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WIP GK bash project: Gwendolyn Part 2

FaraiyaFaraiya1 year agoMisc
Hi all, ^_^

After long weeks of dust and sandpaper I'm back with an update.

learned a few things about the sculpting material I used.
- don't use water on it! (holes so many holes -.-)
- don't even think that your 400 grain sandpaper will do the trick, this stuff clogs fine sandpaper like nothing in seconds. -.-
- do the step outside next time, had to clean up the hole apartment. everywhere I did go I left white dusty footprints! (and my cat did so too) -.-
- learn to not breath, even with mask on this stuff gets to you somehow.

long story short; it was pretty messy. XD

Now lets pick up where we left this project. After roughly shaping I did some rough sanding and then I used spray Putty (you can find this stuff where you can get car repair stuff). Then I did fill the holes, dents and scratches with liquid green stuff and the bigger ones with the crafting material I used.


And this is the result of hours of sanding and dust.

lets see what the next layer of primer will bring. XD

I did the last touches on her leg parts, some dents filled and I gave her a panty, not pretty but at least she wears underwear now. :)

Now I can start the hair. I was lucky and did find some fitting fringes in my leftover boxes. :) Rest is Milliput.

Now back to sanding and dust. XD

thanks that you did take time too read this. ^_^
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The dress part looks really good! Just be sure you are sanding in a well-ventilated area, that your mask fits you correctly, it and has the right filter for what you're doing. Your health is important!
1 year ago
Nice so far! Sanding is like the most important but overlooked step!
1 year ago
Looking great!
1 year ago
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Looks so great :D Can't wait to see more!
1 year ago
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