Is Nanako Broadway worth the visit ?Is Nanako Broadway worth the visit ?Ask MFC

KiseKimikoKiseKimiko3 years ago
Hi i am planning my trip to japan and so far i plan to visit Aikhabara and Ikebukuro.I was wondering if Nanako boardway is worth the visit for anime merchandise shopping i heard there is a manadarke outlet there which sells sencond merch do let me know if there is another anime shop there ?? Thxs for reading.
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There are some temporary shops that sells popular merchs and some that sell what you could see as "extremely difficult" to find. It's busier than expected and it's a bit of a problem trying to understand the location, but with a map (took one there) and patience, you could be able to see almost everything or, at least, what you want to see.

Mandarake is split up, as everyone said, but it's not necessary impossible to find things: they have the same-server and can help you find things that are in different parts of Nakano, even going personally to indicate the exact location of such item you asked... this is how I found some mangas and my boyfriend destroyed his wallet. It's a lot of walking but it's still worth the visit.

If you don't have anything rare or old to search, probably Nakano isn't one of the "must go" places
3 years ago
lightningmaid 不思議な
Yes, I stayed nearby Asagaya station and everytime I went home early (around 7PM) I got of the Nakano stop just to check Mandarake for half an hour maybe pick something up and went back on the road home. I think I went 3/4 times in total in 2 weeks, and it's not boring either since the stock changes everyday.
3 years ago
I've been to Nakano broadway a couple of times and enjoyed it for somewhere else to go rather then Akihabara, I found it to be super quite compared to Akihabara. Personally Mandarake is the only store worth visiting, you can check all the stock they will have on the Mandarake web site before you go so could save you a trip if you see nothing. But for the couple hours it will take to do and see Nakano broadway you might as well go. I got told Nakano would be cheaper then Akihabara but didn't find that, the handful of gaming stores I found on the walk to Mandarake where all more expensive then say BookOff or Trader2 in Akihabara.
3 years ago
Yes and no. The Mandarake there is AMAZING and very worth the visit, as are all the other curiosity stores nearby and inside. The figure stores themselves I found pretty overpriced (5000yen for a prize figure that was available to preorder for 1200yen at many figure stores and is very common? Yeeahno), though there are a few cheaper gems here and there if you search (do not buy a figure the first time you see it - I saw a Nendoroid I wanted for 8000yen, 6000, 4500yen, and then finally purchased it from the Manadarake for 1500yen (it was sealed and unused)).

I personally much preferred Akihabara, but was glad I visited Nakano.

For me it was pretty great after having "seen" it in Digimon Cyber Sleuth to visit the real thing.
3 years ago
Stalking Loli hunter
I enjoyed Akiba a thousand more times than Nakano broadway. You can go once and check for yourself, but if you're in it for the figures, there's not much in nakano broadway.

Akiba has a lot more to explore, and it only feels "less crowded" because it's a lot bigger than Nakano broadway.

My experience there was meh
3 years ago
I don't know about NANAKO broadway, but NAKANO is certainly worth a visit! There are so many shops packed into an arcade (what Americans would call a mall), it's where I spent 80% of my money when we went.
3 years ago
I went there last week! It is SO BUSY. Like if you think Akiba is busy, times it by 50 and you have Nakano. And the manda store is split into 26 different little shops in the Broadway shopping centre and it is basically impossible to find what you want. The figures are mostly all in one of the shops on the 2nd floor but good luck getting me to remember WHICH of the shops. Seriously, their merch is split among 26 shops.

For me personally I wish I hadn't gone. It was a living nightmare and Manda Complex in Akiba actually had a better selection in my opinion.

Getting to Nakano from Akiba is very easy btw! Take the subway, the Suehirocho stop, change at Nihombashi for Nakano and boom you're there. Only 240 yen each way, too.
3 years ago
I think it was definitely worth the visit. There are a number of anime stores there which you can find some older stuff. A lot of the stores also sold lots of pre-opened gachapon, which was nice if you were looking for something in particular. The arcade there isn't to bad neither.
3 years ago
Nakano is very much worth visiting if you are into "treasure hunting" for some old stuff and things you never knew you wanted until you see them. Also for things like doujinshi's, tapestry, anime cels, drawings and settings, etc.

What it is a bad place, in my opinion, is for only go window shopping. It is much better to go knowing you'll buy stuff and bring money with (they accept cards too).
3 years ago
shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
Yes, it's definitely worth a visit. Give yourself the whole day (opens at 12PM, closes at 8PM) because it's almost like a labyrinth and there are a loooooot of stores. Besides Mandarake, there are several Lashinbang stores as well. It's just like Mandarake, a secondhand store.
3 years ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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