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(Late) April Loot!(Late) April Loot!

sousuukessousuukes2 years agoLoot
Hey there MFC! This here is my loot post for April. A bit late this time but university has been hectic and I haven't had much time to sit down and write this thing! Last month was a good one, so let's get to the goods.

First, a quick look at everything that arrived this month.



My first parcel contained some figures I bought from a lovely user here on MFC.


Hinata and Mikazuki Nendoroids!

Let's take a look at Mikazuki first.


Absolutely love him, despite not having played Touken Ranbu (yet). I'm intent on collecting all of these guys actually, they're just too cute!

Hinata is super cute as well.


I have both Kags and Hinata on the same base to save a bit of room, they take up too much space in my Detolf otherwise! The Karasuno shelf is getting pretty crowded now, yikes.


The second parcel arrived a day or so after the first. I'd been waiting for these guys to be released for ages and managed to nab them for a decent price off eBay.



Bokuto and Akaashi DXF figures!


I love them both but Akaashi is just so pretty omg.


These guys were definitely worth the wait. The paint job is amazing and I love their poses! These DXF figures do not disappoint.


These two Mandarake boxes showed up on the same day, score!


Let's start with the bigger one first. Remember how I said I was intent on collecting all of the Touken Ranbu Nendos? Well...


Tsurumaru and Kashu, yay!

Tsurumaru is incredibly pretty.


Those eyes!

Next is Kashu, my favourite sword boy.


So many ways to great pose him, I had a tough time deciding on what to do with him. Definitely my favourite!

Second box was slightly smaller and contained only one figure.


Another Haikyuu DXF figure, Yaku this time! I was cursing myself for not getting him as a set with Lev last month, but finally he popped up on Manda again so I bought him.


He's perfect, aside from the huge scratch on his uniform. Yikes. It's not very noticeable in person though thankfully.


This next one is kind of a weird story. Aside from my Touken Ranbu Nendos, I generally don't buy figures from things I haven't seen (or played in this case lmao). Apparently though, whilst drunk, I decided to buy this figure from Rakuten. A site I've never used before, having no idea what I was doing, buying a figure from an anime I've never even seen one episode of. Yeah.


Sighs. Why does drunk me have to have such expensive tastes?


Atsushi from KNB, apparently!

Some (sober) research told me that he was listed for 7k as opened and used but in good condition. Totally not risky buying him from a completely unknown source, right? My worries were for naught though, he arrived completely sealed and the box had no damage at all, hooray! Shipping was a killer but it was definitely worth it.


Although I'm kinda mad at myself for spending a lot of money when I probably (DEFINITELY) shouldn't have, I can't deny the fact that this is a really, REALLY beautiful figure. The sculpt and paint job are immaculate and he was a lot bigger than I thought it'd be! He towers over my Free! scales which is something I didn't expect, so he's quite large. Definitely don't regret buying him at all, maybe now I'll have to sit down and watch 3 seasons of KNB just to see him lmao.


Next off we have something that I've wanted for ages. Before I was really even into collecting I wanted this figure. It took me a while to find it at a decent price, but bless Amiami's preowned section.



Screaming with my mouth closed whilst unboxing this, beyond excited!


Grell! My mini grail is finally here!



I knew I was going to love this figure, but I didn't expect it to be this much! The paint is lovely and vibrant, so much red. The sculpt is also perfect, I love the hair especially. Getting the chainsaw in place was a bit of a nightmare but thank god I managed to avoid breaking or scratching anything. Another favourite, I've got my heart set on finding Undertaker now for a decent price so I can display them together.


Next we have another Mandarake order.


Mitsutada Nendoroid with the bonus GSC bonus strap and a Futakuchi DXF figure.

Nendo first!


He's kinda leaning a bit here but he's amazing regardless! Now I just need Ichigo in who is being released in May!

Onto the Futakuchi DXF figure.


As usual these figures don't disappoint! Futakuchi is a favourite of mine and I was so happy when I found they were making a figure of him. He was released as a set with Aone, I'm waiting to find him at a good price to complete the set!


The last package for April was pretty small, but exciting nonetheless!



A Kashu noodle stopper and a few clear files.

Let's check out these clear files first.


The first is a Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! clear file. I absolutely love this anime and rarely see merch for it ever, and since this was only 100 yen I just had to.



A Haikyuu!! clear file! Again this was 100 yen so I couldn't pass it up! These things always come in handy, I'm always losing important university notes so it's nice having things organised in folders, lmao.

Last thing in this box and last item for this loot!


Another Kashu. This figure is super cool and looks great hanging off of my desk, but I decided in the end to put him in my Detolf with the other Touken Ranbu figures.


And a group shot because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Loveeeee him!


And that's about it for this loot post. I'm still super lazy when it comes to taking decent pictures of boxes and stuff, but I think I'm slowly getting better at taking nice pictures of my figures!

A few parcels have already arrived during May and I'm awaiting a preorder, so it's looking to be pretty busy so far. I'll probably pick up a few extra things along the way too as usual! Probably another loot post at the end of the month. Maybe early June. Like I said, I'm kinda lazy.

Thanks for reading! c:
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Wish I had the money to afford that many figures!! :P
2 years ago
sousuukes walking disaster
Thank you! You have a very lovely collection btw, love your DMMd and Free! stuff. ^^

There's so many sword boys being released it's hard to catch up but I'm definitely going to try! Those scales might be a little bit difficult, but they're so pretty it's incredibly tempting. D:

I was pretty amazed too! For some reason I put in my old address when ordering (despite having moved house like... two years ago omg) but the seller was cool and let me fix it. Now I know not to go browsing the internet when bored at parties lmao!

SkyBlue (2 years ago) #9810530Nice loot! So many Haikyuu!! and TR boys~ *q* Are you really gonna collect all the sword boys? Lmao I'm amazed how you can order Murasakibara while being drunk XD
2 years ago
Nice loot! So many Haikyuu!! and TR boys~ *q* Are you really gonna collect all the sword boys? Lmao I'm amazed how you can order Murasakibara while being drunk XD
2 years ago
sousuukes walking disaster
Hehehe, thank you!! c:

lightningmaid (2 years ago) #9790295*opens blog post*
So many sword boys! Yes! Nice loot. ^^
2 years ago
lightningmaid 不思議な
*opens blog post*

So many sword boys! Yes! Nice loot. ^^
2 years ago
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