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Bikes and Motorcycles for 1/12 action figuresComments • Bikes and Motorcycles for 1/12 action figures

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    Try Maisto. They have a lot of 1/12 scale cars and motorbikes. Used to dislay my Figma kiritsugu in a Harley big bike (smoking and holding a gun) and Archer in a red kawasaki if I remember correctly.
    1 year ago
    PICTURE #985797 The bike is from Minichamps. Somewhat pricey however...
    1 year ago
    ex:ride has a nice set of pre-built motorcycles, mopeds and other designs. Since they were released by goodsmile ("freeing" brand) they are naturally scaled to figmas. They are old so sometimes a little hard to find but not impossible. I recently got a few ex:rides at retail or lower, brand new. Amiami has a few types on their site at retail price (which is pretty cheap compared to what they would cost if they did a re-run of them now, I'm sure). If you want to use a proxy, you may also want to try amazon.co.jp or yahoo auctions. And mandarake has them occassionally. With patience you can also get them on e-bay at a good price (but really, patience is required because most of the listings are ridiculous and never sell).
    1 year ago
    Rajke Ca fanatic
    I would recommend Automaxx 1/12 scale. They are affordable and good looking (exept for the dashboard). I have a Kawasaki Ninja made by them in my shelf. The scale is the same as with item ITEM #198695 . prices are around €20,- and they have models from different manufacturers.
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    1 year ago
    Aoshima have complete bikes: here

    They also have models, with Fujimi and Hasegawa also: there

    (Linking to HLJ just as a sample, you can find them on major retailers)

    There's also the ex:ride series: ENCYCLOPEDIA #25367 (Max Factory, Y U NO MAKE BLACK TRIKE)
    1 year ago
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