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explosiv3explosiv33 years ago

If you are reading this, I am assuming you are a fan of Rei, or at least Free! in general :D

Please help me make a figure request to Toy's Works.
This might be the only chance we will ever get to see a Rei Ryugazaki scale figure.

tbh I really don't understand why there are no scale figures of Rei in existence. I feel most of Free! fans would say he is a very likeable (if not the most likeable) character in the anime.

I was looking at the new Free! figures being made by Toy's Works. And I was really impressed by their prototype of Makoto.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Futaba1469324750.jpeg
Those veins popping out of his arms are really intriguing xD

This figure made me want Toy's Works to continue making more Free! scales. (Having Nagisa would be really neat as well.)

They did announce that they would make Haru. But no mention of anything else.. I'm afraid they might think it would be too late to make Rei and Nagisa figures since Free! is basically over.

So I went to their website and saw that they have a request form :D
You just have to press the grey link that says "request@toys-works.com"
I'm not sure if they understand english, but it would be better to translate it first on google translate, and then send it alongside the english letter.

I would send them a request form later, but I feel like it wouldn't make any difference if they just got one request :/
So if there's anyone out there who feel the same way as I do, please send Toy's works a request to make Rei figure.
Now would be a really good time while they are still focusing on making other Free! characters.

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Awesome!! I'll try to convince more people in other sites :D
3 years ago
Rei is best boy, it's bullshit he doesn't have a scale. I sent a request and I appreciate that others are doing it as well <3
3 years ago
I refuse to buy any scale figures of Free until I see Rei and Nagisa made...
3 years ago
I second this! Also a nagisa to make the pair =<
3 years ago
he's really beautiful i'm surprised he doesn't have a scale with the others
3 years ago
Done!Great idea!Let's hope they will hear us :-)
3 years ago
Anything for makorei.
3 years ago
cpmsan3 years ago#15637087Sent mine in with a google translated ver. Hope senpai will notice >.<
Wooohoo!! Thanks a bunch! xD
3 years ago
Sent mine in with a google translated ver. Hope senpai will notice >.<
3 years ago
3 years ago
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