Kirigaya Suguha – SAO EXTRA – 1/6 Aniplex Exclusive REVIEWKirigaya Suguha – SAO EXTRA – 1/6 Aniplex Exclusive REVIEWReview

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Kirigaya Suguha – Sword Art Online EXTRA – 1/6 Aniplex Exclusive - Review

Hello MFC!
Today I’m here with a small review of a figure I picked up a while ago but never got the chance to finish the review due to some PC issues –A beautifully swimsuit clad version of Kirigaya Suguha from the OVA special “Sword Art Online EXTRA “.
This figure is 1/6 scale and is an Aniplex exclusive – which means it can be a little difficult to come by. I managed to grab mine brand new on Mandarake sometime after its release.


Here we have the box – considering the figure itself is 1/6 scale (which can be quite large depending on the company) Aniplex have done a good job keeping the box compact and efficient. There’s nothing more frustrating than an oversized box and blister – But the box size is exactly the size it needs to be in order to keep Suguha safe and sound. The box design is simplistic and doesn’t draw to much attention away from the main figure window. A nice ocean back drop against a clear blue sky, a slight profile shot of some water directly underneath the window, followed by some strong white text informing us on what/who the figure is.
The obvious theme of this figure is blue – what I love the most about this figure (And I’ll get to it a lot more later on ) is the modesty. The box could scream one of two things (Modesty or sexuality) and they took the sensible route of creating a calm atmosphere for its box design and colours.

The sides of the box show off some nice clear images of the figure inside while the back provides with a small glimpse into the alternate facial expression!


Once we open up the box we are greeted with the blister, containing all the necessary elements to make up the figure
1. The main Figure
2. The alternative facial expression
3. The base
4. The Instructions
you’ll find the blister opens up with ease, some sticky tape around the sides and just 4 little suction bubbles keeping the blister together. Now, this is one of those CrAzY blisters that are connected on the bottom and open up like a clam – I mention this because if you open it up thinking the two halves of the blister will come apart = you will be pleasantly surprized with bits and bobs falling all over the place. Be sure to open her on a flat surface to avoid pieces flying about your figure safe from falling harm.


Generously there is no constructed needed for this figure, so we can take her right out of the box and take a look at her right away.
Before we go into the details let’s take a nice decent look at the figure for what it is from the front. First impressions is that she is absolutely beautiful. Elegant and modest (Im going to use this word a lot).Let me start off by saying I don’t own any swimsuit figures and that this is my first. My belief is that there is a definitive line between art and sexuality and this figure is perfect example of a character in a swimsuit that doesn’t scream sexuality. Suguha as a character has a gorgeous body and while I know this is based off the OVA –sometimes seeing characters like this can be strange when it’s something they normally wouldn’t do. Yes, fan service sells but there’s no need to sexualize a character for no reason – that being said nudity and lingerie can be a beautiful form of art if done correctly and again – This figure nails that – so I feel very proud to own this one of not only a character I adore but it’s lovly to look at.


Heres some shots from the left and right, look at those curves – superb sculpting work here


And a shot from the back. I think what I find most impressive about this figure is the sculpting work. Most of the figures I own are quite complicated – which generally have your eyes darting all over looking at all the detailed elements that make up the figure. Suguha on the other hand is just herself and Aniplex have defentally taken the time and care to put every bit of detail that can in sculpting her body. I would really like to point out the shading work on the shoulder blades – they have to be the most realistic looking shoulder blade sculpting I have come across. Really illustrates her body pose and slender body – amazing.


A close up of the upper half of Suguha – the deal breaker for most figures can be the face, but I can safely say they did a great job capturing Suguha’s face as well as her character. The slight angling of the eyebrows and the slight peaks in her smile, great stuff. The hair doesn’t have much shade work, but considering how dark Suguha’s hair is this is something that can be overlooked in the long run. As I mentioned with her shoulder blades, Aniplex did a stunning job really creating a life like reflection of the human body. The shading work on the skin is the best I have seen, not to mention her collar bones – incredible work!


Besides the phenomenal shading/colouring put into the skin – the next big highlight is Suguha’s swimsuit. I have never seen an element on a figure so shiny – so beautifully shiny. It’s so shiny that it creates a natural reflection. A simple gloss paint on the right parts can make a massive difference to a figure and this really does. Seeing the swimsuit with this shine create the effect that it’s glistening in the sun after Suguha has just emerged from a dip in the ocean. The way the top of the swimsuit bends and creases is really nice, great effect here.


While the sculpting work on the body is fantastic, as well as the great work on the creases and folds in the swimsuit – there is one part of the figure that appears to lack in quality – the straps. Im not sure if this is because the straps are quite thin compared to any other part of the figure, but you can Cleary see in this image below that the bottom of the strap is all cracked and crumbled. While it’s a very small part of the figure, it’s something that cannot go un-noticed as this issue is applied to ALL the white parts that go around the swimsuit. You can even see that the strap in her hand is cracked, as well as bits flaking onto her hand as well – A little disappointing but it’s certainly not a deal breaker.


Out of all the photos I took, I personally believe this one below perfectly captures everything great about the figure. The sculpting of those creases are gorgeous – it perfectly complements and showcases Suguha’s slender body and stomach. I also love the way the bottom of her ribcage sticks out the way it does – it’s nice to see some more idealistic body shapes going on. This angle also show cases Suguhas quite large bust –the way the swimsuit hugs around center and stretches out really simulates the weight of her breasts, really nice attention to detail.
Speaking of detail, in shot you can see more dodgy paint work on the white parts of the swimsuit, both underneath the bottom of the strap and around her legs – ugh


A closer look at the back half of Suguha. The poseing of her body is really great and actually looks great from the back as well. The swimsuit sticks around her buttocks area and creates some beautiful curves and creases in the swimsuit. This is also another real nice example of the shiny paint work on the blue swimsuit, check out that reflection! Very satisfying.
Note: The white crumble on the bottom of the left strap – I don’t understand why this is only on the straps, it could just be my figure but again, worth pointing out.


Now that we have checked out the main figure, let’s see what else she comes with! Suguha also comes with an alternate “Embarrassed” facial expression that can be swapped out from her normal one. There are also a pair of instructions to help you out with this process too, but let’s take a look at how it’s done.


The process is pretty simple, first of all you have to remove the front part of her hair/fringe. If you look at the figure profile view you can see a slight seam line running around the front of her ears all the way around her head. Slightly wiggle the front of the hair forward and it should pop off with ease. Once the hair is off you need to remove her current facial expression. The easiest way to do this is to grab a hold of her ears and wiggle her head forward. It might seem a bit stiff at first but the face should pop off eventually leaving a slightly horrific faceless Suguha. Once the face plate is off, put the alternative faceplate on instead and re-attach the hair!


This is how she looks with her “Embarrassed” face on. Personally I don’t really like it; I feel this expression completely changes the whole figure with the worst possible intentions. What was once a beautifully modest yet slightly playful pose and expression has turned into an expression that makes her look incredibly uncomfortable with what she is wearing…and considering what she is doing it looks like she is being forced to take off her swimsuit? A little distasteful in my opinion but each to their own.


A wider angle showing off the alternative faceplate.


Before we wrap things up let’s take a quick look at the base Suguha comes with! The base is a nice little inclusion but is totally optional as she does a pretty good job standing up on her own.
The base is a slightly opaque circle base that has some sort of slight water texture in a spiral motion.


Here she is kneeling on the base. The diameter of the base is just wide enough to fit all of Suguha on it. Considering she is already on the large side being 1/6, having her legs shifted back like that takes up a little bit of room, so the base certainly doesn’t help in this regard. It does, however, add a nice little touch to the figure. The clear light blue colour doesn’t take away any focus on the main figure and helps simulate that ocean/water like atmosphere. Looks great with or without!


Before we wrap up, just some quick high and low angles!



Aniplex have done a fantastic job capturing Suzuha’s character and personality. The sculpting and shading is some of the best I have seen – considering she is an exclusive you would want to hope you are getting top quality for your $$$. The sculpting work gone into the body is incredible, shoulder blades-collar bones-all these elements look life like. The crease and folds in her swimsuit look fantastic and the swimsuit does a great job highlighting the characters slender body.

Nice looking box that carefully houses the figure, no unnecessarily large blister creating a silly box size – its just the right size to hold the figure which doesn’t affect the shipping price. Comes with a simple yet effective base and even an alternate face plate – both nice little additions.

Only down side is the strange paint cracking/flaking on the white parts of the swimsuit. Most notably around the strap that is being pulled by her hand, around the bottom and in her palm, as well as around the side near her legs. Despite this one quality issue, the rest of the paint work is spot on and really impressive, especially the shine on the swimsuit, so shiny!
A beautiful, elegant, modest swimsuit figure that perfectly captures the character. Very impressed and would recommend!


I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions or would like to request any photos of different aspects I didn’t capture; I’ll do my best to help out! If anyone has any requests on ANY of the items I own I would be more than happy to review them also :)
Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry
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