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The "Random" button!The "Random" button!

Hello MFC!

I'm sure that some (if not most) of you noticed MFC's "Random" button. This button appears on every entry of the database, under the entry's title, at the right end. The almighty Sengoku is here to help explain:

Clicking this button will lead you to a random entry of the same kind of the entry from which you clicked it. For example, Suppose you click this button on ITEM #157021's page, you will reach another item, a random item. However, If you will click it on ENCYCLOPEDIA #4028's page, you will get a random encyclopedia entry.

Clicking this button can be a fun way to waste time, assuming you have time to waste. It could also expose you to items you didn't know existed, however you are not guaranteed to get only "normal" stuff... Be warned! I myself used it a couple of times, but I have yet to find an item which caught my interest during the process.

So, my question to you is: Have you ever tried the "Random" button? And if you did, did you find something interesting to you? Or even ordered something as a result? Please feel free to leave a comment if you want to share something besides voting in the poll.

Have a nice day,
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Have you ever tried the "Random" button?

  • 29%Wut...?
  • 25%I noticed it, but I never tried to click it.
  • 26%I tried it once, but got bored soon after... \:
  • 5%I tried it once, but it led me to some wired sh*t... O:
  • 4%I do it all the time! I like wired sh*t! :D
  • 0%Well half of my collection came from doing that, so... (:
  • 2%You f*cking douchebag! Now it consumes all of my time! >< I have work to do! How will I pay for the figures? ;;
  • 0%Yeah my stupid cat clicked it... :3
  • 3%I object to the choice of Sengoku as the presenter. Should have been Ultimate Madoka.
  • 6%No
  • 1%I'm only here because of reasons
  • 171 votesVotes are public


I have hit it before, but I didn't understand why I ended up where I did, now I know!
2 years ago
New fun game: you have to buy whatever the random button get you, no take backs
2 years ago
H-has that been there this whole time?
2 years ago
I never noticed it until now. I'll probably use it on those days where I'm bored and just feel like killing time. ^^;
2 years ago
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Lol I used to do this when I was bored and needed to find entries to edit...
2 years ago
I actually stumbled upon this 'Random' button mistakenly when I wanted to click on the 'History' button and it lead me to some really weird entry and I enjoy clicking it whenever I'm bored just to see all kinds of entry in MFC. Very interesting and fun to kill time when I'm travelling ^^
2 years ago
Oh, no, you don't. I have enough ways that things I want to buy come across my attention -- I don't need to randomly find even more things I want!
2 years ago
Try having a contest with your friends and see how long it takes before you manage to land on a page of an item that one of you own.
First one to find one wins.

No, seriously don't, unless you wish to spend an awful lot of time clicking that damn button.
2 years ago
I've tried it a few times and each time I ended up getting mainly Yaoi! XD
2 years ago
I get bored easily with random buttons, and I have such a thin threshhold for "weird" that if I don't get bored, I see something that makes me swear off clicking that button again for a good six months.
2 years ago
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