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SpookyTamaSpookyTama4 years ago
So, I like to think I'm a pretty punctual guy when it comes to paying for my figures. I always try to budget accordingly, and I try to gauge when a figure I like might be delayed from its original release date so I'm not absolutely swamped with huge bills.

But sometimes, just sometimes those delays just love to punch me right in the face. Get me when I'm not expecting it, you know?

A figure that you thought would surely be released this month, especially after it having been already pushed back a month, is now being delayed AGAIN, thus turning your fairly priced haul of next month into a pricey hell that makes your wallet shrivel and writhe in pain at the very sight.

It's days like these that make me want to just lay down and scream into the dirt. KAMI WA SHINDA.

I pay my taxes I don't deserve this abuse. ;__;

How do you guys deal with unwanted/unexpected delays? Especially ones that make your already expensive order list of the month even MORE expensive than you'd hope? Is there a point that the new price/bill becomes a deal breaker?
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Waiting for some shining figures in bikini since 3 years and nothing happans. Grmph!
4 years ago
I make payments on mine until its paid off!! I cant stand delays!! I want it!
4 years ago
take123 Bunny Farm
Makaeater4 years ago#10424519I would end up spending it on a different figure I want that is available at the time or use it on a new pre-order, because I have no self control.

I would probably do the same. Oh well put it on credit...
4 years ago
Usually i already have the money for the figure, but i never pay the figure upfront, this year delay are killing me, i tend to not buy more than 2 figures the same month, this May: i have

1) Housewife Misao Daiki

and TBD release date

2) Sagiri Yuuko, Orchid Seed ver. Darkness
3) Gotou Matabei, Vertez..... Nevermind 27/05/16

Delayed to June

4) Ushiko, Mouse Unit

And for June

5) Mammon Maou Mokushiroku Orchid Seed
6) Sansei Muramasa - Skytube - 1/6 - Nurse ver. (Alphamax)
7) Kujou Shiho - 1/6 (Daiki Kougyou)
8) Yuusha Marudea -Slime tono Tatakai - 1/6 (Dragon Toy)
9) Yuusha Marudea -Slime tono Tatakai - 1/6 - Tanned Skin ver. (Dragon Toy)

Even if i have the monies, the expenses of the figures togheter make my wallet dizzy....
4 years ago
Delay-kun can be really mean sometimes. Last thing I want is to offend anyone but from what your saying I think you might have an impulsive buyer addiction which tbh is really common, I also had it when I started this hobby. Just forget about figures altogether until your delayed figs come out and when thats out of the way you can go back to hunting your wanted previously released figures.
4 years ago
Kelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
4 years ago
Since I got a job, I have been getting into the habit of just paying for everything upfront on BiJ. It's great not to have to think about having to pay for something even if the release is delayed, the shifting exchange rates, or if I'll have the money available later. I understand that it is difficult for people to pay upfront due to several reasons, but if you're able to, I recommend it.
4 years ago
SpookyTama4 years ago#10421129Thanks for all the feedback and comments! Personally, I don't actually have much of an issue with saving money for the next month. However, like a few folk have said, unexpected expenses or even bills can arise and cause problems. When you have to spend 300 dollars to fix your car, or when an unexpected doctors visit arises,
sometimes that 400 dollar figurine bill seems a lot bigger than it was.

but in the end it doesn't matter at all, if the figure gets not delayed you would have paid her the month before, so the money is still not available for your car, its not really something i see in connction with the Delay.

if you spend all your money on Figures which can't be canceled if needed, its still a good idea to maybe put aside Money monthly for such things.

so it is basically life punching your face, not the delay of the Figure, ;) and well, life punches really hard, hehe..
4 years ago
EXkurogane4 years ago#10429565
Heck, if i remembered Good Smile's Mikasa Ackerman was delayed by 8 to 9 months, though I didnt get that one.
Don't get me started on Alter's Amane Suzuha.
4 years ago
I rather have it done right then have it rushed to meet deadlines and you end up with flawed figures.

If you are that worried, then open another bank account and put that figure money in that account and do not touch it.

what do I do with unexpected delays? wait for it to be released. at the end of the year I still end up with same number of figures anyways,
4 years ago
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