Comments The figure to end all figures

  • Honestly, if I could get a good figure made of mai waifu I'd be happy. Please let Tenchi Muyo OVA series 4 give me it!!
    3 years ago
    ITEM #167013 because it meant that you persevered through a lot of wait to buy it.
    Who am I even kidding? This guy will never see the light of an opened box.
    3 years ago
    Rogita Blossom, she's a peakswood bjd but!! she's one off... sooooooo cry a lot and life goes on TT_TT
    3 years ago
    At long last I see light at the end of the tunnel!. My ultimate figure will finally be released in July,2017!!. ITEM #237254
    3 years ago
    Most definitely ITEM #128865 ITEM #162031 ITEM #189541 and ITEM #261759 like that's it I'd be totally content... which is a lie I have more but not at the top of the list like these four
    3 years ago
    When I started figure collecting, this Kasumi figure ITEM #405 was my first grail that would make my collection.
    Lately I have finally acquired my holy grail (or should I say one of my holy grails xD), which is Volks Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku ITEM #172745.
    This doll means a lot to me and I'm sure I will enjoy it for a long time, that's why I said to myself not to make any expensive orders anymore until the begin of 2017. Now my next holy grail is the Snow Miku version ITEM #282533, but that will probably still take a long time, I guess a year or longer.
    3 years ago
    I had several Grails of which I thought, that would be the last figure I really desire.
    The first one was this Nami (back when I started collecting she was hard to find for a decent price XD) ITEM #770
    Then it was Yoko ITEM #113927
    And my latest 'this will be the last figure', Cure March ITEM #117438

    There are a few more minor grails in between, but these three were my main focus. Each and every time I got a grail I soon found something new I wanted to hunt down XD
    3 years ago
    My long time idol, ITEM #116883 but ITEM #236159 will do the grail for me
    3 years ago
    I loved going through the comments! My wishlist got longer :b Personally, I'd love to get my hands on ITEM #76706 It has everything I want:

    Fierce battle pose, check

    Traditional garbs, check

    Spear-like weapon, check

    SHAMISEN!!!! check (I wish more figures included instrument (especially traditional ones)

    Unfortunately, I haven't managed to find it and doubt I ever will ;_;
    3 years ago
    I keep telling myself those figures would be "the figure to end all figures". Probably said that more than 5 times by now. Some examples:

    -Beatrice. ITEM #62293 makes sense to end the hobby with something big and expensive

    -Velvet. ITEM #269729 Odin sphere collection finally completes after 8 years. perfect time to walk away.

    -Fate Harlaown. ITEM #287853 Began collecting around the time of Strikers. I was willing to end with favorite character in favorite outfit.

    Now that I see the upcoming Persona 5 characters, this isn't going to end
    3 years ago
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