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tetrixtetrix4 years ago
Since I just joined MFC, I have not showcase the anime goods I have bought so far. I will be showing off my clear file collections in this blog. I like collecting clear files with nice art and character designs of the anime I enjoyed.

Clear Files from Japan
I have several pretty files from Japanese manufacturer. Most of the files are exclusive ones from Movic, which can only be bought in Japan. I bought them during my Japan trip, and also asked my friends and relatives visiting Japan to buy for me too.

2015 Anime
I bought all of these files (except GATE and Symphogear GX) during my Japan trip in June 2016.

GATE: ITEM #380878 (Penguin Parade)
Symphogear GX (Chris): ITEM #380849 (Hobby Stock)
Assassination Classroom: ITEM #506488 (JM)
The Asterisk War: ITEM #506510 (Movic)
Utawarerumono: ITEM #506526 (Movic)


Spring 2016 Anime
I actually bought Bungou Stray Dog's clear file because of Kyouka (the female character). She is one of my favourite character during the time when the anime is being aired. Even though it is an exclusive good by Movic, somehow my local anime shop managed to acquire them, but they sell it at pretty high price.

I bought the rest of them from my Japan Trip in June 2016 (except for the Ram & Rem which I pre-ordered it)

Bungou Stray Dogs: ITEM #473762 (Movic)
NetoYome: ITEM #506520 (Movic)
Sansha Sanyou: ITEM #506185 (Movic)
Re:Zero: ITEM #506518 (Movic)
Re:Zero (Ram & Rem): ITEM #453294 (Chara-Ani)
Kiznaiver: ITEM #422022 (Movic)


Summer 2016 Anime
Amanchu's file is one of my favourite, as well as Konobi (Usami :D)
For Konobi, I actually wanted only the first file (club room), but it is bundled together with another file (swimsuit), so I got both of them.

Amanchu!: ITEM #506631 (Movic)
Konobi: ITEM #486789 (Azumaker)
Konobi: ITEM #486790 (Azumaker)


Fall 2016 Anime
I don't know why I decided to buy Keijo's file. The anime is pretty silly but super hilarious. I love Girlish Number as well.

3-gatsu no Lion: ITEM #502038 (Movic)
Girlish Number: ITEM #506650 (Movic)
Keijo!!!!!!!!: ITEM #519195 (Medicos Entertainment)
Magical Girl Raising Project: ITEM #525961 (Movic)


Winter 2017 Anime
Little Witch Academia: ITEM #527175 (Movic)
Rewrite: ITEM #528621 (Movic)
Fuuka: ITEM #527217 (Movic)

I really like Rewrite's clear file. It is pretty colorful with all the girls. :D


Clear Files from Non-Japanese Companies
I also bought clear files from non-Japanese companies like Muse and Proware. These companies always come to the annual Anime Festival Asia Singapore (AFASG) to sell stuff. Their files are far more cheaper, but have pretty designs as well.

Files I am Currently Using:
Re:Zero, Asterisk War, Ushio to Tora, Oregairu, Angel Beats!, Your Lie in April

This picture shows the file I am currently using for my school. I used a different file for different modules. They are pretty nice. (The Asterisk War one is actually from Japan by Kadokawa, but is sold during AFASG2015 as an exclusive good)


Tamako Market, Tokyo Ravens, Amagi Brilliant Park, Nisekoi S2, Shokugeki no Souma, Oregairu Zoku

Gakkou Gurashi, GochiUsa, Charlotte, Asterisk War

Anne Happy, My Hero Academia, Hundred, Kuma Miko, NetoYome

Re:Zero, Twin Star Exorcists, Konobi, Mob Psycho 100

Just wondering... Am I allowed to add entries of these files that are produced by non-Japanese companies to the database?

I also bought a Clear File Storage Holder like this so I can store my files so I can view them like a book:

Before I bought the clear file storage holder, I used a B4-sized clear book as a substitute for storing my files:

I am currently using both of them to store my clear files.

I still have some more files which I did not show, some of them are from Boruto, One Piece, and Detective Conan - these are freebies I got from spending a certain amount at AFA.

I also pre-ordered some more clear files of recent anime too, which I will blog again when they arrive.

Thanks for reading!
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I like collect clear files too. xD I wonder I looked in your storage book for these is coming with sealed plastic can fit in there. xD I have some is coming with sealed plastic and some don't have plastic seal because freebies.. :)
Ooh I want to buy few for B4-sized clear book for my little big clear files.. (I can pay by paypal.. ;w; with some stores not amiami/amazon. orz]

Very nice loot of clear files and storage files! c:
4 years ago
Asagoe4 years ago#18792925I didn't know this was a thing! but it's a very nice collection.
Thank you! I am not sure whether collecting clear files are an "in" thing now. I just prefer collecting clear files because they are cheaper, have nice designs, and also have practical usage as well.

Tiamat264 years ago#18802714Cool collection
= )

Thanks! :)

Miau4 years ago#18802760Aaaw, nice collection!
Where did you get the storage holders? ;w; I want some for mines too but can't find them :_

I got them from the physical shop in Japan's Animate. But I am pretty sure you can find them on AmiAmi, Amazon and other website as well. Like this one: www.amiami.com/...
4 years ago
Aaaw, nice collection!

Where did you get the storage holders? ;w; I want some for mines too but can't find them :_
4 years ago
Cool collection

= )

4 years ago
Asagoe Mad Magician ✨
I didn't know this was a thing! but it's a very nice collection.
4 years ago
Yarrowia4 years ago#18771308I'm jealous of the Amanchu clear file! I bought a lot of those when i was in Japan but i never found the Amanchu one.
Nice collection!

Thanks! I was lucky to be able to find the Amanchu file in Japan 4-5 months after its initial release. It seems like it is not that popular in Japan. I actually wanted more files from that season (Summer 2016), but I can't find them - New Game! and Konobi

mickaducky4 years ago#18773786Where did you get the Your Lie clear file, I don't think I've ever seen that :0

It is from a Taiwanese company known as Proware. The company comes to my local anime event annually, so I bought the file from them.
4 years ago
Lovely collection! I would like as well if those Proware items could be added to the database, I own some myself.
4 years ago
Where did you get the Your Lie clear file, I don't think I've ever seen that :0
4 years ago
C2Queen4 years ago#18767320Where did you get your clear file holder?

I use (mostly) the same brand of clear file holder that tetrix mentioned, and I get mine just via amazon.com. If you search "clear file storage koade" they should come up. Might be available via other countries' amazon sites, as well.

I really recommend using the storage holders if you have more than a few clear files. It's like building an artbook where you've chosen all the art.
4 years ago
i usually just put my clear files on my wall and closet (taped ofc)
4 years ago
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