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The mostly Fire Emblem loot (Mid.October to December)The mostly Fire Emblem loot (Mid.October to December)

OmegaWerrierOmegaWerrier2 years agoLoot
[This blog has broken links and sadly I lost the photos they showed, apologies :( ]

Heeeeello MFC nation. I'm your fellow user, OmegaWerrier. Let's get riiiight it to my loot!

Ok, dead memes aside... hey guys, hope you're all doing well and had a good holiday, whichever you celebrate, or a good december in general.

I'm back again with another loot. YAY!!! Thanks for your comments one the last one (BLOG #30598)

As it is a loot, this is a picture heavy blog.

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To start things off, I received a package just a week after writing my last loot, but since I didn't expect to buy much stuff, I saved it to this blog fearing it would be to barren (this changed quickly). Anyway, I'm talking about ITEM #183893 and ITEM #212746.


"Werrier-kun sure got a big box today! I wonder what's inside? Let's see... Cut the tape here... and here... AHH!!!"


"Dammit it..."


"Get off of me! This is SPARTA!"


"It's... so heavy!..."


"Wha...!!! Pikachu! Get down from there right now!"
"If you don't, I'll tell Werrier-kun to put you in the washing machine!"


"She's so pretty!"
"I'm home."
"Oh no, Werrier-kun's home! Back to the Display case!"

I really love Tart, I don't know the game she's from, but I loved her design from the first moment I saw her. Her outfit, the sword, pose, the flag and expression are great. She's definitely one of my favorite figures I own. I get kinda sad when I see how she's not that popular when she's this great, wish she had more recognition.
Nothing much to say about Kurumi keyring, it's well made, and it'll calm my wanting of one of her figures, since they are quite pricey (that was until I pre-ordered the re-release of ITEM #225343 :P ).

Up next I got the Nanoha figures I mentioned in my last loot, namely ITEM #117499,ITEM #42213 & ITEM #42215.


I haven't quite watched the anime yet, but Fate's design is pretty badass for a typical magical girl show.

Up next, a few things from E-bay. I got the Fire Emblem privilege artbooks from Awakening and Fates and the latter's poster.


A wall scroll of a few legendary Pokémon, ITEM #111957, ITEM #172620(it's a bootleg though).


ITEM #116421 (Escavalier is my favorite Pokémon :3) and a mug of Mimikyu.


From Etsy I got these adorable buttons of the starters of Sun and Moon.


And talking of Pkmn Sun and Moon...


Yep, pre-ordered it on the e-shop, played it frantickly and finished it in 3 days. Still haven't done the after story stuff yet though. Oh, and I LOVE Lillie, just saying.

Up next, some more Fire Emblem, Sheeda and Marth Nendos to be exact.


They were a pain to pose, so I doudt I'll be moving them any time soon. But they are otherwise pretty good and go together with ITEM #144318 great.

Just like Tart, I got ITEM #166931 not knowing her origin but loving everything about her, including her base (unlike Tart's which is pretty boring).


Then I finnaly got one of my Holy grails - ITEM #188424. Plus 2 posters of, again, Fire Emblem and a phone strap.

I did say I loved her :3


When I got into this hobby I wanted to have a figure for each anime I really loved, and Soul Eater is one of the highest ranked shows in my MAL, so I obviously wanted a figure to represent it. Was kinda sad to see how Soul Eater doesn't get much love in the figure department, but when I saw ITEM #188424 I fell in love, I had to have her. And so the journey began, around october was when I began seriously looking for her. She sold out in Solaris, and when each time she when back up, she would go higher in price. I looked in every corner of the internet for her, and eventually found one going for 103€ shipped, was super happy, but didn't have the money at the time, so I told myself to not be expecting much - "She'll be sold by the time I get my paycheck", but I bookmarked it just in case. Half a month goes by of me checking it almost everyday, and surprisingly, still there. Paycheck day comes, I get excited and transfer the money to my paypal. The next day, "Your money transfer was successful", "Great, I'm going to get it before..." It was gone... I was super depressed for the rest of the day. One the next day I promised myself I'd buy her next time I see her has long she's below the 200€ mark, no buts. About 2 weeks go by, I go on E-bay and look for her again, and there she was, 140€ + shipping (185€ total). It would be by quite a margin my biggest purchase in this hobby...but I when for it.


But according to the laws of the universe (and admittedly my dumbness) we can't have nice things like that. So on the day I got her, which I had to pay 60€ for taxes and all that Bulls**t customs punches in our face, while putting her together, I snapped her left arm off. When it happened I didn't even have a reaction, I simply kept staring at her and her torn off arm. Keeping the depressing thoughts I had at those moments aside, I glued her together and kept going on with my day, showing her off to my parents when they arrived. But inside my head I just kept thinking back to it, and how painfully obvious it was to me that she had been glued. Two days later I couldn't think about it anymore, searched online if anybody else had had the same problem and how should I go about fixing the poor gluing I did. Did it all over again, this time right with no rushes, and it turned out ok. After having her hold Soul again I could still notice, still can, but it doesn't bother me anymore. If anything, and this probably sounds weird, she matter even more to me because of all the history I have with this figure.

And finnaly, to finish things off, I got ITEM #250914 and ITEM #250915.


I was once browsing around the site when HE caught my attention - ITEM #396963 - I was never attracted to NSFW figures, never was something I was interested in. But it was love at first sight when I first saw Mizuki figure. Unfortunately by then his pre-orders had ended, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I decided to check his origins, I read the manga, and fell in love with the character and the series overall (it was here that I found out he was actually a boy :P). One day, after a week or so of checking is page, a light at the end of the tunnel, someone was giving up his preorder, I reached out and got him. YAY!!! I was soo happy. To "celebrate", I decided to collect the manga volumes of the series.


That took longer to write than I thought it would, spend all afternoon writing this, and now it's just ten more minutes 'till my birthday. I hope you enjoyed this loot, it was fun for me to write it, that's for sure.
Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great 2017, may it be kinder to us and the world.

OmegaWerrier out.
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Your Mimikyu mug is adorable!
2 years ago
Kirenisa I am a collector!
nice! I love fire emblem. :)
2 years ago
The Pokémon wallscroll is lovely!
2 years ago

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