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RajkeRajke6 years ago
Hi there,
It is the first time that i give an update about my collection now that i figured out how the site works. When this is the first time i'm making a blog like this i just write down what comes in my mind. Enjoy :)
Before i forget: Picture heavy! You can find them in the spoilers.

Time to get some old cows out of the ditch:
The time i started with anime dates back to 2009. The 'item' that gets me in the anime was a replica sword of Sode no Shirayuki. With that replica i started to watch Bleach and a lot of other anime. (Thanks Sode no Shirayuki)

In oktober 2013 i discovered the Figures. When i was on a collectors fair i saw a stand with a lot of figures. In January 2014 i ordered 2 Hatsune Miku figures. That's the point where i started serious with my collection.

Before i bought my 2 detolf shelfs my main shelf was fully loaded. A lot of figures has to stay in their boxes.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/09/03/1611509.jpeghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/09/03/1611510.jpeg

With the 2 detolf shelfs i could finally displaying al of my figures. (My recent figma's aren't placed yet) There isn't any light in the detolf yet but i am thinking about placing (it's a crazy idea i know) a Superfish deco led spot in them. I have 2 of them in my Fishtanks and i think that they are also usable in the detolfs. But that's different cook.

We stop with the old cows and let's talk about what is in my shelfs;

Beach figures
View spoilerHide spoilerLike you can see i have only some haganai figures on this shelf. I really like the Kobata figure you see in front. If you ask: 'Why do you like it'? The only answer i can give is 'I don't know, i like because i like it'. The Senna figure in the back is the most horrible figure i have ever seen. Shame on that Sega, i know you can make metter figures than this one. I guess that someone working on it had a bad monday. The paintjob is really bad. They even forget to paint a large part of her hair.

The Blue haired girls
View spoilerHide spoilerThe Miku figure Angle Breeze is one of the two figures where my collection started. The Asuna figure in front is a gift i received from my brother.

Haganai and chibi
View spoilerHide spoilerI won the Kirito figure in some kind of lotery. Lucky me ;) I had to glue the Yukimura figure. Her arm falls of so easily. I mean which manufactur would place some plastic protection in the hole for the arm and then attach the arm. With the Mikudayo Nendoroid i figured out that i am not the type of person for collecting these.

The Hall of Shame
View spoilerHide spoilerThose two figures are the ones that i really hate. The reason is simple. They are Bootlegs that i accedently bought. Those two are my test objects for when i need to repair one of my figures. And they are on display so that i won't forget how horrible bootlegs are and that i have to avoid them at all cost. And when the time comes that they aren't usefull as test objects i simply destroy them. After all they are nothing but expencive plastic trash made in hell so bootleggers can annoy innocent people with it, and rip their wallet.

View spoilerHide spoilerNot al of my Figma's are displayed yet.
I really like the racing Miku's. Also the bike is really nice. This bike stands for a dream. The dream of getting my biking license and my own Motorcycle with Racing Miku decals.
Thanks to some posts about Figma's i'm thinking of building a diorama for them. It is a long time ago (10 years ago that i stopped) that i had a hobby called model building. I did this on scale 1/120.

Racing Miku's
View spoilerHide spoilerThe racing Miku left in the back is one of the two figures i started my collection with.

Sword Art Online
View spoilerHide spoilerThe Asuna in front makes me always happy. It is a really nice made figure. She's waiting for Kirito to join her but i think that a nice Kirito scale figure never comes.

The 'i don't know where to place it in my shelf' figures
View spoilerHide spoilerI think everyone has the problem sooner or later that you don't know where to place your figures in the shelf. So i decided that i give the figures that 'i don't know where to place' an own plate in the shelf.

The Home of the Brave
View spoilerHide spoilerThis is the place contains some of my personal favorites. All five have in commen that they are well made. And i think that all five of them look good together.

The Holy Grail and another nice figure that is called The Almost Holy Grail
View spoilerHide spoilerWhen i started with collecting i found out that i missed the chance to preorder the first Calne Ca figure that looks like Miku. I also missed the Nurse version. When a few months later a chance appears to preorder the Ca Strange Blue version i decided to buy it. And when it arrived the first thing you will notice is the box. Wow, was the first word that came to mind. The figure looks very nice. I like the character and how detailed this figure is. In other words this is for me the Holy Grail. When my mother saw this figure for the first time her reaction was hilarious. 'Rajke' She said. 'What in the hell is this. It looks Ugly and Scary, the monster of dr Frankenstein is nothing compared to this'. Well my reaction was very simple. 'This figure looks great. And it is beautyfull in it's own ugly and scary way. But don't worry. In fact it is just a shy ccharacter that suffers from some kind of unknown bacterial infection with a bug as her best friend'.
The Wistaria version of Ca looks also very good. The only thing i don't like about her is that extra piece of plastic on her hair. This piece op plastic is for a pin that you can connect to the base. Too bad that this pin is 5mm to long. It makes Ca a little wobbly on her base. And also my mother disapproves this one too. 'Rajke, this one has some dirty legs and claws. It is even more scarier than that other creature, there aren't coming more of them right?' My answer: 'It is just that i have a weird taste, That's why there a shrimps in my fishtank.'

To Love Ru
View spoilerHide spoilerI think the Yuuki Mikan figure is one of the most beautyfull figures ever made.

They got wings on her backNSFW Content
View spoilerHide spoilerIf you ask: 'What do you like about Peace keeper Daisy?' Then my answer wil be: The paintjob. The paintjob and the colors used on this figure are the best i have ever seen. Well done Kotobukiya.
It took me a hour to attach the wings in combination with the black sweater but the result looks great.

DXD Bunny's
View spoilerHide spoilerI really like both of them. Because they are a little bit heavy i placed them beneath in the shelf. What i think about the Bunny's? You have to read the review i wrote about Rias.

Noodle stopper
View spoilerHide spoilerI placed Momo the Noodle stopper on a different cage made of glass. :)
In the first week i placed her on the fishtank, four fish where founded on the floor. I can only think about three reasons: Momo likes to fish, The fish are scared of her and jumped out of the water or there was too much water in the fishtank.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/09/03/1611576.jpeghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/09/03/1611561.jpeg

Thank you for reading.
Like you could see. I'm not very good at taking photo's. But i really like the pictures i see on this website. And i love the humor some people put in their pictures.
So i like to end this blog with this picture below. :D
View spoilerHide spoiler
Asuna with my replica of Lambent Light.
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Maakie6 years ago#14628218Always nice to see fellow Ca-fans (and bootlegs haters). ^w^
Nice collection and fun blog! :)

Thanks. Calne Ca is a really nice character. I also like Deino's music clips. :D
and indeed nothing good comes from bootlegs. I hope some blogs and pictures help people choose for the authentical figures instead of the cheap trash. And it is always nice to meet some bootleg haters. ;)
6 years ago
Always nice to see fellow Ca-fans (and bootlegs haters). ^w^

Nice collection and fun blog! :)
6 years ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
PeiChernTatum6 years ago#14560093Nice collection~ hehe~
6 years ago
Nice collection~ hehe~
6 years ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
FakePsychotropic6 years ago#14485315Someone else with a Calne Ca collection! :DDDDDDDDD
I am glad that i am not the only one that likes Calne Ca. Deino did a nice job when he created her. She is a very strong character. Before i got the Wistaria version i placed some other figures next to the Strange Blue one. And whatever you place next to it Calne Ca always stands out in comparison with my other figures. I see that you also got the strange Blue version and the regular Ca Crab version. I really like the regular version of Ca Crab too.
Also the box where they are coming with are standing out. About the boxes i have only one thing to complain. The box made for the Wistaria version is exact the same as that of the regular version. The only difference between the boxes is a black sticker that says: 'Wistaria version'. When i got her i really did think that i received the wrong figure.
Now that i notice i can write a lot about those two figures. Maybe i start a blog about those two.
6 years ago
Someone else with a Calne Ca collection! :DDDDDDDDD
6 years ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Unliterary6 years ago#14470834I definitely have a "I don't know where to put these" shelf :x ITEM #943 is the main culprit that throws off my collection :') I'm tempted to make a blog about that haha. ANYWAY nice collection!!
I see that your Yoko is a big figure. I think that everyone has some figures that he/she don't know where to place it. It is very frustrating if you don't know where you can place them and where they are also looking great. Because of that i thought about a single spot in my shelf for those figures. I'm looking forward to your blog. ;)

Kirenisa6 years ago#14470835Nice, I really like the fish tank idea! I might do something like that when I get a turtle. xD
Thanks. It is fun to display a figure in another way. :)
6 years ago
Kirenisa I am a collector!
Nice, I really like the fish tank idea! I might do something like that when I get a turtle. xD
6 years ago
I definitely have a "I don't know where to put these" shelf :x ITEM #943 is the main culprit that throws off my collection :') I'm tempted to make a blog about that haha. ANYWAY nice collection!!
6 years ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
SengokuGensui6 years ago#14470824Very impressive!
BTW, in the "I don't know where to place it in my shelf" figures, what's the name of the largest figure? (the one who stands over a watery effect.)

The figure in the 'I don't know where to place it in my shelf' is Sonsaku Hakufu made by Griffon Enterprices.
ITEM #14001
6 years ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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