In box we trust...In box we trust...Loot

PhyeiRyuPhyeiRyu4 years ago
Yep its that time of year again.

The one month/order that made me stop and think when did i get lost in the rabbit hole, as the knights of the order of wallet begin to chase me down - when a knock at the door suddenly.
Two boxes carried by a UPS guy who's gotten too used to the growth rate of my orders.
As I opened them, all the months of wait are at end

Box A (aka nostalgia tetris):


Poor Frontier didn't make it in time for this post - as I need to put him together but maybe next time. A post is always in need of a host~

I had too much fun with this.

Box B (aka here lies...):
Little armory is little.

Next up is the item that really sent the knights of wallet after me. Saber Alter in all her glory (in order of her layered goodness)


Man i thought IBRS was a monster box but that one got nothing on this. They really made sure she and that beautiful print were protected. But she was totally worth it, as i am a fan of Huke's art and a recent convert to the Fates universe, but also now i finally have something that matches the awesomeness that is Huke's last scale.
One question is anyone having problems attaching the sword in her hand - i now the handle comes apart but for some reason it just doesn't seem to fit right...

Although i kinda said i was gonna post about the quest of shelving in the war of space. In the year since there were too many nice items i figured i'd rather not pass up in fear of the Aftermarket struggle. Is this logic normal? Heheh...
So yeah it totally fits :P

IKEA here i come (eventually...)
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Awesome loot :D
4 years ago
You have fantastic taste! Love your ccs Figmas!
Also very nicely displayed! :^)
4 years ago
Nice loot, like your display setup as well.
4 years ago