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MobiusXMobiusX4 years ago
テイルズ オブ ルート 「五月」駿河屋
Tales of Loot (May) - Surugaya

[picture heavy!]

Hello MFC! Time for another post about my gradual sinking into the Tales series as of late. Being a latecomer to the party, I was unable to find a number of items that were released in past years. This was my first time ordering through a proxy service, so it's my first time ordering from Surugaya as well. I chose Treasure Japan's Nahoko-san as my proxy after being told how friendly her service is. For a first-time proxy experience, everything went smoothly (minus a tiny little mix-up with one of the items, which I believe was an error on Surugaya's end and not Nahoko's).

In any case, this was the box left to me in the morning. I wasn't aware I could receive Australia Post packages on Saturdays, so this was a huge surprise. To my bane however, this also meant my 'plan' to study today turned into a huge procrastination fest with me wanting to do no more than stare at my new items.

Well let's open it up.


Opening a big loot box is like one of the best feelings in the world, huh?


Let's take things out category by category. First up are these Photo Collection Cards for Guy and Lloyd from ToA and ToS respectively. These were sort of a last-minute throw in, because I just really like their designs. I have every intention to buy more items of Guy in the future. They were 150-250 yen a piece, and the card quality is great. I have absolutely nowhere to put them though :l


And of course, I grabbed little standees of each of them. They look super damn cute it hurts.



Next up we've got a bunch of rubber straps. They're from Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji releases, where some were released during some of the anniversary events for Tales. Ordered the ones I was familiar with, though at first I just wanted the Luke/Guy one. This one was like 10x the price of the other ones >_<


I've pinned them all onto a wall until I have space for a corkboard or a shadow box. These character duos/pairings are so nicely put together. I'm actually glad they chose to make Elle + Milla in addition to Elle + Ludger. I'm not far enough into Graces to understand the significance of Asbel's heterochromia and Sophie's sudden change in outfit as seen on their strap.


I really wanted to finish my Xillia set of Tales of Friends straps, so I ordered Milla, Rowen and Leia to accompany the other three I already had. However, Surugaya sent me the wrong Milla :( I had ordered the original 2011-release without the transparent purple, but they sent me the re-release with the transparent backing. I double-checked my order and I definitely asked for the 2011-release, but I suppose this sort of mix-up is really easy to fall into. I intend to buy another Milla in my next order with very specific instructions (hopefully getting the right one this time!)


Moving onto figures! I grabbed a whole set of Nendoroid Petits which were released way before I was into Tales. I saw essentially every Tales collector here had a set of them, so I wasn't missing out. I already had Jude and Milla, but doubles are welcome.


They sent me just seven, so I didn't have to worry about the extra. I actually know nothing about Leon Magnus, but I am a sucker for sets. They were about 3k yen for seven, which closely matches what they were worth originally for preorder.



They all look so damn adorable it doubly hurts. It was an absolute pain to get the stands stuck on their backs though.


Next up are a whole lot of Chibi-kyun Charas! I grabbed Lloyd, Collet (Colette?), Zelos, Luke, Tear, Yuri, Flynn, Rita, Asbel, Richard, Jude and Milla. At first, Richard was sold-out, but was able to be quickly snagged before Nahoko finalised the order, phew. They all managed to barely fit onto my shelf.


Tales of Symphonia (was worried about not being able to find these outside of the game edition they were bundled with. Zelos was an add-on).


Tales of the Abyss (there seriously needs to be one made for Guy OTL...)
Why does Luke get the special treatment where he gets a head-stand and not a pole stuck into his back? Tear is as elegant as ever.


Tales of Vesperia (well, Flynn is essentially nice-guy Guy)


Tales of Graces (don't know why they chose to make Richard above the others. I would've liked a Cheria!)


Tales of Xillia 2 (I'm a MUCH bigger fan of 1 though...)


Here's everything that was in the original Surugaya box. It's incredibly satisfying to see everything put together on a table before everything goes where they belong on display.


Where the Tales stuff lurks in my squished room.


Hoping to move onto scale figures (oh dear that's gonna be a burnt hole in the wallet) sometime soon...

'Til next time!

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Wow!! So jealous!
4 years ago
Nice loot! Very organized! you know, you could make a guy chibi using flynns head and Asbels body and repaint them. lol.
4 years ago
Oh wow, getting so much stuff from one series in a single box is so cool. Takes me back to my early days of collecting Tales stuff. Oh, those were certainly interesting days. Your setup is also really nice! Thank you so much for sharing!
4 years ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
MobiusX4 years ago#10022286She is really cute! I've heard it was quite easy to break her twintails upon putting them in so I was particularly careful. Ah yes, the ruins-nerds geeking out on their Celestial Record (judging by your profile, I'm guessing you're a probable shipper of the two, haha).
I was looking into that set, especially for Alvin but prior to that I'll probably grab more from the Tales of Friends line. I am desperate for an Alvin and/or Guy scale.
Graces is great so far! I've been told it lacks in story but I disagree. It has excellent battle mechanics though :)

Haha I don't ship everyone though! although I do like the feels and fan art XD I really need to get the couple straps though, wish there was one of Julius/Ludger/Rollo. But the Elle/Ludger one is so cute, as is the Sophie/Asbel one^^ Didn't even know they existed. Ah it seems I am the odd one out then, I liked Xillia 2 over Xillia, I liked the overall aesthetics more.

Yeah Graces f got a lot of slack when it came out but I really liked it! And I'm a loser who likes to go for the platinum in games I like so I still need to do my second playthrough on that one haha. I liked the battle system too! And the characters are all likeable.
4 years ago
MobiusX4 years ago#10057747Was this recent? It wasn't me that took the last set was it D:

Late April; 28th, to be precise. But, don't worry about it xD I was just surprised, it was a big coincidence. Or maybe it's a small world after all :P
4 years ago
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
kasumicc4 years ago#10056266...sad me is sad xD I ordered a Nendoroid Petit set from Surugaya only to hear later from my proxy that it went out of stock before they could order it. I was very disappointed, ngl.
Anyways, good to see it got a good home xD;

Was this recent? It wasn't me that took the last set was it D:
4 years ago
...sad me is sad xD I ordered a Nendoroid Petit set from Surugaya only to hear later from my proxy that it went out of stock before they could order it. I was very disappointed, ngl.
Anyways, good to see it got a good home xD;
4 years ago
Very nice Tales of loot!
4 years ago
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
WindsorSeven4 years ago#10025673Your Vesperia wall scroll is the best. also yes, X1>>>X2.

I love my scrolls to bits <3 Tales of Shop in Osaka had them in such limited numbers >_<
Definitely X1 >>>> X2.
4 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Your Vesperia wall scroll is the best. also yes, X1>>>X2.

Sekhmet4 years ago#10022280Very nice! The Sophie nendo petit is seriously the most adorable thing ever. I wish she had a full scale.
I was going to say the same thing! She's the best looking petite I have.
4 years ago
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