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AzyxAzyx3 years ago
Hello again!

For those wondering about the reblog, yesterday I screwed up and while trying to correct a mistake I made in one of the poll option, I ended up reseting 44 votes, which threw the whole poll out the window... After thinking it through, a reblog was the only solution I could come up with, so here it is! Sorry about the inconvenient =/ The initial mistake I made was also kind of irrelevant, I wrote Alter Saber instead of Saber Alter, I should have left it alone -_-

So here I go with a second round, it will end in 7 days on next Tuesday:

Welcome to the February poll!

With our top 5 figure of February known, it's time to vote for one of them and crown a winner!

There was a total of 31 nomination with none canceled, thank you for your participation!

The 5 figure in the poll!http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/hIE1461117902.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Kaneel1473735671.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/hIE1458897535.jpeg

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Kaneel1466478738.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Christown1469328086.jpeg

Thanks for your participation!

[Number of nomination] (Database link) Character Name [Manufacturer Name][Hit(s) Tie Breaker]
[17] ITEM #287683 Saber Alter [Alter]120847
[15] ITEM #236369 Kafuu Chino [Aquamarine]19667
[10] ITEM #414719 Saber [Aniplex + Stronger]43703
[09] ITEM #396908 Galko-chan [Max Factory]23906
[06] ITEM #235371 Yuudachi [Broccoli]14803

[05] ITEM #331681 Yukinoshita Yukino [Souyokusha]22219
[03] ITEM #464675 Lelouch Lamperouge [Kotobukiya]16945
[03] ITEM #485704 Eievui, Okido Shigeru [MegaHouse]4499
[03] ITEM #387021 Younis [New Vision Toys]3383
[02] ITEM #442019 Hyuuga Hinata [MegaHouse]32217
[02] ITEM #450199 YoRHa No. 2 Type B [Square Enix]16476
[02] ITEM #435986 Marie Rose [Kotobukiya]13481
[02] ITEM #345974 Hachibi, Killer Bee [Tsume]12802
[02] ITEM #382709 Shirokiite Nunnally [Amakuni]8606
[02] ITEM #396977 Lynette Bishop [Aquamarine]5281
[01] ITEM #345809 Kurosaki Ichigo [Tsume]18484
[01] ITEM #541206 Sakura Hina [Alphamax]17806
[01] ITEM #387022 Rachel Emerson [New Vision Toys]3425
[01] ITEM #468318 Wonda-chan [Good Smile Company]3232
[01] ITEM #543916 Ram [SEGA]993
[01] ITEM #543535 Alice Cartelet [Ques Q]795
[01] ITEM #547358 Maribel Hearn, Usami Renko [Bell Fine]590

The poll will be running until next Monday 12:00 UTC time.

Link reference to previous blog: Reference Blog!
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February Poll [2017]

48%Saber Alter [Alter]
16%Kafuu Chino [Aquamarine]
9%Saber [Aniplex + Stronger]
16%Galko-chan [Max Factory]
10%Yuudachi [Broccoli]
165 votes


Poll ended with 133 votes,

[64] ITEM #287683 Saber Alter [Alter]
[25] ITEM #396908 Galko-chan [Max Factory]
[18] ITEM #236369 Kafuu Chino [Aquamarine]
[15] ITEM #235371 Yuudachi [Broccoli]
[11] ITEM #414719 Saber [Aniplex + Stronger]
3 years ago