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New York Comic Con 2016 Loot!New York Comic Con 2016 Loot!

ym639ee6vq5ym639ee6vq52 years agoLoot
well since I skipped the Loot post last year I wanted to do it this year. I didn't buy as much as previous years I think, and plenty is from American culture and not anime related, but hope it's still appreciated. This will mostly be a loot post, I don't have the wherewithal to post all my stories in a concise and entertaining manner.

I'll start with the top item of the year to draw you in. This is the special limited edition complete collection of all 17 Spice and Wolf light novels. Only 2,000 will go into print.


The best part is it is personalized and signed the the Author, Isuna Hasekura! My friend and I worked hard to get this, only 300 were being signed at a few different events around the con. Before we had it signed we went to a very entertaining panel with the Author. He was very friendly and seemed like a guy you'd want to get to know.


Now another neat signed item. If anyone is a fan of Gravity Falls they know the creator and voice actor Alex Hirsch. He and the other authors of this Journal 3 were at NYCC, they held a panel but since I have not yet seen season 2 of the show I avoided it. I told this to Alex Hirsch at the signing who congratulated me on avoiding spoilers and warned me not to open this book until I had caught up. He and the other authors were also very friendly.



To continue with signed works I got a signature from Stephan Pastis, creator of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine. He was also very friendly and signed something for me and my family.



And my last signature of the con came from Adventure Time comic book creator Ryan North. He was very friendly and I had a short conversation with him about how much I appreciated his work and told him he perfectly captures Adventure Time in comic book form. He told me that was exactly what he was aiming for and was glad I enjoyed them. I then nearly walked off with the comic book without paying him for it. I was quite embarrassed when he stopped me, but then told me he had actually stolen other peoples works the same way and had returned later when he realized it to pay them.



While talking about adventure time this is something I got for my sister as well as myself, it is an Adventure Time vinyl record with a Lady Rainicorn color scheme. I'm not sure if the music on it is very good (most high quality rips from the show) but it's overall production is very appealing.




Though this is random every year I visit the same incense booth at NYCC and purchase their lovely high quality Japanese incense. This year I got an orange one and green tea one. The boxes seem to match my bedspread.


Now finally on to all my art. Yet again I got too much. This is all of it below, with the name of the source above the image. I will update this later with the artists I purchased from so other people may check out their works. I just want to double check I'm getting them all right.

Rurouni Kenshin

Re: Zero

One-Punch Man

Soul Eater

One Piece


Your Lie in April

Princess Mononoke

Kill la Kill

and two new square images from Ghibli films that will be added to the 4 I got last year.


thanks for reading! Feel free to comment or ask me any questions. It was a pretty fun con overall, but I think there was a bit more previous years for me in terms of panels and merch.
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Very cool loot! Those arts are gorgeous especially One Piece and Gintama :D
2 years ago
Sick collection. Only thing I can say is "jealous", quite literally.
2 years ago
Dat art tho *o*

You got so much cool stuff
2 years ago
Ahhhh my gosh the artwork is so beautiful!!
2 years ago
Wow, all the artworks look beautiful! I'll wait for you to update the artist's names~ ^^
2 years ago
neL (2 years ago) #15360744Anything else basically.

thanks, working on photobucket, should be fixed soon
2 years ago
neL on ice
ym639ee6vq5 (2 years ago) #15360656crap, they were working a little bit so didn't notice. Do you know what does work?
Anything else basically.
2 years ago
SuperMilk (2 years ago) #15360618Sorry to say but imgur blacklisted MFC so their links no longer work on this site.

crap, they were working a little bit so didn't notice. Do you know what does work?
2 years ago
Sorry to say but imgur blacklisted MFC so their links no longer work on this site.
2 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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