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XarimaXarima4 years ago
Hello dear people !! My name Xarima is actually Vadim. I'm from Russia. I'm still not good English and it may be a mistake, but I'll try. Thank you!
I am here for the first time and until that study site. And to start dating I want to write the first blog.
And while writing a blog, I came across the first question. Do I understand correctly?
Review - This article and the description on the new figures?
Diary - it notes and a life of the author? For example, he was in Japan and tells about Japan.
Loot - it bought something new and share the joy?
As I said, that while the study site. Therefore, not all clear to me yet, and I may be mistaken. So nice to meet you, I will share the joy and interesting blogs.
I decided to write the first review in the figure - Erina.

Meet the new Empress Erina Nakiri! And the first decree of the empress! Prince of Tennis and Titans - Keigo and Levi sentenced to eternal exile !! Rejoice that the Empress showed kindness to you! Now, on his knees, show respect for the new Empress !! Yes hello Erina, Erina eternal rule !! Hooray!!
If the early blogs were princes, kings and emperors for the girls, but this time the rules have changed, and now the princess, Queen and Empress for men - Erina, the only and unique!
The very figure made of anime frame:

Now we begin to review the figures. I think that everyone knows the character of Erina Nakiri? If not, then it is from the anime Shokugeki no Soma. The granddaughter of the head of the food mafia and the youngest member of the "Dozens Tootsuki" - a body formed of the best students of the Academy and has the highest authority after the Director. Its main feature of the taste bud, it is a child running taster. Then watch the anime, she's just wonderful, the real tsundere

Now the figure itself. Figure of a full-length.


I can not say exactly, but unlike her princes acknowledged that given the high rack and the throne. I read a blog about princes, and noticed that the stand is lower than stand Erina. Like the creators admitted to her that she has the right to look down on them! This empress.
Another key feature of the stand - velvet covering. And above the throne of praise, and beautifully detailed.
Handle as a prince and Cinderella shoes, but not here. There commoners below it and they need to show respect for her ... Otherwise ...
I have two, and the second on the reserve?


Erina just lovely, especially her smile. Dress just on top, inviting.


More photos:


I'll tell you one thing, I was expecting a figure similar to Erina Princes figures, but no, it exceeded my expectations stand at the height of the throne at the height of Erin itself just lovely, one can see that the sculptor is very fond of Erin, that showed care and attention. Just golden hands.

That ended my first blog, but short. But I have studied the site and I hope correctly understood.

That's all!! Thank you for watching!! See you next time!
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Halcione4 years ago#14264112Thanks a lot for the review, I'm really looking forward to mine, should be shipped this upcoming weekend, so excited :>
And worry not, you understood the article categories correctly :)

Thanks You!!! I will try! ))
4 years ago
Thanks a lot for the review, I'm really looking forward to mine, should be shipped this upcoming weekend, so excited :>

And worry not, you understood the article categories correctly :)
4 years ago
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