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Favorite e-reader/tablet for comics/manga?Favorite e-reader/tablet for comics/manga?

I've got too many manga volumes and not enough space.

While I much prefer physical books, I think it'll be more space efficient to invest in a tablet/reader and load up on longer series that way, and save series without digital copies (or just favorites) for the bookshelf.

Thing is, I'd much prefer not to spend a small fortune on one, and besides that, while looking up the various options I find people have incredibly varied opinions on which is best. Some say screen size is king while others say it doesn't matter, some opt for top name brands while others go for no-names that supposedly get the job done great.

What kind of tablet/reader do you use for comics/manga?
And, what are your favorite manga apps/services?
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Sorry for the late response but - thanks, everyone! I compiled everyone's notes and I've narrowed my options down to two choices, just looking for the best deal on a refurb. Thanks for all your thoughts, they really helped! (⺣◡⺣)
2 years ago
I just use my iPad for reading comics. I download most of mine and find that ChunkyComics is a really good app to use. It organizes everything and is super easy to use! Though, I mainly work with cbr files, but I'm assuming when you download manga, it's probably in cbr format too?
2 years ago
I just got the Kindle Paperwhite 3rd gen (the latest one; Amazon says it's 7th gen but it's the third Paperwhite released) last week and I love it. There is no color though, it's grayscale only. So it works best for manga without many color pages and for black and white comics. It's not just stark black and white, but the grays in between are well-represented, so even color pages still look nice without the color. I use kmanga.net (a free service of dubious legality, admittedly) to send manga to my Kindle and it works great! I also have The Walking Dead on here. It's 'only' 4 GB, but I have 145 chapters of the Bartender manga, along with everything out so far of Ballroom e Youkoso, Mahoutsukai no Yome, and Platinum End along with some other shorter series on here. I also have 16 issues of The Walking Dead and several books and I still have ~900 mb left or so!

The screen is so much easier on the eyes than a tablet or computer screen, and I love the lightness. It's also great how there's much less of a glare problem in bright areas than with regular tablet/phone screens. WanderingWastrel mentioned a panel-by-panel thing that does indeed work. It's true the Kindle is juuust slightly smaller than an American manga, but you just double tap a panel and it'll zoom in to make it easier to read!

There are two notable flaws though. If you've ever held an e-ink reader and quickly 'flipped' through the pages before it loads, you might notice the whole screen flashing black for a second before the text comes back. On the Paperwhite 3rd gen, this happens very minimally with novels unless you go really fast, but with comics and manga it will do this every page. I've gotten used to it and don't notice it anymore, but I can see how it might be very jarring for some people. Another thing is that kmanga sends you the manga chapter by chapter as separate files. When you finish reading a chapter, it doesn't automatically go to the next--you have to go to Home, then find the next file and open it. If you are buying emanga directly from Amazon, this won't be a problem since they'll send you the whole volume at once.

I used to read my manga/comics on a Samsung Note Pro 12.2" tablet (I wish it had a better model name, lol). I still love my tablet, but for a lot of my reading I've migrated to my Kindle. I still have my color comics and manga on here though, and for manga with lots of detail. The other commenters have brought up tons of good reasons on why you should go the tablet route, and I think if you will use your tablet for other things too (social media, Youtube, etc) then I think the tablet is worth the investment for sure. But if you specifically only want a dedicated reading device, maybe look into an e-ink reader. I know there's even waterproof models out there (not by Amazon), so if reading in the bath or at the beach is your thing, those sound pretty great.

I don't know if you can read Japanese, but if you do and want an e-ink reader, Amazon Japan just came out with this:


I enjoy both my tablet and Kindle and don't think you'll make the "wrong" choice by going with one over the other! I just wanted to share my experience with an e-ink reader since the other commenters have focused a lot on tablets. :D
2 years ago
I have been using a Nexus 10 for a good while and I am very happy

It's great for two-page spreads and the pages are nice and big in portrait mode
2 years ago
A color touch tablet (iOS or Android) is ideal for digital manga:

  • Marketplace with apps designed specifically for reading digital manga. Makes a big difference when compared to using generic image readers.
  • At least 9" screen is big enough to display an entire page and still have all text easily legible.
  • Pinch-to-zoom support. So awesome for tiny text and picture details.
  • Color screen. I know, color doesn’t sound important for manga, but it sure is nice for covers and other special pages.
  • Backlit screen means you can read in any room regardless of lighting conditions. Sure you can’t read outside like you can with an epaper screen, but I never read outside anyway (too hot where I live).
  • Color tablets have many other non-manga uses such as web browsing.

I love reading on my 9.7" iPad. Avoid 6" readers as they are too small to comfortably read manga.
2 years ago
I use a two year old Lenovo Yoga Tablet that has a 10.2 inch screen which I have found to be the perfect size for me since I use it to read both manga and western comics. Apps wise, I'm assuming you wish to go legal so I use comixology myself for most, if not all my purchases. I also read manga off the crunchyroll manga app. The good thing about manga is a lot (but not all) have less text in speech balloons compared to western comics and thus can be read easily on even a phone screen. But of course if you want to read and own a more visually and verbally detailed manga then I would recommend getting something with atleast a 10 inch screen, more so if you plan to add western comics to your ebook library as western comics can be a nightmare on a smaller screen.
My husband has an ipad that he uses for manga as well.. I think it's first gen and that works fine too. My tablet started out with great battery life as it was LITERALLY one of the things they advertised about it when it first launched. However after two years of heavy usage( at one point, my laptop went kaput so it became my main communications device) , the battery is definitely no longer the champion it used to be and I have experienced minor hiccups that needs me to restart my tablet but that always solves the problem.
2 years ago
For comics, I still mostly read physical, though not as often as before. General reading I do on my laptop. I have a hand-me-down Galaxy Tab 2, the only relevant app on it is Line Webtoon for now :x

Wish I had the space to keep collecting tankoubons T_T wanting a physical record/collection vs space constraints... imagine what if they start to sell just the hard illustrated book covers with attached ebook codes inside. I would collect those (ノ´∀`*)
2 years ago
I only have experience with the traditional kindle. It's pretty good, but the non-lit screen can be a bit of a pain and the screen is a little too small for manga pages, but I would still recommend getting an e-ink over a tablet due to how much easier on your eyes they are.
2 years ago
Pro : long-battery life, more confortable, price lower than tablet
Con : slow-responsive display, less dpi so forget about detailled manga

Amoled, Oled, IPS displays :
Pro : Larger, brighter, colorful and more detailled screen.
Con : poor battery life, using it for a ling read isn't good for eyes, heavier than e-ink solution
2 years ago
My setup was not specifically purchased for manga reading so it's not the most budget one...
I have a Kindle (fairly old model) and it's ok for manga but the screen is pretty small. However I also had an iPad air 2 and have found that the App Manga Rock was great for reading manga on it, it has a huge choice (I've yet to find a series they didn't have) and worked best for me so far (for comics I get the files in .cbr). Now, would I buy an iPad just to read manga? Probably not, but I think any other tablet in the same size range will do great. I found reading them on that size screen was quite comfortable.
2 years ago
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