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Where to get LN's?Where to get LN's?

T-dawgT-dawg1 year agoAsk MFC
This has probably been asked a million times already but where can i get light novels online? As you can see Konosuba just ended and i feel completely empty. I've checked out Cdjapan where I usually grab some of my stuff but they dont have em so yeah. Ive got vol 9. In akiba but idk why i didnt get the previous ones :/
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Some of the same usual suspects for figures will also carry light novels (in Japanese).

Ships overseas: Amazon Japan, Mandarake.

Need proxy: Surugaya, Book Off Online.
1 year ago
You could give BookWalker a try global.bookwalk...

They have a lot of LN there
1 year ago
This company started up recently: j-novel.club/to...
It's by the same people who used to run Anime Sols.
Please give them your support.
1 year ago
Kinokuniya, both English and Japanese

I only studied 2 semesters of JP, so I'm not exactly a big time reader... xP But I did get the full set of original publication of Rozen Maiden from them. Reasonably cheap and came in great condition.

(they also have an Australia site australia.kinok...)
1 year ago
honto.jp link

It's been awhile since I bought from them but iirc, they do ship directly overseas. Seems like some volumes are out of stock though.
1 year ago
Have you tried the Japanese Amazon? I think it may require a proxy, but they may carry them. I buy all my English translated light novels and manga from the Canadian Amazon and Amazon is the primary seller. I know they are published by different companies in NA and Japan, but their Amazon may stock them too.

Edit: I did a basic search and found that they have at least the first volumes. I can't read kanji so I'm not able to refine the results, but the first volumes are prime compatible which means they are either sold or fulfilled by Amazon itself. www.amazon.co.j...
1 year ago
Have you tried Rightstufanime.com? It's where I go for all my Manga needs.
1 year ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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