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AimathystAimathyst3 years ago
What do you think is THE figure; the figure of figures?


What I mean by that is if there if there is one single figure that by owning it alone it could earn you the most street cred in the figure community and you wouldn't have to buy another figure ever again (figuratively speaking) - which figure would that be?

For me I would say ITEM #27602 which is a Holy Grail of mine as both a figure collector and Hatsune Miku fan.

I know it varies by fandoms and preferences and even type (Nendoroid, Figma, prize figure, scale, statue, Dollfie, etc.) but let me know which figure YOU think is the ultimate figure!
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Honestly, if I could get a good figure made of mai waifu I'd be happy. Please let Tenchi Muyo OVA series 4 give me it!!
3 years ago
ITEM #167013 because it meant that you persevered through a lot of wait to buy it.
Who am I even kidding? This guy will never see the light of an opened box.
3 years ago
Rogita Blossom, she's a peakswood bjd but!! she's one off... sooooooo cry a lot and life goes on TT_TT
3 years ago
At long last I see light at the end of the tunnel!. My ultimate figure will finally be released in July,2017!!. ITEM #237254
3 years ago
Most definitely ITEM #128865 ITEM #162031 ITEM #189541 and ITEM #261759 like that's it I'd be totally content... which is a lie I have more but not at the top of the list like these four
3 years ago
When I started figure collecting, this Kasumi figure ITEM #405 was my first grail that would make my collection.
Lately I have finally acquired my holy grail (or should I say one of my holy grails xD), which is Volks Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku ITEM #172745.
This doll means a lot to me and I'm sure I will enjoy it for a long time, that's why I said to myself not to make any expensive orders anymore until the begin of 2017. Now my next holy grail is the Snow Miku version ITEM #282533, but that will probably still take a long time, I guess a year or longer.
3 years ago
I had several Grails of which I thought, that would be the last figure I really desire.
The first one was this Nami (back when I started collecting she was hard to find for a decent price XD) ITEM #770
Then it was Yoko ITEM #113927
And my latest 'this will be the last figure', Cure March ITEM #117438

There are a few more minor grails in between, but these three were my main focus. Each and every time I got a grail I soon found something new I wanted to hunt down XD
3 years ago
My long time idol, ITEM #116883 but ITEM #236159 will do the grail for me
3 years ago
I loved going through the comments! My wishlist got longer :b Personally, I'd love to get my hands on ITEM #76706 It has everything I want:

Fierce battle pose, check

Traditional garbs, check

Spear-like weapon, check

SHAMISEN!!!! check (I wish more figures included instrument (especially traditional ones)

Unfortunately, I haven't managed to find it and doubt I ever will ;_;
3 years ago
I keep telling myself those figures would be "the figure to end all figures". Probably said that more than 5 times by now. Some examples:

-Beatrice. ITEM #62293 makes sense to end the hobby with something big and expensive

-Velvet. ITEM #269729 Odin sphere collection finally completes after 8 years. perfect time to walk away.

-Fate Harlaown. ITEM #287853 Began collecting around the time of Strikers. I was willing to end with favorite character in favorite outfit.

Now that I see the upcoming Persona 5 characters, this isn't going to end
3 years ago
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