Comments Alvis and Lavie 1/8 (Alter)

  • This is a very good review and it's a nice figure set to say the least. One can argue the "flat butt" situation though. The choice of seat type is what contributes to the situation. It's a hard, metal, airfoil design ( love the back support...Very reminscent of speed brakes / spoilers for those of us who have been around aircraft or familiar with aviation ). Unless a seat is cushioned or has some form of designed in sculpting to accommodate the human form, one's body will naturally flatten out on a surface such as this airfoil shape. I suppose one could argue that the cloth of the outfits would have crushed folds of material and such...and that would be true. You won't see it though unless the surface being sat on is clear and you are viewing it from below. I really see no hit against Alter for taking the route they did on this part of the sculpt.
    3 years ago
    Thanks for the review.
    They sure are small but very detailed and well made as expected from Alter :D
    3 years ago
    It's nice to see a review of this pair of figures. It was also interesting to see them paired with Alter's Muse of Range Murata, as perhaps not surprisingly, there's a lot of Lavie in the design of that character.
    3 years ago
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