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Hoozuki 1/8 (Ques Q)Hoozuki 1/8 (Ques Q)

RyukosamaRyukosama1 year agoReview
Hello an Welcome to a new Review!This will be kind of picture heavy, so be prepared :)

Today I'll be talking about Ques Q's Hoozuki figure!


He was released on the 16th November 2016 and is listed as a 1/8 Scale.
View spoilerHide spoilerHe's a bit on the shorter side of the 1/8 figures. Here's a pic for height comparison with other companies 1/8 figs :)

There are nearly no pictures of his box, so I decided to take some. It's rather simple with some ornaments, but not that exciting to look at (except for maybe the artwork), so you can just skip this part, if you want.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Ryukosama1484820420.jpeg
The front

Right side

Left side. I really like the artwork, especially his facial expression. It reflects his main mood from the anime very well! I must say, I love me some grumpy Hoozuki <3


The back side

Now, first a quick overview!






No doubt, he is simple. I'm glad Ques Q added more and more stuff to the prototyp during his development (Shiro and the smoke). It adds much to the figure and makes up for his size and simplicity.

The pose is very obvious if you think about his character. Union Creative went the same way. Standing straight, some classic accessoires from the show and a "grumpy" look on his face.
The sculpt is alright. His cloths are nicely wrinkled and the smoke looks very good. The efforts for detail that they could skip on his cloths went into Shiro's furr and shading.

Time for some close-ups! Let's begin at the top.




View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Ryukosama1484820588.jpeg

His hair is very nice and clean. It looks like a slight breeze is blowing it to the side. Together with the smoke it adds some motion to this very static figure.
I really like the sculpt of the smoke. It's nice when figures stay true to the style of their origin, just like ITEM #331626 :)
The smoke is plugged in on the back of his head. The peg goes all the way in (contradictory to the picture). You have to rearrange the pipe a little bit, if you want it to look like the smoke is actually coming out of it.



The knot of his belt looks a bit sloppy, but it's such a small detail, you only notice it up close.




As already said, his cloths are well sculpted, the wrinkles and the way it falls look natural. There's some slight shading on the hems.


And of course he's wearing his typical sandals. His yukata isn't exciting, but Ques Q did a decent job making it look realistic.



Hozuki's a busy man, so of course he has both his hands full with important stuff :D His pipe looks really pretty for such a small thing. Really easy to place it in his hand.



He also brings his metal club with him. I love that they put a small goldfish-plant pendant on it. It looks so cute and derpy!
The club is fixed with a peg that goes into his hand, which is a bit tricky to secure.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Ryukosama1484820592.jpeg

The paint job is decent. All lines are clear, nothing blurred. Even the very small accessoires are neatly painted. I have yet to find a flaw, but overall the colour scheme and patterns are so simple, I doubt I will find any^^

The base is simple, but well thought through and nice to look at. It features his symbol, the name of the anime and there's enough blank space left for Shiro.


Hozuki is accompanied by Shiro, one of his little helpers from hell.

Such a cute derpy! Ready to gnaw on some sinners!


yeah, please ignore my fingers xD

Shiro looks super cute. His furr has a nice texture and slight shading. His paw rests on a little skull. Even Hozuki's accessoires have accessoires :D It's fixed with a little peg: View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Ryukosama1484820634.jpeg

This is a very simple figure, because the template is simple as well. Ques Q tried to make the most of it by adding some typical stuff from the show that would fit him. And they did a good job with that.
The few details he has are very well done, I especially like the style of the smoke and Shiro.

But I wish they would have done some things a little different. If you take away the smoke he is really small compared to other 1/8 figs, maybe that's just my perception.
And his face could be a little more grumpy..? Maybe more defined eyebrows and stronger red around his eyes would do the job. The artwork on hix box is so nice, if there's going to be another figure of him, I hope it will be more like that.

I still like him and enjoy looking at him, but he's not perfect, if you know what I mean.
Shout out to you Union Creative Hozuki-Owners! How about you? I'm really interested in your opinion :)

Anyways, thank you very much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it a little bit.
If there are any suggestions or bugs with the pictures (again), please let me know!

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great review and nice photos showing lots of details-
makes me want to buy it and seeing it together with other druggie Kusuriuri makes me want that as well :))
1 year ago
Nice review and great photos!

The thing about shading: I feel like figures with with black clothes end up looking like a solid black block, which is why it's so important to get the folds right (and the folds look great on this figure ^_^). It's a shame because a lot of male figures wear black.

Maybe the companies are using the same shading techniques they always do, but it doesn't look as good on black clothes because black absorbs light, so the shading becomes less noticeable(?)
1 year ago
maggie (1 year ago) #17631215In the end, do you like this one better or UC?

I don't know tbh... They both have their pros and cons, but I'm still not sure which I like better. And since they both look much alike I think I'll stick with this one for now
1 year ago
In the end, do you like this one better or UC?
1 year ago
Ryukosama (1 year ago) #17630310I can take some for you later if you want :)
Oh please don't trouble yourself! I meant that for future reviews. I like reading your reviews :)
1 year ago
SkyBlue (1 year ago) #17630218Very nice review! I was really attracted to this figure but I didn't know anything about the source material which kinda made me hesitate in getting him (same goes for Kusuriuri >.<) But they look so awesome. The doggy paws are adorbs ^^ Love, love the smoke effects. I would've love to see more pictures from different angles :D
Takasugi ITEM #287834 would've been perfect to round up that last picture :P

I can take some for you later if you want :)
1 year ago
Very nice review! I was really attracted to this figure but I didn't know anything about the source material which kinda made me hesitate in getting him (same goes for Kusuriuri >.<) But they look so awesome. The doggy paws are adorbs ^^ Love, love the smoke effects. I would've love to see more pictures from different angles :D
Takasugi ITEM #287834 would've been perfect to round up that last picture :P
1 year ago
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