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Comments • Kara no Kyoukai - Aozaki Touko - 1/8 (ALTER)

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    I know it's wierd to cancel something just for this but having her on my shelf wouldn't feel right. I'm kinda sad but at least I saved up some money. I might get her in the future if the price ever goes down, that's how I got some of Alter's 1/8 Fate/hollow ataraxia figures. This is a more complex figure though so the chances are slim.
    I thought about painting it myself too, but I feel iffy when it comes to retouching a figure. It must be similar to when people don't want to open the boxes. :D
    8 years ago
    jintoo Where is my mind?
    you should use more capital letters and "Return to the next line". Blocks are not so pleasant to read... but I know you can do it 'cause I read some of your reviews ;)
    Touko has nail polish in all the movies (the screenshot that I took is from the 1st one when she speaks with Azaka at the end). Nail polish is more feminine :P

    @Full-time reviewer
    To tell you the truth I finished to take all the photos for the review at the end of December 2009. Then I planned to do some image-editing (with the smoke for example), and learn by myself Photoshop. I also was busy... that's why the review was a bit long to come =/
    I also wanted to write with a more poetical/literary way but I still have technical descriptions on my mind >.<
    My purpose isn't to make people buy... it's rather to make a good choice for your collection. Be aware of the negative points.
    After that, if you're a fan of Touko... you finally don't have a lot of choices for a figure xD She's available at Archonia (where I bought mine with the "sales outside Japan only" sticker) and Mandarake. Don't know 'bout US stores.

    In my opinion, it's a bit regretful to have canceled just for the nail polish but I completely understand you: with such a high price, we tend to be very demanding. If I was good at painting GK or many things else, I would have done it... but I am so scared to fail... I should do it with Photoshop ! xD
    8 years ago
    "There is no nail polish ! >.< On the picture above, you can see that the nail polish has near the same color as the earrings."

    Yes, somebody noticed! This is the reason I canceled this figure. I was in shortage of money the month she came out and I was thinking on how I could save up some cash and then I saw her hands and was like "Oh my god! A character that actually has nail polish in an anime and then they have to screw up with her of all people?". So Alter pretty much made it easy for me and I canceled her right away.
    It's still a very-very nice figure, but I was so looking forward to this little detail. :D
    8 years ago
    Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
    Hah well now I know what was taking you so long on this Jin...I can see you put a lot of time and effort into it. ~_^

    But damn you for making me want this figure yet again... *tries desperately to knock the notion out of his head*

    Very comprehensive though and a nice read...Loving the pictures too especially with the few near the end that have the nifty shooped borders. *makes a mental note to steal try that idea sometime*
    8 years ago
    nice review, and a lot more detail noted than i saw. i like both heads, but since i preferred the serious one more, i didn't even review the other, which is kind of biased now that i think of it. you gave her a very fair review. also, great pics to go with it all. really, i never noticed touko had nail polish in the movies! i plan to watch the 7th movie soon and can't wait. i've been holding off since it will mean the end ^^
    8 years ago
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