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Anime Central 2016 loot part 1 (Artbooks, and one strap)Anime Central 2016 loot part 1 (Artbooks, and one strap)

I ended up with mostly art books for Anime Central, but nevertheless did get some figures/merch. Thus far, I have photos of my art books, and one of my phone straps. I bought two, attempting to get Gilgamesh. I did end up buying him, but since he wasn't for ACen, I'll include him with the May haul.

OK.. on to art books.
I found a TON of art books at Anime Central this year I wanted. The ones I got weren't all of them. They also had the Madoka one and a Danganronpa one I wanted, but since I distinctly remember seeing them for cheap online, I skipped them. Seriously, they were like 40 bucks at ACen. Online, they were 11-21 bucks. WAY less.

But anyway..
Here's the first pic


Art books include:
TYPE-MOON 11 (Not sure what else it says besides TYPE-MOON and 11..). It's a magazine, and a big one at that. It also came with a guide book of sorts to the Fate/Grand Order cast. The magazine is AWESOME. I really wish I could read kanji. D:. There were enough pictures in there to warrant my purchase, too.

TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Phantasm. I had thought about getting this last year, but decided against it because I saw mostly comics and interviews in Japanese. But this year, I realized that the comics could just be seen as part of the art, and the interviews aren't that much of it. So I got the last one.
This book is HUGE. And even though it contains a lot of stuff in Japanese only, there are a ton of pictures, more pictures than book. This book weighs a ton, OTL. And I made the mistake of buying it early.

Pandora Hearts: There IS artbook. This is the second Pandora Hearts artbook, and I guess it finally has my favorite PH character, Lily, in it. :). I haven't actually looked at it yet. D:. Almost a month later.. I'm so damn lazy. >_<;. I specifically was looking for this, and only saw it because my brother pointed it out. It was only at one stand, too. >_<;. I'm just glad it wasn't out. I love Pandora Hearts.

Fate/complete material 5: Hollow Material. I don't care that much about Hollow Ataraxia, but I want a full set of the complete books, so I got it. They're huge, and always full of awesome art. The stuff that's in there is good, though. Even if that game just sounds weird to me.

And for the next one..


This contains some of the same stuff as the last one, but shows them a bit better.
Also pictured is a Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works artbook. I don't know what's in it, but I only pick up art books with a lot of color art. So it must be there. *curses own laziness* But I had to pick it up: It's a Fate art book that I don't have that isn't sketches. :).

abec Art Works. I also haven't looked through this more than for a few seconds, but it was full of Sword Art Online art, so it's the only Sword Art Online art book that isn't a guide or full of character sketches. I love the illustrations in Sword Art Online's novels, so I had to get this.

This has the abec book and FSN: UBW books again, as well.

I also picked up a smaller Fate/Grand Order magazine/artbook??. I'm not as thrilled with this one as I was when I saw it, though. After I bought it and got it home, I saw that it had a lot of the same stuff in it that the guide book did. .__.;. But it is tall, and does have a CD of sorts, so maybe that saves it from being a waste of money?

This is just a better look at the FSN: UBW art book.

And finally..

A phone strap I got. I'm holding it here because it's currently on my phone. This was from the blind box, not purchased outright.
This has an interesting story behind it. I saw a Rin Tohsaka strap that I liked the look of at the start of the second day of ACen, and decided just to skip her and come back if I still wanted her. The next part, I don't remember entirely. I think I actually had just assumed they had a strap for Gilgamesh too because there were other Fate straps, and only one was gone. Or I actually saw him, but they wouldn't sell the sample or something. I don't know. But at any rate, I looked around the room for someone that was selling that strap, because I am a BIG fan of Gilgamesh, especially when he doesn't look like a Dragon Ball Z character with a hot face and armor aka standard armor Gilgamesh. Which I am also good with (Gil is Gil.. I have the nendo for him. XD.) But I prefer civilian Gil.
ANYWAY.. no one had him. NO ONE. Everyone who had those straps was out of him particularly. And almost no one had the blind box.
I finally found the blind boxes for these straps at the very end, and bought two, in hopes of getting him. After all, I had figured, I had a chance at getting him, and the other straps were of characters I MOSTLY like. The only ones I would have been ticked about were Sakura and Shiro.
I did NOT get Gil. But I wasn't annoyed, either. I got this super cute summery strap of the Fate girls, and the second was the guys.
I'm actually pretty happy with them. :).

Part 2 will include my figures and second strap. I did buy some figures/straps right after ACen as a result of not finding them there (the Rin Tohsaka figma, Mega Drive prize figure, and the Gilgamesh strap I wanted), but since they were NOT at ACen, I will not include them. They will go into my May haul.
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So.... much..... Type Moon art *o*

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Nice loot =3!
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