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Oktober/November loot

RajkeRajke1 year agoLoot
Hi Everyone,
It's the first time that i try to make a loot blog. I combine the Half of Oktober/ November loot in combination with the Sinterklaas loot.
Enjoy. As always pics in the spoilers.
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First of all lets talk about the 2 games i was waiting for. Pokemon Sun and Moon. And they really didn't dissapoint me. I like the new concept of the games and i think Gen 7 has a lot of good looking and strong pokemon. I always wanted a steel case version of the pokemon games and yesterday i came accidently across one. A little bit impulse but i really like the design of the steel case. (and besides that i knew that i would buy the other version sooner or later)s
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Then we have the pokemon mug, Asuna POP vinyl, Rosalina Amiibo and Hyrule warriors Legends. Those where the Sinterklaas gifts. I was surprised by the Asuna POP. Until 2 days ago i never knew it existed. With the Rosalina Amiibo i am one step closer to completing the Super Smash Bros Amiibo set.
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The Bakuon CD is the first item i bought from a shop located in Japan. I really wanted this CD and i also wanted to try out how many the import from Japan would cost me. Conclusion: Nice service and good packed. But it was 12,5% more expencive than predicted. Would i do it again? Yes.
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I really like the Girls und Panzer anime and Figma so i bought the Mako and Miho Figma. They where fast out of the box and are now busy with a whole lot of nothing in my Christmas shelf.
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Until november i had never heared of an Anime called Ro Kyu Buu. But then i came across the Airi figure on a collectors fair. I really like this figure even if i know nothing about this character. There was one catch when i wanted to buy her. I had to buy Saki too. Saki didn't dissapoint but there is one thing that bothers me and that is a really big error on the back of het leg. Also Airi's paintjob is a lot better. But it is on the back and without a mirror behind the shelf you can't see it.
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If you think there is a hole in the wall behind the shelf? You are absolutely right.

And last but not least the Alter Maki. I noticed there where a lot of popular Love Live figures so i started watching the Anime. Now i have the Love Live virus and bought Maki and i have to say that it is a beautyfull figure and high quality. She has to be patient because she have to stay in the box until the Christmas shelf is back to normal.

That was it for my first loot blog.
And for the people who celebrates Sinterklaas:
Een fijne pakjesavond. :)
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