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My first loot (August-Mid.October)My first loot (August-Mid.October)

[This blog has broken links and sadly I lost the photos they showed, apologies :( ]

Hey there guys, welcome to my first loot blog! After seeing so many loot blogs, I got inspired to do mine. This loot goes from August (when I started collecting) to mid October. Please bear with me, as I'm not used to be an active writer on the internet :P

Just a heads up, this is picture heavy as you may be able to guess. And sorry if the photo quality is lacking.

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Soo, unfortenely I didn't take photos of the first two packages, as I didn't remember that I might do this. But I got ITEM #10823 and ITEM #183924. But you'll be able to see them bellow.

Next I got a Rory Mercury wall scroll.


Rory is my waifu so I just had to have a wall scroll of her, and the art on this one is beutifull :3

Fitting enough, up next I got ITEM #368441. Pikachu helped me a bit unpackaging her :P


She is gorgeous (*o*). I got her form a MFC user (shouout to Blackfire89) and I couldn't be more happy when I got her, soo happy in fact that I ran in my underwear to get her from the mailman XD
Fun fact: she and, another figure bellow, are the reason I got into collecting in the first place.

Then I FINNALY reveived my big gundam package (ITEM #392302,ITEM #410838,ITEM #402994,ITEM #402995). This was actually the first order I placed, back in the beggining of august, but only in september did I receive the customs notice. And yes, it was only one month, it's just that I got worried that it had got lost and I didn't have a tracking number and much less insurance (-_-)


I'm not even that into Gundam, but I enjoyed Iron-blooded orphans and love mechas, so got these and they're pretty cool.
I also got Mika and Orga because https://xjpeg.be/x-Eeaaaa.jpg X3

They're cool characters, but not 100€ scale cool (not to me, opinion differs form person to person of course :P )

At this point I decided to explore the wild land of bootlegs - eBay...
Lots of fakes, of course, no surprise, but you can find a few cool jewels in the midst of the rouble. I managed to score ITEM #342817,ITEM #25119,ITEM #280865,ITEM #117499,ITEM #42213,ITEM #42215.


Got them all for pretty cheap in auctions, the Nanoha figs, for example, got as 1 package for 28€ with shipping new in box. The Nanoha figs are in customs right now so they're not here :/

Then after a long stop in customs, the other figure that got me into collecting arrived. The re-release of ITEM #144318.


I love Fire Emblem (though I still only have played Awakening and Fates), and Lucina is an awesome character.

"What colour is love? It's pure white"
As my first Nendo, I got ITEM #93555


I relly liked this anime when I first watched it back in 2012 or so, and being Sana one of my favourite characters, I was overjoyced to see that she got some love and has a Nendo of her. And Pannya-chan is adorable :3

Finnaly I got this acryllic charm(?) of Xander, and he's great. I hope that someone makes a Xander and Leo figures. X3


And this is the result of thoses months of collecting:


I hope you enjoyed this loot as much as I enjoyed writing it ^_^
If I see that you liked this I'll do this once every 2 or 3 months.
Thanks for reading

OmegaWerrier out!

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Pikachu's face in the 4th photo! omg! Lmao XD
1 year ago
Rychi (1 year ago) #15511055Awesome loot ^^
Thanks ^_^
1 year ago
Awesome loot ^^
1 year ago
OppaFaustusStyle (1 year ago) #15510208Nice loot! :D I love that Xander charm, he's so manly cute!! ;u;
Thanks :) Yeah, as soon as I saw him it was a instant purchase, and I'm already planning on getting Leo :3
1 year ago
Nice loot! :D I love that Xander charm, he's so manly cute!! ;u;
1 year ago
IvanStrife123 (1 year ago) #15491864Very nice and positive article :) I hope that you will keep your promise and keep doing this once in a while ;)
Thanks, I definetly will :)
1 year ago
Very nice and positive article :) I hope that you will keep your promise and keep doing this once in a while ;)
1 year ago
Lilie (1 year ago) #15487077Those pikachu pics are so hilarious :DChocolateSpider (1 year ago) #15487075I love what a good helper your Pikachu is. x3

Glad you enjoyed Pikachu's shenanigans X) He was meant to be in all the unboxings, but I opted not to 'cause I thought no one would like it that much, guess I was wrong :P
1 year ago
Those pikachu pics are so hilarious :D
1 year ago
I love what a good helper your Pikachu is. x3
1 year ago
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