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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

February Haul (Yes, it's late, deal)

murialitamurialita10 months agoLoot
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I'm over 18

February 2017 Haul!

Well, now that we are almost 2/3rds of the way through March, I supposed it's time to get my February haul post made. Lots of things attributed to it being delayed. It still being winter, thus crappy lighting most of the day, coming down with the flu which resulted in my having to go to the doctor for the first time in seven years, and a general lack of motivation all played a part. Well, enough whining, we have pretty plastic to look at! Of course, there are boobs, so NSFW. As pretty much always.


Scathach (Lancer) ITEM #459171
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So I'll start with the first figure I received. A word of warning if you are interested in this figure first. There have been a significant number of complaints about this figure. The two main ones are she arrives with her neck snapped in half, thus leaving her head detached, and her lance not fitting properly in her hands. Luckily, mine arrived with neither of these issues. I was well aware of the problems people have had with her when I placed my order, and was prepared to deal with them.

I don't know anything about Scathach, other than she's incredibly hot! I've seen lots of pictures of her around the interet, and was intrigued. Then I started seeing pictures of her figure by Plum on MFC, and started to want the figure. The more I looked at her pictures, the more I wanted her. Her body lines and coloring just made me fall in love. Then I read about her being headless. Still, she was not binning, and was actually fairly expensive. That killed my enthusiasm pretty quickly. While I was annoyed by just how negative some of the comments on her page and on some other sites were, it is very justifiable that people were upset. I saw that QuesQ are making a version of her as well, and I hoped that she would take the place of PLUM's version in my mind. I managed to hold off until after WonFes, and when I saw QuesQ made almost no progress (went from a grey to a white prototype, no paint at all), I started looking at this one again. I went though all the comments again, and counted the people that reported having problems, and the people that said they received her with no issues. It came out to be about a 50/50 split. I also looked at the ratings for her, and most of them were 8, 9, or 10's. I feel that if people received her broken they would not rate her at 9 or 10, so I decided to take my chances. I started looking for her at US stores, under the assumption that she would have less distance to travel to get to me. Yes, I know my logic is flawed, and of course she still has to cross oceans to get to the stores, but oh well. It was hard finding her for a decent price. What really irritated me was several stores had free-shipping for orders over let's say $150, but they priced Scathach at $149.95. A fricking nickle kept her under the free shipping limit and would have cost several dollars more. I finally decided to pick her up from MHToyShop. While the shipping wasn't free, she was the cheapest there amongst the US stores I could find, even after adding the shipping. I checked after I placed my order, and it turns out I bought the last one they had. A couple days later, she arrived. I opened her up, and to my joy, she was intact, and her lance fit perfectly!

I really like my Scathach. I find her very beautiful. Unfortunately, with most of her coloring being very dark, my camera did not like taking good pictures of her. Often times her face is just blindingly bright and washed out as the camera tried to bring out her hair and clothes more. She has some piercing red eyes, and an expressing that changes depending on the angle you are viewing her at. From one angle, it's a smile, from another it's a bit of a scowl.

She has a massive amount of hair, and it is fairly heavy. This is likely the reason for all the neck issues, as it is a lot of weight that needs supported. There is lots of details in her hair, though the seams could have been done much better.

She wears a purple body suit with a black waist-coat, and black accents. Her outfit is very form-fitting, revealing her massive chest, and a supple booty. Her lovely body lines continue to her back and her long legs.

She holds her lance in both hands, and it passes through her mane of hair. On her right hand, there is a peg hole where the lance attaches.

As I looked through the pictures I took of her, I did notice several paint flaws around her chest area.

Overall, I am really pleased with her. I'm sure my opinion would be different if I wasn't one of the lucky ones though.

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Hakumenkongoukyuubi Izuna ITEM #268213
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I also ordered the re-release of Flare's casual Caster. I already owned the original release. She has become my absolute favorite figure in my collection, so I decided I had to have both copies of her. There's no difference between them, so I decided not to do another video on her, or talk about her more than this in this blog. If you'd like to see the original unboxing of her, you can look at my original blog entry from last year here: blog/28119

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Megahouse's Shinrabansho Chocolate line is a hidden gem, and really deserves more attention. I now have four out of the five figures they released, and love them all. I'm still a little iffy on Alma, so I may stop here, but who knows for sure. I've had my eye on Izuna for a while, but never bit the bullet on her. Something about her promo pictures just didn't sit right with me. I felt her pose felt too stiff. If she had been made in the pose she's in on the included artwork, I would have bought her day one. She kept dropping in price, and I finally gave in and ordered her. I am glad I did. Now that she's in my hands, she doesn't feel as stiff as the promo pictures made her look.

The main feature of Izuna is her massive nine tails. They really have an impressive size, and are going every where. Unfortunately, they are not all individually sculpted, and several are molded together. They are also fairly smooth without a lot of detail. From a normal viewing distance, they do look great though.

Izuna has a smile on her face. She also has some huge eyebrows, which are mostly hidden under her bangs. On the top of her head, she has two very tall fox ears. On the back of her head there is a giant scroll acting as a hair ornament.

Her outfit from the front feels a little plain. I don't care much for how her collar is covering her neck and part of her chin. From the sides however, her outfit is actually very revealing. Her top has no sides, revealing very appealing side-boob, and lots of flesh. Looking closely, several ribs are visible as well. Her skirt, in the typical miko fashion, reveal lots of flesh on her hips as well. Izuna is wearing some very low-rise pantsu, so the straps are not very visible from outside her skirt.

Her legs appear to be very strong, as her calves are fairly large. She also has clear beads on her sandal straps.

Izuna's right hand is changeable. One hand mimics the pose her left hand is making, and the other one is gripping her sword. I think the hands are done very nicely. They emerge from very conical sleeves, each of which has her nine-tailed fox symbol on them in gold.

Unfortunately, on my copy, it appears one of the sleeves has rubbed up against her tail, leaving a large scratch on it.

In the video, I described her as feeling "dirty." After having her for a while, I've changed my mind. I feel the coloring is an appropriate dirty-blond, which really fit's her. Also, when I took a picture of her with the flash on, I noticed just how much her hair and skirt sparkled, and the clear beads on her chest and feet glowed. I really liked that effect.

Overall I like Izuna. I wish I hadn't waited so long to pick her up. She fits in perfectly with the rest of my Shinrabansho Chocolate figures, and with the way her price has binned, she is very much worth the money.

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Asmodeus (recolor) ITEM #198635
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*Video is Age-Resticted

I've picked up another sin. While I already have another Asmodeus figure ITEM #269746, I was so overcome with lust, I had to get another.

This one is the alternate recolor version of her. I debated between this one and the original ITEM #97002 . Really, it came down to price, and free prime shipping. The original one was much more expensive, and I managed to find this one on Amazon from a seller that was fulfilled by Amazon.

Asmodeus has quite a few pieces. This leads to many, many different options for displaying her.

After some careful examination, I did find an inconsistency with her. If we look at the back of her skirt, we see some visible panty lines. However, when we look at her booty, we see she is actually wearing a different style of underwear. The line's don't match up. I DEMAND A REFUND! (j/k)

She has a very beautiful face. Her hair is very red, with no shading. She also has very long grey horns.

Asmodeus' body is very indicative of lust. She has large, beautiful breasts, a plump ass, and amazing legs. She has just the right amount of meat on her bones as well, rather than being the typical stick that many anime-style girls are. Unlike her hair, there is a lot of shading on her skin, and it looks amazing.

Her boots are also very well done. I think I like the white boots more that the original black ones. I think the silver skull accents and spike fits better with it.

Asmo is not without her faults though. Some of the attachment methods for her clothing pieces is very questionable and loose. Her breast coverings have a very tiny piece of double-sided tape on the inside, and they do not feel attached very securely. Her corset also is not attached very securely. I don't plan on using it as I love her belly and feel it should be on display, so it doesn't bother me that much. The chain on my copy is not rusted, as is a common issue on her original version.

Her cape is very difficult to take off and put back on. Unfortunately, I broke some glue loose on mine when I was removing it. The plastic itself is still fine, so it should be repairable in the future. The disk base she stands on also does not appear to be perfectly flat on the bottom, resulting in a little bit of a wobble. This is still present when I attach it to the large decorative base.

Asmo has quickly found her way into my favorites. As I said, she fits the sin of Lust perfectly. I can't wait for the anime to start airing next season!

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Even though she's not from the same series, Forte fits in with the Sins wonderfully!

All my uploaded pics of this figure: profiles.php?us...


So that's my February haul, now that it's almost April. At least I got this up before my March order shipped out!

BTW, here is a playlists with all my unboxing videos. Check them out if you are interested! www.youtube.com...
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Lust is too buxom for my tastes, but I may eventually get the dessert version of her someday because I really like the creative base. I would consider getting the one you got (or a recolour) though if I were to get the whole line. Right now I just have a Levi and I'm thinking of getting a Lucifer in the near future.
10 months ago