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Tomoe Mami for me, ClariS for my friend and Sena for my wishlistTomoe Mami for me, ClariS for my friend and Sena for my wishlist

Mew_2Mew_25 years agoReview
Well, it looks like this is going to be another blog article full of personal opinions and... OK blog is about someone writing his mind out so it shouldn't be a problem. Oh and this is my first blog attempt so be gentle.

Where should I start? Oh yeah. I am a big Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan so when I first came across the Tomoe Mami figma from Max Factory I was astounded. So many “muskets” together with so cute Mami-like face. That’s gonna be a must have piece for my collection. And then it was the usual stuff that followed like preorder waiting and being happy about the good catch. When the delivery service rang the bell the day had come. After safe unpacking where I tried not to damage the box my Tomoe Mami came to world. After I opened the box there was an avalanche of „spare parts“ or should I say optional parts. There were so many that I almost panicked. But everything was neatly arranged in its place so soon I figured out where should I put what. There was also a small picture manual that was written only in moonspeak language but the pictures were really helpful so I didn’t actually used it. :p Soon after I had my Mami posing on my shelf in my room. The first pose I made her do was that legendary kill-you-with-love right eye blink with one musket aiming for intruders at the door of my room. And I think I stick with that pose for now. So what was in the box? One Mami-san with three different faces (normal, that blink face and the frightened face from episode 10). There were also many spare hands most of them had even additional wrist joints so she is really flexible. The cool and practical thing is that there is a hand holder for the hands that you are not using right now so they can’t get lost. And there is a plastic closable bag for all the additional parts. From the weaponry there are six muskets. And for the target? You get a free Charlote mini figure so Mami can whack and shoot to her heart’s content. For the aesthetics you can decorate the stand with paper backgrounds that are also part of the package.
The figma itself looks quite good. The only thing that is bothering me is the neck but you can live with it. The joints are easy to move but she can maintain the pose. So overall I would give the figure 4/5 points.

But as the title said I am not done with only Mami figure. I also ordered a set of ClariS nendoroids that came delivered along my Mami. And the worst thing is that I ordered them for my friend not me. They look really good. I want them to. I think I order them someday but I don’t want to pay another shipment fee, taxes and all the things that come along with a figure order. Or maybe I wait for my friend to have financial problems and then buy them from him. Like that would happen. But I am glad I found them for him because he wanted them and I boasted that I could get them.

And the last thing that I wanted to tell the world for now is that I found my goddess. Well maybe not exactly but when I was lurking on sankaku there was an article about 1/7 Kashiwazaki Sena swimsuit version from Alpha Max. Suddenly I came to like it and soon I preordered it on hlj to catch the early bird. It is a November 2012 release so by then I hopefully would be long working when I graduate in June so the cash problem for an additional figure should be solved. It’s that it was a love on first sight so I just could not resist back then.

That is all from me tonight. Fotos are coming up later because I am to lazy to set up my stative and so.
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"...for my friend..."

Hoo? A ty azda máš kamarátov? ;D
5 years ago
Yes 6120 yen at hjl to 5530 yen at amiami is a difference but as you said it is more difficult to cancel the order. I had the same experience with Sena nendoroid that I was forced to cancel and that was done by serious negotiations by mail. Well as a European I am not sure about my future. ;) It is not that I don’t have the money but I have also other hobbies and after graduation I am sure there will be more important things than figures so having some extra cash in reserve is always good.
5 years ago
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
You could get her even cheaper at AmiAmi, but it would be harder to cancel if you don't find work.
5 years ago
Good luck in finding work. I went 7 months before finding some...though i was out of commission for about a month after getting hurt. If you don't...well HLJ is very easy to cancel from. Hopefully your plans work and enjoy the figures!
5 years ago
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