Have you ever done something crazy when it came to collecting?Have you ever done something crazy when it came to collecting?Ask MFC

RaylaSanRaylaSan3 years ago
Well today, I just ordered an entire set of Love Live Sunshine Tapestries Version 2 on AmiAmi. While indeed, worth it because I get the whole set, I can't help but feel like I've done something completely insane from what I normally would do.


The entire set is going to cost roughly 8190 yen for me, and after consulting with my boyfriend (who's also a small fan of the series) he agreed to pay half of what everything is going to cost me, since it's his Anniversary present to me.

I can't help but feel a sense of happiness from pre-ordering the entire set, since even though all the girls from Love Live Sunshine aren't my best girls, I do genuinely love all the characters and enjoy them more than I did with u's (even though they hold a special place in my heart).

Therefore, I guess this leads to my question as to asking if any of you have done something from out of the norm of your collecting, like deciding to go over your monthly budget for the sake of getting something you HAVE TO HAVE!
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Personally I tend to splurge a good amount of money on keychains. They vary from price when I got them ranging from $8-$15 depending on how rare/popular they are. My latest purchase are keychains from Love Live! Sunshine!! ITEM #461296 and ITEM #461294. I also plan on getting one of Hanamaru.

Also, those posters are, like, mega cute. Totally worth it!
3 years ago
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Well, I do have 7 identical Donyatsu garage kits and plan to paint all of them.
3 years ago
WanderingWastrel3 years ago#15679640Okay, okay... y'all deserve a specific example from the resident curmudgeon.
I purchased a set of Love Live! posters (example: ITEM #243728 ) to hang on my walls... and then I purchased another set of 'em (example: ITEM #257060 ). Because I like them. However, I soon realized I simply don't have enough wall space to hang them up. So I resigned myself to keeping the posters in their boxy prison.
But then came ITEM #364917 and ITEM #364918 -- which are huge storage folders with plastic sleeves inside, perfectly sized to hold these posters. So I got them, and now the posters are in the storage folder.
And I modified my adjustable shelves on one of my Ikea DVD storage units to hold the folders.
So I have posters on my shelves. Not on the wall. Not in their box. Posters... on... the... shelves.
I'm mad. Utterly mad. Irredeemably mad.
(it feels so good)

Ain't poster storage great?? I was going to get one of those stick poster folders but then I found an alternative which kinda leads me to this topic.

So I wanted to get a poster storage folder and a big one, at that. Shipping for these are astronomically expensive so I tried to find a local shop that had the folder I wanted. The only place I could find was not a fancy crafts store, but this stationery shop in the middle of nowhere about an hour away. I'd not been there before so it was an interesting trip. Amusing to see city life disappear to trees and more trees as I headed to the 'burbs.

The main thing I discovered was this area had no Asian populace. I passed by one other Asian on the street and that was it. Standing there, the thought of storing "those Japanese cartoon" posters was pretty funny! Anyway, I found the shop and it was an indie shop so that was neat. I walked by crayon drawings pasted on the wall. XD It felt silly getting so excited over a folder but there it was, like free shipping! The folder is a presentation type so it makes my posters look so good.
3 years ago
midoakira ♥ 坊っちゃん ♥
Nothing too crazy (yet), but there have been times where I've spent close to a hundred dollars in shipping/fees alone to proxy items.
3 years ago
for three years i buy for someone 14 figures and 3 cosplays for birthday.
3 years ago
Going to an anime convention (AFA) but sadly it's on my country's capital city so must take 1~ hour flight.
I saved up 500$, including food, place to stay, bill, taxi, etc but i blow 450$ instead at convention (no figure coz overpriced as hell, i bought merchandises)
3 years ago
Spent a 100+ dollars collecting manga and CDs of iDOLM@STER SideM. I don't have a cd player, only in my car. I can't read japanese. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT FOR MY HUSBANDOS.
3 years ago
HEEDLESS Sebastian~♡
MobiusX3 years ago#15687307I was happily buying little keychains and rubber straps because they're like 400-600 yen a piece right?
A few clicks later and the total was 12,000 yen.
I was baited.

**LOL** I laugh so hard on this one. I'm SURE you forgot to put on your glasses before clicking... :D :D WELL... They know you want it after few clicks and there we all have had got BAITED... ^_^

AND.... HELL NO... I have not done anything crazy..... OH WAIT... **Looks at own collections** @_@

3 years ago
Terrence Collects scales exclusively
Not too bad, just think of it as getting one expensive scale figure (if you account for shipping), so your impulse buy is totally fine, haha. And yeah, collecting a full set of anything can be quite satisfying, and it'll look good when you display them all together!
3 years ago
For me, i spent USD$150 on building a diorama background just use it to shoot photos of a single figure that costs lesser. This photo. PICTURE #1555392

You can buy a very good scale figure with 150 bucks
3 years ago