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Figuarts Zero: One Piece: Sanji Diable Jambe Premiere HachisFiguarts Zero: One Piece: Sanji Diable Jambe Premiere Hachis

That's right! It is already time for another figure review! Yesterday I had a review of Di Molto Bene's statue of Miia from Monster Musume. Today I am reviewing a small figurine of my favorite One Piece character. I am reviewing Bandai's recently released addition to the Figuarts Zero line, Sanji performing his Diable Jambe Premiere Hachis Hash attack.


Take him out of the box, set him up and wow! Look how badass this figurine is!


There is a lot to appreciate in the design of this small figure, so let's take a look at its parts with the help of my trusty macro lens.

First we have the base which shares the same octagon shape as MegaHouse's Portrait of Pirates line of scale figures. It has some lovely emphasis lines to complement the figure's attack pose along with the name of the attack he is performing.


The large flame effect at the bottom is rather impressive and detailed for being so small. The flame is effectively posed to show the launching motion of Sanji's attack.


You have this smaller flame effect on his right foot emphasizing the fierce thrusting motion of his kick.


Now let's take a look at the face. The smaller the figure, the more difficult it becomes to craft certain small details. For a figure this size, the definition of the details even zoomed in by 250% is considerably well crafted. This results in a highly detailed miniature sculpt when you see the figure in person.


You can also see a good bit of work has gone into the paint of his suit. For a figurine of this size, just a simple coat of black would have been sufficient, but they went the extra mile and added some texture and grain to the paint job to give it a more natural cloth-like appearance. It is amazing how much of a difference details too small for the human eye to see can make for a figure's design.


Bandai did a good job showing off how limber Sanji's legs are and how that translates into his kicking attacks.

My favorite thing about this figurine is the translucency of the flames. This figure is an excellent subject for playing around with lights.


Whether you want to enhance your display or take some kickass pictures, there is a lot of potential for both with this figure.

The main reason Sanji is my favorite character in One Piece is because of his kicking based fighting style. Combining that with his Diable Jambe technique where his lights his legs on fire with high-speed friction makes for some awesome fight scenes. This little figure does an excellent job portraying the overwhelming intensity of his signature fighting technique.

That and he is so stylish and well groomed. Like Sanji, I am an avid fan of beautiful women. There is almost nothing I wouldn't do for a lovely lady. Even with that, I still think Sanji is sexy as hell. A good friend of mine often makes the joke that seeing Sanji for the first time on One Piece is what made him realize he is gay. I was like "Well of course. Look at him. That's a man with charm that can make any other man gay." XD

"That's because Sanji is life! Sanji is love!"


That pic was for you, buddy. You're welcome. XD

As you can see from this picture, the size of this figurine is roughly the same as that of your typical 1/12 scale action figure. It also has no difficulty standing without the use of its base, so that is useful if you can't quite fit the base where you want the figure to go.

To be honest, I really can't find a thing wrong with this figurine. It is small, so it is super easy to find a spot for it. It's pose and colors make it incredibly dynamic, so it quickly pops out in your display. And for the overall quality of the product for its price, you get a massive bang for your buck.


If you are a One Piece fan, want something small, and don't want something super expensive, you just can't go wrong with this figurine. I would say this is one of Bandai's best Figuarts Zero figures. It is still available at several stores. Add this to your collection and you will surely be thrilled with what you receive.
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Nice review! This Sanji figure is really cool, I have the Diable Jambe Flambage one but the pose of this one is better^^ I don't like that line at all (even though I have 9 figures from it) I find the paint job really bad for an expensive price and a figure too small, the only good point for me is the dynamic poses.
11 months ago
Nice review thanks for showing it,this is a nice figure!
1 year ago
It look so much better zoom in, I'm impress how good it looks
1 year ago
The figuarts zero Sanjis are amazing! I got the other one where he's doing Diable Jambe and it's one of my favs. Kinda wishing I picked this one up too.

Thanks for the review!
1 year ago
Kirito-dono (1 year ago) #18571524I don't like One piece franchise at all, but your reviews are just great! :) Thank you very much. :3
1 year ago
I don't like One piece franchise at all, but your reviews are just great! :)
1 year ago