn't intend to but well ... I really have to hold back in May

Then, let's start :)
Again: MANY PICTURES! And sorry for the bad quality of some, they were only taked with my smartphone, in contrast to my last loot Photos (which where taken with my DSLR)

First thing (April 5th) I got was a figure from a local Gamestop: Sabo from One Piece from the Colosseum figure line
ITEM #259733

Next thing (April 8th) I got was a preorder I already did quite a while ago and nearly forgot about, Luke fon Fabre von Tales of Petit Chara Land. I actually like Ash more but he was available so I just got Luke, which I also like quite a bit
ITEM #334044

Next Figure I got was again from a local Gamestop (man, I really begin to love my two nearest Gamestops much more since they get so many Banpresto Figures *_* And they are really nice and already know me when I enter the store ... don't know if that's good or bad XD)
This time it's Law from the Master Stars Piece Line, he was really big so I had some problems fitting him in the shelf but I somehow managed to find a place for him
ITEM #246988

And on the same day as Luke and Law, from the same Gamestop as Law, I also grabbed Ace from the Dramatic Showcase Set of the Marineford Arc. I already wanted these figures for a time but it was difficult to find them at my local Gamestops because Luffy and Ace had the same Arcticle Number so I had to phone through the Gamestops to see which of the two they had -.-
On the next day (April 9th) I had found a Gamestop that also had Luffy, so I went there (even though it was kinda far ... about an hour from my place) to get him, they were even nice enough to reserve him for me so that I could be sure to get him when I arrive ... in the end they even had two of him left while all the other Gamestop only had Ace
ITEM #307923 and ITEM #307922

After that I went to one more Gamestop (three different Gamestop on two days ...) to get the Jirachi Pokemon 20th anniversary plush that I also already wanted since some time even though I normally don't like Takara Tomy Plushes and prefer the Pokemon Center Original ones since they are much softer but it looks quite nice and I think I will leave it in the package to protect it from dust
ITEM #404783

Also on April 9th I got the Naruto und Sasuke DXF Shinobi Relations Figures from the Boruto Movie at my very new local Elbenwald Store (only one in Austria as far as I know *_*), which also has quite a nice collection of Anime Figures but at first look seems kinda expensive ... when I did the maths I noticed that I would pay approximately the same if I ordered them from Mandarake (about 10€ less there but there would be the danger of customs) so I decided the Price was ok and got them and they look really good I think
ITEM #304164 and ITEM #304165

Last I had a package from Germany delivered at that day - my Red Champion Version Nendoroid from a User here, it was still original sealed and I really love it (even thought I would have prefered the normal Version but it's too expensive to get with around 200€)
And since I also already had N I had to do some funny shots with the two of them and my only other Nendoroid - Black Rock Shooter OVA Version
ITEM #388627

Two days later, on April 11th my DigiColle Set 3 arrived, again they are really cut but also again I'm not that happy with a few paint jobs and I like the Megahouse Digimon, that came with the characters, more but still they are a nice addition to my Digimon Collection
ITEM #362401, ITEM #362395, ITEM #362404, ITEM #362406, ITEM #362396, ITEM #362399, ITEM #362719, ITEM #362718

On April 13th my first parcel for this month from my very big Mandarake order arrived

In it were 3 Figures and a manga, I'll start with the manga: It was Pandora Hearts 24 limited Edition with the 'hachuu' booklet included, I wasn't sure what it was but I decided to still get it and when I opened it there were some nice Omake in it *__* I can also provide some pictures of the Manga Omake inside if someone wants it
ITEM #298942

Next that was in it was the Hayate Yamagi Figma from Nanoha StrikerS but the description on Mandarake stated it was unopened but when I looked at her she was already opened and her Base was missing ... so I wrote to Mandarake about it and they answered that they checked with the toys department and it seems it was really already opened and since they are sorry for it they'll send me a Tamashii Stage for free since they don't have a spare Figma Base for me ... so yay *_* They were really really nice in their Emails and also very helpful, so all in all a very good experience with them
ITEM #3126

The second Figma I got in this parcel was Fate Testarossa from the Nanoha 2nd Movie in her lightning form
ITEM #118030

And the last Figure I got was Shamal from Nanoha StrikerS ... mostly because of the extra parts for Hayate :D But then I decided to also get all the other Nanoha Figmas and ... yeah
ITEM #10329

On the 19th of April I met up with a private seller in my City and got the Sasuke Uchiha Figuarts Zero from Naruto from her, originally sealed and even though his face looks really weird he is still with very quality
ITEM #78136

Then came the day of doom XD On April 21st (which was a very sad day for me because of personal family reasons) my mother went with me to the post office in the evening to get the 9 Mandarake parcels that arrived one day earlier because I have no driving license and it would have been difficult for me to get them home XD
When I asked my mother if I should open it in the living room and if she was interested in what I got she was like 'yes, sure if you want to' even though she was very tired because for her the days was even worse than for me
So I sat in the living room and showed my mother what I ordered and after a while I asked her if she is bothered by it if I order so much stuff and stuff like figures and else and she was like 'No, not at all, it's your money after all and up to you what to do with it' and after some more time she added 'And actually I'm sorry for telling you so often that the things you like were stupid when you were smaller (mostly refering to Anime like YuGiOh and Dragonball)' ... Isn't that great? I really love my mother in moments like this because she completly accepts my hobbys and I can collect and do what I want ... she probably wouldn't even say anything if I start collecting NSFW Figures suddenly (which I won't because I'm not interested in figures like that but still ...) and my father is actually the same, he is even more interested in what I like than my mother and while I coulnd't talk to my mother about some series I liked watching because I was afraid she would tell me again they were stupid I could talk to my father about them so yeah ... I really love my parents for that *_*

This is what was inside

So, let's start once again with the Pandora Hearts things I got, I had ordered to Manga Volumes, 16 and 17 which I actually already had but these were the limited editions and I wanted the extras that came with them: A Drama CD and a very very cute Keychane witch 'Eat me' written on it which even my mother found very cute when I gave it to her to look at it
ITEM #84999
ITEM #102743

Then I got some Pandora Hearts Keychanes (whole set) and I totally love them so much *_* If I have the chance I also want to get the other Keychane sets
ITEM #210564, ITEM #210431, ITEM #210557, ITEM #210562, ITEM #210559, ITEM #210560, ITEM #210565, ITEM #210565

Then I ordered what was probably my most anticipated thing in this shipping: The Googles of Taichi Yagami from Digimon ... I never saw them pop up anywhere since they went on preorder at the Bandai Store so I totally had to get them when I saw them pop up on Mandarake because I knew I would hate myself if I miss this chance and at least for me they were worth the money even though they are really plain looking
ITEM #332534

Next that was inside were the three Brotherhood II Figures of Luffy, Ace and Sabo from One Piece ... I would have really loved seeing the three of them fighting together as adults in the manga
ITEM #287250, ITEM #287249 and ITEM #287247

And then there was the Homura Akemi Figure from Madoka to go with my Madoka Figure ... sadly the hands won't join the way they should, there is still some gap between which is kinda sad (if someone knows a solution for it please tell me Q_Q)
ITEM #183134

The rest was all Nanoha Figmas, not much to say about them so I won't do it and just list them
Fate Testarossa in School Uniform from the 2nd Nanoha Movie
ITEM #13759

Teana Lanster from Nanoha StrikerS
ITEM #31756

Nanoha Takamachi from Nanoha StrikerS
ITEM #258

Caro Ru Rushe from Nanoha StrikerS - which is one of my favourite Characters from that Season
ITEM #42063

Erio Mondial from Nanoha StrikerS
ITEM #42062

Signum from Nanoha StrikerS
ITEM #7897

Hayate Yagami from Nanoha 2nd Movie
ITEM #118028

Nanoha Takamashi from Nanoha 2nd Movie
ITEM #116203

On the 22nd of April I went to a local Gamestop again to pick up my PO Ace King of Artis Figure, the Gamestop guy called me with 'Hello, your Ace Figure is here and he looks go-ge-ous~', he sounded like he would also want him and when I unpacked him at home I noticed he was right: He really looks great
ITEM #307151

While I was there I also picked up the Pokemon20th Anniversary Celeby Plush from Takara Tomy
ITEM #404782

On the 25th I went to my other Gamestop Store because I PO a Sailor Saturn from the Girls Memories Line there and still didn't get a call from them even though she should have come out on the same day as Ace (on the 22nd) and on the Website it said the should have at least one in Stock
The guy there was extremly sorry because they forgot to reserve her for me and therefore forgot to call me but since they still had her in stock it wasn't a problem for me at all
ITEM #281942

Then there was nothing for a few days until the second batch of my Mandarake Order arrived at April 27th

Inside was the Rin Tohsaka Figma from Fate UBW to go with my Archer Figma and once again I noticed that I like the newer figmas more than the older ones, for me it seems like the quality of Rin and Archer is better compared to my Nanoha Figmas
ITEM #287746

Then there were the two missing Nanoha Figmas
Vita from Nanoha Strikers
ITEM #13755

Subaru Nakajima from Nanoha StrikerS, the plug from her stand woulnd't go into her back and was very loose so I took some tissues to make the plug bigger and now it more or less holds ... if someone knows a better solution please tell me XD
ITEM #21215

On the same day my order from Yorokonde also arrived: Aoba and Koujaku from Dramatical Murder - while I'm not into BL and won't ever play the game I still liked the Anime quite a bit so I decided to get the Nendoroids because they look really cute *_*
ITEM #163749 and ITEM #287729

On the 27th my two Persona 4 Arena Figures of Naoto and Kanji arrived, I got them from a user here at MFC and except being a bit dusty they look really great (someone know a good way to get rid of dust on figures? Can I just put them in cold water or is that a bad idea?)
ITEM #131134 and ITEM #131136

One day later I met up with a local seller again to get the Naruto Uzumaku Figuarts Zero to go with my Sasuke Figuarts Zero
ITEM #75946

The second last thing left from my April order arrived on May 2nd: My first order at Nippon-Yasan which made me quite nervous but everything went perfectly fine and I'm really glad that I finally got the two Figures I ordered there: Pokemon N Best Wishes Partner Figures and two Tamashii Effects which were on sale
I didn't manage to put N's hair completly inside, someone knows a good way to do it? I'm afraid to damage the figures somehow
ITEM #315612,
ITEM #145143 and ITEM #145214

And the last one I got was delayed to May because I had to find time to meet up with the seller from Sasuke Figuarts Zero again - I'm so happy with was she sold me: Madara and Pain from the Tsume X-Tra Figure Line but not to the very expensive prices out there but for the retail price, so I only paid 100€ for both *_* And Pain is even the 200 pieces limited edition which package was signed by the makers
They look so gorgeous and i REALLY REALLY love them ... I nearly hugged her when she told me she would sell them to me for the retail price because I wanted Pain ever since I found out there was a figure of him out there but I didn't find him anywhere and if I did he was too expensive to afford so ... I'M SO DAMN HAPPY RIGHT NOW! Itachi and Obito are already on PO so I only have Naruto (and perhaps Kakashi) left to collect ... if I ever find them somewhere
ITEM #216432 and ITEM #105063
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samkaizoku4 months ago#77985247I know its an old post, and if you don't mine me asking, but how much did you pay that month for all that loot? *~*

Since it's been so old I don't really remember well, but I think that was one of those months I spent around 1000€ on stuff ... so yeah, very expensive
What I remember from the prices: The Nanoha Figma were around 15€ each, the Gamestop figures around 35€, the plushes around 17€
And the Taichi Yagami glasses were around 100€ including shipping
The Naruto Figuarts Zero should have been 40-50€ each
4 months ago
I know its an old post, and if you don't mine me asking, but how much did you pay that month for all that loot? *~*
4 months ago
rtop4 years ago#9620025Woah, 9 Manda boxes?! That's amazing @o@ Those "eat me" keychains look sooo cute together too!

It were actually 12:D first came a single one, then came the 9 and ladt two more XD
I think this keychain is the one I love most ... Just have to find a way to display it

kusurio4 years ago#9620767Indeed a big loot. Man, look at those boxes!! You really love your prize figures, eh?

Most of my prize figures this month came from my local Gamestop so beside Ace and Sailor Saturn they were all impulse buys since I happened to see them when I was there

kaanon4 years ago#9624907One things to say :
btw good loot \*O*

Thank you XD
I definitly can't spend that much from now on (would be nice if I could but sadly no)
4 years ago
One things to say :


btw good loot \*O*
4 years ago
Indeed a big loot. Man, look at those boxes!! You really love your prize figures, eh?
4 years ago
Woah, 9 Manda boxes?! That's amazing @o@ Those "eat me" keychains look sooo cute together too!
4 years ago
That Jirachi! The cuteness!! Hnnnng!!! >o<
4 years ago
I also have the Takara Tomy Pokemon Anniversary plushes! I bought 2 of each. I couldn't decide how to display so I just have an opened one and one in the bag.
Looks like a very spendy May. AmiAmi is holding my May haul hostage due to the Japanese Holiday. It's gonna be a good $600.00 for it x_x
4 years ago
That's enough loot to literally fill my entire display space O.O

Sad the Homura doesn't fit well with Madoka as she should. A large number of figure pairs like that I like have a similar issue :/
4 years ago
That was a very respectable number of Mandarake boxes in one month! I tip my hat.

Awesome loot :)
4 years ago
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