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rufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott4 years ago
(Prelude for LJ/DW friends): Despite the fact that I can waffle about everything and anything, I'm a very poor blogger. The social aspect (replying to comments and reading other people's entries) often gets to me. I'll continue to give it a go whenever I can, though! My head is always so full of thoughts. Perhaps airing them would help.

Sorry for the grainy pictures, my phone is the only camera I have ;; I'll see if I can upload high-res photos of the figures that don't already have good photos on their pages someday though.

Here's (a messy picture of) my current collection as a whole:


As you can see ... I'm totally unbiased towards my idols. It is mostly small chibis because I wanted to have more quantity right off the bat, and they were all pretty cheap, ofc. I still have a few chibis on the way, but they're the rather more popular ones so it's alright.

I went to Japan last summer and only bought Love Wing Bell Hanayo (ITEM #363725) and the BokuHika strap (ITEM #397546) because, um, I wasn't too into figures 6 months ago. Yeah, I'm slow ;-; Well, I don't regret it because I still bought a ton of stuff from Japan (see: my Pokemon collection), but it was a bit of a missed opportunity.


Anyway, I picked her up in particular because I'm a bit obsessed with getting married (there, I said it) so I was really attracted to this figure. I'll definitely pick up her matching Rin (ITEM #263958) someday, but that's low on my priority list. This Hanayo is super cute! Before I knew about prize figures and all that, I didn't realise she wasn't the highest standard of quality I could have because she looks so good. Her expression is very sweet (she's not making a <:D face! Damn you ITEM #316792, she would be so perfect if her eyebrows were just reversed!) and the gloves are a lovely touch. I quite like the base, too. A close up of her face:


The way her pegs fit in, she leans backwards a bit.


But you can just not push her in all the way. My biggest criticism is how curved in her back is. It looks so unnatural! Fortunately, you can't see it from the front, as she's meant to be displayed. I love looking at figures' hair and this Pana's hair is pretty nice imo.


The BokuHika strap is pretty big! I wish I could remember how much I bought her for, but it mustn't have been much at all. I kept her on my bag for a while, but now I have a whole shrine, I'd rather she stay in and out of the rain.

Oh, here's a look at that SIFAC birthday card a very kind Reddit user posted to me:


The art is not quite SIF-style, but she's still stunningly gorgeous. I burned for her when the promo was first released, and when /u/SerbianShitStain promised to send her, I was so in awe that I was sure some kind of karma would come back to haunt me and she'd get lost in the mail. She didn't though - she arrived less than a week after he posted her!

The next Kayochan I ordered was her Angelic Angelic Nendoroid Petit (ITEM #331628). I love the Angelic Angel set, and Hanayo's R is often my centre during events~


The <:D face works better on the card than in real life ... Still adorbs though! The yellow and purple lines run a bit towards the ends - I know you can't expect painting this fine to be perfect, but I seem to exaggerate that defect in my mind. I see it in my mind's eye as this horrible splotch of paint, but it's actually so tiny no one else will ever see it, probably.


Feel free to talk to me and my son any time. With ITEM #218652

The colours of a Nendo are so beautiful and vibrant, my other chibis pale next to them. Bootlegs can never capture their bright colours right!


I'm camp 'stop making Hanayo look distressed in every card', but I'll make an exception for her Nendo because she is way too cute! There's something about the little details on her outfit, the colours in her eyes, that little blush - they just capture me and make me adore her!


A BokuIma duet! These are both my favourite expressions of theirs. The wink is so Rin, and Hanayo's eyes are both gentle and full of spirit. It's like they've really jumped out of the screen, ready to perform!

Btw, I got Kayochan off of Manda and she's really stiff compared to Rin, who I got brand new. Putting in her hands or arms takes forever, and slightly more force than I'm comfortable with ;; It's not too bad though, and I should really stop fondling her so much anyway ...

For the trading figures, let's start with Pana's Dancing Stars on Me chibi! (ITEM #246254)


I love this outfit because it's so detailed, and this little figure has captured it all! It looks just as good as her R card. You can see the belt buckle and every little line is picked out in paint. The base is my favourite of all the chibis, I didn't expect so much detail in it! From behind:


(Oops, should've captured her wings better.) The wings are really cute, though they're rather obscured by her hair and you might not notice them at first glance. The ribbon at the back of her dress and the curls on her head makes her so unique! I never notice them on her R card before, but it's her most prominent feature here, and it works!

The others are all Banpresto, but the Snow Halation chibi is from Movic (ITEM #328540).


Yeah, her earmuffs look a little weird from every angle. The promo picture makes her feet look distinct from each other, but they might as well be a bucket she's stepped into on mine. I don't like just how glued together her hands are either. However, the overall effect is still very cute and I like it better than the Niitengo (ITEM #356872). Every detail is there, and her skin is actually a good colour. Unfortunately, the Banpresto chibis have rather yellow skin.


Example #1 ... (ITEM #289136) Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favourites of her chibis! It's just that she looks like she's caught the plague, and her <:) expression doesn't help either. I was also hoping her onigiri would have a little texture, but no dice there. Oh well, it's still a sweet-looking Hanayo! Her head band does have texture, since it's meant to be a fluffy headband, so it feels a little bumpy. I can't quite take a picture of it, but her outfit has the little green flower (for the kanji of her name) on the left breast, a nice touch I did not expect! Hanayo is really the best in this series. The other girls' training outfit chibis are a little plain imo, but Hanayo's onigiri makes all the difference! The base is excellent here too, as it has her character symbol!

Next is her Music START chibi (ITEM #214872), which I only picked up as part of a sikrit project and because I thought I might as well bundle it with the others I bought since shipping was so expensive (the age-old collectors' complaint, amirite).


Her face is a little too wide, and her pose is very generic. The base doesn't help matters either (and mine came pretty mucky-looking T_T). Her hair along with her yellow outfit gives her an overall dull effect. Still Pana and still adorable though ^^ Her shoes and socks are the best part, they're unexpectedly detailed. Also, the gold is not a paint splotch. That's what her outfit is supposed to look like, but so small, it definitely looks like someone's hand was shaking as they painted her lol.

And my favourite of the bunch, Happy Maker Hanayo! You definitely make me happy, Hanayo! (ITEM #289124)


Everything about her is so perfect - the pose, the expression, the ribbon and the flower in her hair! Of course, the Happy Maker costumes are very plain, which helps in not skimping on details, but it doesn't change the fact that she looks great, down to the ribbons on her socks! Again, I think she's the best of the bunch, although Nozomi and Nico may be close. That winking face and pointing finger are too much for me!

And now for the very pearl of my collection, the one who I was really after:

(ITEM #396930)

This Hanayo is adorable in that she has so many things about her to adore! She is my favourite Hanayo scale for sure! When I got her, my breath was swept away. She looks so much better than I ever imagined, and she totally outshines everything else on my desk!


Hanayo's little smile is exquisite. The glasses are the perfect touch - like any other Pana fan, I'm a sucker for her glasses. Even the ribbon looks good. From the promo pictures, I was worried the hem of her blazer would be too rounded (what? We're all nerds here, I can worry about minuscule details, no matter how trivial ...), but it's actually nice and crisp. I always love cloth creases on figures - I suppose the high level of detail is just appealing - and her pose and the swish of her skirt is highly gratifying.


A well-rounded back, and her HAIR! Her hair is what did it for me. Nothing else I have is so detailed, so intricately painted. I can't even compare it to my LWB prize figure. That single strand of hair worried me for a bit at first. When I took her out, I put her down on the carpeted floor, and as I picked her up, the strand got stuck in a bit of carpet! I nearly had a heart attack thinking I'd rip it right off, but happily, she held on ^^;

One small complaint I could make: what she looks like underskirt.


Not the best shot, but you can see how her panties are so defined that they look like they've been put on on top of her tights. I was really hoping she'd just be wearing tights and it would be classy black all the way, but the shape of her bottom through the tights is kind of disturbing. Oh well. It's truly the most trivial detail to pick issue with, I won't even be seeing it.

So this is my little collection, and I think my Hanayo shrine will stay like this for the most part. There's nothing else I really want. Her training outfit Nendo is cute, but I'm not the biggest fan of her first face plate, or the rather bland outfit. I'll definitely pick her up someday, and any of her other figures too, if they're hanging around when I order other things, but they're not a priority. Probably the Hanayo figure I want the most now is her Alter (ITEM #317825) because I'm so in love with the detail in scales, but I'm a bit of a nomad right now and I don't want to risk breaking such a beautiful and delicate figure while moving. For now, I'm more than completely happy with this <3

Edit: Got her figma! I don't think I'm a fan of figmas in general ... I was okay with her small size at first, but I had trouble posing her and I don't like how the accessories are loose - in particular, her onigiri. I was expecting her to be able to actually hold onto that. I tried posing her in the way of her unidolised Initial UR, and this is as good as I can get:


Her right arm is loose and contributed to the time it took for me to pose her by constantly falling off :( Her default faceplate is very cute, but I don't like the others that much, not even her bonus face plate. The little cuts in her jumper bug me, and she head-on, she looks like she's sticking out her neck. Apart from that, her overall effect is very cute and I do like her accessories. The fact that her skirt and bag are soft is pretty neat too. In conclusion, I'm happy to have her, but she's my first figma and will probably be the last ^^;

Thank you for reading!
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Bayuro4 years ago#18073985It seems you still don't have Figma Hanayo. That is a must have for Pana fanatics. It's still a nice collection tho...

Oh is she that good? That's really great to hear, she's due to arrive to me tomorrow! I know I'll love her all the same but it's nice to hear that after I had to pay customs for my order of her alone =w= Her giant onigiri and glow sticks definitely caught me at once! I'll be updating this post when I get her and my other Pana figures currently in the mail too.

purpledragongirl4 years ago#18062929Your collection is great! I've been building my shrine up too, but it's scattered through my larger Love Live collection. I haven't seen many Hanayo fans, it's great to see that people still love her, she's my favourite character from any series!!!

Thanks! Yep, Pana definitely deserves more love ;w; I made this post at this time in particular partly because of how neglected she's been in SIF lately.

daabeai4 years ago#18059097I love your collection!! Hanayo is one of my best girls, and I hope to build a minishrine to her!

Thank you! I wish you luck in your collection as well! Love your Eeveelution Pokedolls btw <3

Otacon4 years ago#18055326I'm so jealous, I've wanted to make a Hanayo shrine ever since I first fell in love with her years ago. You don't come across Pana shrines often, so I really appreciate the dedication of those who do have one ~.

Thank you~ I definitely feel jealous when I see other people's shrines to my favourite characters too, especially if they've got them displayed all nice in front of posters and all that. Alas, it'll be a couple of years before I can even settle down to buy a shelf, so my desk will have to do for now.

mintbunny4 years ago#18055240Cuuuuute collection! Here's mine! Love Hanayo with all my heart! I've been dying to get tuxedo Hanayo but someone always snatches it before I do. Someday though!

Ooh I love yours too! You even have Beach Queen Pana, who will probably be my next Pana target~ I hope you can get LWB Pana soon! I picked her up from a shop front in Akiba who were getting rid of stock so they were selling her brand new for fairly cheap, I got pretty lucky with that!
4 years ago
It seems you still don't have Figma Hanayo. That is a must have for Pana fanatics. It's still a nice collection tho...
4 years ago
Your collection is great! I've been building my shrine up too, but it's scattered through my larger Love Live collection. I haven't seen many Hanayo fans, it's great to see that people still love her, she's my favourite character from any series!!!
4 years ago
I love your collection!! Hanayo is one of my best girls, and I hope to build a minishrine to her!
4 years ago
I'm so jealous, I've wanted to make a Hanayo shrine ever since I first fell in love with her years ago. You don't come across Pana shrines often, so I really appreciate the dedication of those who do have one ~.
4 years ago
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Cuuuuute collection! Here's mine! Love Hanayo with all my heart! I've been dying to get tuxedo Hanayo but someone always snatches it before I do. Someday though!
4 years ago
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